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Technology of cutting cascades and hairstyles for this hairstyle

When choosing a haircut, a woman wants to getBenefits: emphasize the oval face, show gorgeous hair and change. And at the same time you want a simple laying, so that every morning at the mirror you do not spend extra time to create a form of hair. Many hairdressers in this case offer the following - this is the technology of shearing cascades. "Cascade" is suitable for women with straight and slightly curling hair. Also thanks to this haircut, the hair looks more dense. If the girl's hair is heavy and thick and so, then it is better to do another haircut. It looks great cascade on the hair of light or light blond shades, and on high-streaked hair, since the strands will stand out and shine.

The technology of cutting the cascade coincides with itsname: on the vertex, the strands are made shorter, the strand is longer than it is below, and the hair eventually looks like a cascade. Cascade cutting technology is performed on slightly moisturized hair. First, a control strand is made in the center of the head. It serves as a comparison with other strands. Then the control strand is combed, and this strand is retracted relative to the floor, the strands of the rest are made, being guided by the control. The strands have straight slices. Then cut the occipital, parietal and temporal-lateral zones. And the haircut takes graded, stepped appearance. The technology of cutting the cascade is a whole fantasy: a very torn haircut can be behind the entire length of the hair or long soft hair that forms the "cascade" on the very tips.

There is another technology of cutting the cascade -this is when you cut the strands behind the strand. Be sure to do a hair milling, if you cut your hair straight, thanks to this, the haircut becomes more magnificent and the styling is easier. The principle of laying the cascade - give volume to the hair and put the tips. It does not take much time. Styling is done with the fingers and a hairdryer. The girl needs to lower her head down, dry her hair in the direction from the roots of the hair to the tips. It is better to use a wax or a hair gel to give the haircut the desired fluffy shape. For festive laying, you need to wash your hair, apply foam on it for styling and distribute it evenly over your hair. Then dry the hair with a comb and hair dryer, at right angles pulling the hair, directing hot air to the roots of the hair. Thus, the roots will become larger. Then you need to put the tips of your hair with a round comb. They can be directed inside or out. To fix the shape of the hairstyle is good to use after laying the varnish and wax.

Hairstyles for cascading haircuts are fashionable in the summer of 2011 in retro style.

This style creates mystery in the imagegirls. Hairstyle stands out from all the others, due to its unusual. Usually short haircuts in this style are chosen by business women, as they want to show how serious they are. On long hair, a cascading haircut is also called a long haircut - a ladder, it is always popular. It is in demand thanks to clear lines, and how beautifully one coat of hair goes to another. It also attracts the fact that the styling turns out to be magnificent. If the girl has medium-length hair, the "cascade" looks especially impressive. This haircut well disguises not very thick hair. Since the ends of the strands are different, the hairdo can be made more voluminous with the help of curlers, hairdryers or curlers. At poludlinnyh hair "cascade" it is looked stylishly is by means of an iron straight stretched strands of hair. But this styling is suitable for a woman, provided that she has the right face shape. This technique of cutting the cascade is done as follows, at an angle of 90 degrees, the hair is sheared, and the tips of the strands become sharp and sharp.

Here are such simple rules!