/ / A bang on the side is a simple way to change the appearance

A bang on the side is a simple way to change the appearance

Many women like to change their style and image. And this does not necessarily apply to changing the wardrobe. Cardinally change the appearance can and, it would seem, the most common haircut.

bangs on one side
Fashionable hairstyle with bangs - a wonderful wayTo bring charm, zest and originality to your everyday image. With its help, you can dramatically change the appearance and transform. The bangs on the side become more and more popular and, as many have noted, will hardly ever go out of fashion. The thing is that it is suitable for absolutely any appearance and shape of the face. Any hairstyle with such bangs looks truly romantic, elegant and feminine.

In the event that you do not want to radically change the shape of your hair, but want to bring grace and lightness into your image - just change the shape of the bangs. That will be enough!

The bangs are easy and simple to lay on the side anddelivers a minimum of problems. In order to accurately and nicely lay it, it is not necessary to use a comb, it is enough to hold your fingers along its entire length. Drying such a bang follows from side to side, directing the flow of air while from the roots to the tips. After finishing the installation with a hot air jet, bangs should be fixed with cold air or a little "walk" along it with a hair iron. In the event that the curls do not lend themselves to laying, they must first be applied with a small amount of gel, wax or light foam.

youth hairstyles
The bangs on one side are an ideal choice whenit is necessary to correct a little or emphasize the contour of the face, giving it the correctness and proportionality. Depending on the shape of the hairstyle and the length of the hair, it will look absolutely different. For example, a haircut "ladder" such a bang will give a finished look and bring into the image a kind of charm. In some cases, it can advantageously emphasize facial features - for example, on ringlets of medium length. Youth hairstyles with a bang on their sides will look asymmetrical, flashy and extravagant.

There are many stylish and beautiful haircuts from which you can choose the one that suits you. It is worth noting the popular "Bob" or the romantic "ladder".

The bangs on the side are ideal for womenlarge features. The only thing to consider in this case is the length of the hair. Women with large features should prefer long curls.

Fancy Hairstyle
Long bangs on one side are great forshort hair. They give the hair a charm, extravagance and eccentricity. This bangs must be laid straight. With ringlets of medium length, it will give the image a romantic and light.

Ragged bangs on the side are more suitable for lighthair. Ideal haircuts - cascade or square. In order to lay this bang, you just need to hold your fingers along the entire length of the hair and direct them to the air flow from the hair dryer.

A short fringe looks playful and bold. It is suitable for young ladies who are endowed with perfect features.

As noted earlier, there are manyvariations bangs on one side. The choice is only for you. It should be noted that such a bang can advantageously emphasize the features of any person and refresh any hairstyle.