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Dotvork-tatu (sketches)

Дотворк – особенный стиль, а также техника performing tattoos. It differs markedly from all known directions. In English, "dotwork" means "point work". Thus, it is easy to guess that the tattoo in the style of the pre-creation consists of points applied so that the whole pattern is obtained.


History of completion

This direction takes its origins from antiquity. Already in the sixth millennium BC Africans decorated their skin with dot patterns. This is evidenced by rock paintings, found in caves.

But the world popularity achieved the tattoo-tattoomore recently thanks to the Englishman Xedu le Headu. It was he who at the end of the twentieth century began to stuff such tattoos in England. After that, they began to spread rapidly around the globe. Also there is an opinion that the appearance of this style was influenced by pointillism. This direction in painting, which is based on drawing points.

Color gamut

The tattoo can be done in any colorvariant, but mostly black and red are used. These two colors are enough to create a real masterpiece on the skin, from which it will be impossible to tear off the look. The main feature of this style is the abstract nature of the tattoo and its strong contrast. Due to this, individual points are added to the finished picture, which can be seen from a long distance.

Also, pre-creation tattoos are usually large, in most casescases are entire canvases on the skin. The reason is simple: when applying such a tattoo, it is important to have a distance between the points, which depends on the number of parts, and, accordingly, increases or decreases to make the picture qualitative.

The basic motifs of completion

In the style of creating almost anysketch. But his business card is geometric patterns, figures, flowers, religious symbols. They look at the skin most effectively. Often an artwork serves as a backdrop for drawings made in other styles. You can even see portraits in the style of artwork.

tattoo style

Technique of performing tattoo in style

How do they complete the tattoo?There are two methods of stuffing such tattoos: traditional or hand poking. In the first case, a conventional tattoo machine is used, in the second case, the points are applied manually. However, keep in mind that the point made by the machine can turn blue with time, if it is poorly set. When manually applying a tattoo, the paint goes deeper under the skin.

This work is very difficult and laborious, so it is worth a tattoo not cheap. Yes, and it is not every tooth in the teeth of every tattoo artist, because it requires jewelry precision.

tattoo photo

Dotvork in Russia

In our country, this direction onlydevelops, but already finds its admirers. Masters working in the style of artificially, until you can find only in large cities, and those can be counted on the fingers. That is why, in order to get a high quality tattoo, you should carefully choose a tattoo artist. However, in the unpopular direction, of course, there are advantages. Because of this, you can be sure that your tattoo will be unique.

Tattoo artwork (photo)



Dotwork tattoo is a great way to stand out withusing a tattoo. After all, every work done in this style is truly unique! Recreating a similar tattoo is almost impossible, so it's unlikely that you'll ever meet a man with a similar ornament. Despite the fact that this style of tattoo is quite young, it is gaining popularity.

In Russia the technique is still on the wayformation, however every year the number of salons offering this service is growing. If you want to make a tattoo in the style of the artwork, go to the choice of the master with all responsibility. This will determine the final result.