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Cold light brown hair color: a description of the shade and photo

Girls are creatures, which, at times, are prettydifficult to understand. After all, a lot depends on their mood. If they are sad, they can rudely treat a loved one, if it is happy - to love and give smiles. Often appearance also depends on the vision of the world at one time or another. There are times when the soul yearns for change. Most often, the desire to change in the end affects the new hairstyle or hair color. So blondes become brown-haired, and brunettes choose a cold blond shade. But before painting it is important to know if a new color will fit the skin type.

cold light brown

Who should pay attention to light brown?

Before you paint in a cold light brown color,It is necessary to determine who it is suitable for. The fact is that it has many shades. Therefore, you need to focus on a particular tone, not the color in general. At the moment, the palette has become so large that blond hair is chosen by every third woman. Do not think that light brown refers only to blondes. After all, it can be as dark-brown, and golden, ashy. The latter option is currently the most popular among the stars. Hairdressers say that ashy is suitable for any type of skin. But to begin with it is necessary to disassemble in what shades exist generally.

cold light brown color

Compatibility of shades with skin type

Light brown has several shades:

  1. Light and ash-blond. Suitable for those girls who have fair skin and eyes. He is recommended to women who have freckles.
  2. Medium and dark blond. Depending on the tone, it can be either warm or cold. The latter option is suitable for those with fair skin. Warm is a great solution for swarthy girls.
  3. Copper-brown - is extremely rare, it can be associated with blue and green eyes.

Cold shades of lightcomplete absence of golden notes and shine of hair. This color looks noble and restrained. He is the top in 2016 as among blondes, and among the brown-haired. If you have a dark skin, then do not spoil it, using a cold blond color. It's better to wait for the fashion to be on your side. Cold shade can be divided into light and dark. The first looks great if it is combined with melioration, coloring and blonding. Light skin and gray eyes are suitable for him. The dark shade is good for girls with bright blue eyes.

cold light brown photo

Creating the perfect color

Before buying a paint, you need to determineyourself, what is more important - money or result? You can change the color of your hair at home. But in this case, never achieve the same result as in the salon. If you decide to perform the procedure at home, it is better to go to a specialized store, where there are layouts with flowers and paint numbers that correspond to them. And even when a professional tool is bought, cold-light brown can not always come out the first time. If the girl has blonde hair, then the creation of the desired tone will not be difficult. But those who have dark curls naturally will need to stain the strands repeatedly.

There are several simple rules that you should follow in the process of staining to get the color you need:

  • A few days before dyeing, do not wash your hair. After all, the color is better fixed on dirty hair.
  • Before staining it is necessary to cut the tips of the tips. The paint must be kept for the amount of time indicated on the package.
  • If the girl has dark strands, then before toning it is necessary to lighten the hair. Without this procedure, the necessary shade will not work out.
  • Lightening hair is also worth pursuinginstructions, which is indicated on the package of the facility. Distribute the powder is better from the ends to the roots. After lightening, the hair will have a yellowish tinge that will block the toning.
  • If the girl was lucky and shehas blonde hair from nature, it will not be difficult to paint them in cold light brown. After the first procedure they will acquire the shade that was planned.

After dyeing, care must be taken tohair, which was painted. Cold-blond color will last longer on strands if they are washed with shampoos for such shades or with the means of restoring effect. It is also recommended to apply masks and balms.

the paint is cold light brown

Naturalness on hair

A few years ago,more vivid blond. And although many blond young women are born with a cold shade, over time they believe that their hair has become pale. Therefore, they begin to tint them. The hit of this season is exactly that natural color that some got at birth. Many girls, when they want to get a certain shade, are often confused by cold blond and platinum blond. And if the first tone is very similar to gray, then the second one has silvery notes. Experienced colorists can immediately determine the difference between these two colors. And since this season is prized natural, it is better to paint the roots in a darker tone, and the tips - in the light. Then the border of the growing strands will not be noticeable. And the hair will flicker and shimmer in different tones.

How to care for dyed hair?

Известно, что краска портит волосы.Especially when you use cold light brown. Photos of burned strands shock many girls and discourage the change of image. In order to keep the strands as healthy as possible, you need to lighten and tonify them as little as possible. And for this, you need to look after them so that the previous color is preserved. It is best to use shampoos that do not contain ammonia and oxidizer. If the paint has washed and become dull, then it is worth using natural toning tools: onion husks and chamomile broth. There are a number of shampoos and balms with a toning effect, which will return the former shine for several days.

cold shades of light brown

Tastes are not judged

Некоторые девушки считают русый цвет скучным и monotonous. But in fact, it has many tones, much more than another palette. It is necessary to add a drop of pearly - and the hair will play with new colors! Hydropower blondes are no longer popular. Now the fashion is in vogue. Therefore, any coloring should be done as if it were not at all.