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Dry shampoo Syoss for hair care

For modern, dynamic and very busywomen, Syoss has created a new cosmetic for hair care products - dry shampoo Syoss. This is a practical tool that will become a reliable assistant to any woman.

dry syoss shampoo
Undoubtedly, this shampoo can not replacea regular shampooing procedure, but in some situations it may be useful to you. Syoss dry shampoo is an aerosol powder. Externally, the packaging resembles the usual varnish. If after work you have a very important meeting, and your hair is not in order, then at this moment you will come to the aid of dry shampoo. He is able to clean the hair of any impurities, including previously applied cosmetics, such as various styling products.

It can not completely refresh all the hair, but onlybangs Or imagine, not such a rare situation for our cities - you woke up in the morning, and the hot water was turned off, and you cannot fully swim. Another situation - you and your friends are relaxing in the countryside, in tents - dry Syoss shampoo will become your faithful assistant.

It is very easy to use it:it is enough to shake the can and evenly spray the composition over the entire length of the hair, especially carefully treat the roots. When spraying the shampoo bottle should be at a distance of 20-25 cm. Hold the shampoo on your hair for 20 minutes, then comb it with a thick comb.

syoss dry shampoo

In addition, dry syoss shampoo can beused as a means of styling for hair. Without much effort, you can create a beautiful volumetric hairstyle. Who might not like it? Using Syoss - dry shampoo - for its intended purpose, apply it to your hair again and use the hair dryer to create the desired hairstyle.

A unique composition that has dry shampooSyoss, able to clean hair in minutes. It consists of a substance that can absorb any pollution - the adsorbent, as well as natural substances - rice or oats. In addition, the composition of this shampoo includes triclosan - an antibacterial agent and essential oils, giving a pleasant aroma.

Especially noticeable effect of shampoo on fattyhair. As already mentioned, "Cies", dry shampoo, has in its composition cleansing agents, which also protect the hair from further pollution.

If you have very dry hair, then here you can help dry shampoo. It will carefully clean the hair and at the same time moisturize them well.

syes dry shampoo

But not everything is as rosy as it may seem onfirst glance. Dry shampoo is usually light-colored, so if you are a brunette, then you will be uncomfortable to use it, since badly combed out shampoo on dark hair will not look very nice. Shampoo can leave a mark not only on the hair, but also on the clothes.

Every modern girl should pick upproper care for your hair. If you have problems with dandruff, it is better to refuse to use dry shampoo. It can not be the main means of hair care. Make him your assistant in an emergency. Adhere to safety rules when using shampoo, try not to inhale it.