/ / Collected hairstyle for medium hair - an image for every day and for a holiday

Collected hairstyle for medium hair - an image for every day and for a holiday

The collected hairstyle on medium hair is createdfast enough and therefore great for daily wear. But this does not end with the pros, the originality and practicality in this case are also present. The variety of collected hairstyles is large enough, while each of them can be changed a little, so their number becomes even greater.

collected hairstyle for medium hair

As an example, we can give an ordinary beam -this hairstyle is suitable for medium hair and for long hair. At the same time, you can place it on the back of the head and on the top of the head, which makes the visual perception of the image change. Suits this option, even the owner of a haircut elongated square.

In the event that the hair does not have a special splendor anddensity, before you collect the hair, they can be pre-combed. As an ornament, you can use a hairpin with stones or a bow. Recently, it is very fashionable to fix them on the back of the beam.

It is impossible not to say that it is not the first seasonat the peak of popularity there are braids, so different weaving can mean the collected hairstyle on medium hair. Depending on what it will be, depends on the created image, it can be romantic, strict, athletic, etc. You can create beautiful collected hairstyles using one of two options. The first implies that the hair will be collected completely, the second - that on the back of the head are fixed only certain parts.

beautiful collected hairstyles

Today is very popular hairstyle formedium hair called "Malvinka". However, from the classical version at the moment it is slightly different, since in most cases it is supplemented with a light fleece, which gives an additional volume.

Often hair gathers in a hairdress and not onlyto create a daily image, this option is great for various special occasions, holidays and even for weddings. As already mentioned, open shoulders, neck and face give the image a special affection and romance. An excellent option for special occasions, including for weddings.

Let's consider several options how to makecollected hairstyle for the celebration. First of all, it should be noted that the style of hairstyles of the 40s-60s remains in fashion today. For example, you can use a fairly simple, but effective option - to make a nap on the crown and collect a low tail. You can not not remember again about the weaving of hair - the more it is larger, the more interesting it will look hair. To complement any of these options can be beautiful hair clips, flowers (artificial or alive), ribbons, etc.

how to make a gathered hairstyle

Distributed option, when all the hairfastened on the back of the head with hairpins, hairpins or invisible. In this case, you can select individual strands, slightly twisting them and attaching them separately. This hairstyle is quite suitable even for the bride, because she not only looks beautiful and feminine, it is convenient to pin the veil.

This option, like a ponytail, will also beis appropriate as a festive option. To make it look elegant and refined, from below you need to take one strand and wrap it with the base of the tail, covering the hair with an elastic band (it should not be massive). The end is fixed with stilettos or invisible.