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Holder for wires: purpose, types, mounts and homemade version

Organization of space in the workplace -an important task that can facilitate the performance of all functions and improve the efficiency of the work of a person. Even such a small detail, like a wire holder, has the most positive effect on the performance and easy to do its own tasks.


The main problem of most types of moderntechnique is to connect it to each other. The wires used for this purpose gradually go to the background, being replaced by wireless technologies, but it is still very far from complete victory. And to cope with the problem, special wire holders for the mouse, monitor, keyboard, headset, speakers and any other used devices are now actively used. With this simple device, you can collect all the interfering elements in one place, where they will always be at hand. In addition, too much curved wires can lead to equipment failure, so with this direction such products also help to fight.

cable holder


The holder for the wires can be of a very different shape and type, but if you take them all, you can distinguish several basic features on which such devices are amenable to classification:

  • Single. This is a small device that is capable ofhold only one particular wire in position. Usually such products are universal, capable of fixing wires of any type and diameter. As practice shows, one holder is always not enough, and if you use several such products, it becomes possible to distribute the wires exactly as required.
  • Several connectors. Such an adaptation is a wholea set of fasteners that can hold different wires in large quantities. The main drawback - takes up too much space, but if it is enough, and the problem is primarily in the organization of the working space, this variant of the device fits best.
  • Specialized. Such adaptations are oriented to work withwires of a particular type. Usually the diameter of the cord is implied. Due to the fact that most of the wires are about the same, the difference between a specialized and a universal system is practically nonexistent. The exception is made by such types of cables, which differ significantly in both thickness and shape.
  • Twisting. Holders of this type are equipped with speciala mechanism capable of pulling the wire inside itself. Not suitable for all devices, but if possible, such a device will significantly reduce the number of wires, leaving only the necessary length for work. As a basis, usually a spring or any of its analogs is used, and the general principle resembles the twisting of a cord in a vacuum cleaner by pressing one button.

holder for mouse wire

Ways of fastening

The wire holder is most often attached to thesurface using a conventional vacuum sucker. It is enough to stick it to a suitable place - and you can immediately fix the cable. In some cases, clamps are used for the edge of the table or even a rigid fixation system with fasteners (screws, bolts, screws, etc.). The first option is not very reliable and can be damaged if used for a long time. The second system is not always convenient, because the edges of the table are sometimes arranged in such a way that it is very difficult to get close to them. The last type of device is more often characterized by special strength, but it takes time and tools to install. In addition, it can spoil the furniture, which is unacceptable, especially in offices where it is simply forbidden to work in this way with the workplace.

Mouse wire holder

Mouse holder for the mouse wire

The cost of devices of this type is not toolarge, but for some even this amount may seem significant. That's why many fans prefer to create their own holder variants for mouse wire or other similar technology. There are actually a lot of ways, and in most cases everything depends only on imagination and available equipment, but there is one system that can be easily organized anywhere. A normal paper clip is required. The main part of it is attached to the edge of the table. Through the free steel "paws" you can skip almost any wire that will be held there simply by the construction of this stationery.

holder for mouse wire with own hands


In recent years, more devices have appeared,able to facilitate the organization of the workflow and make room on the table. These are all kinds of boxes, mounts, coasters and much more. To accessories of this type is the holder. The models are made mostly of plastic, but there are variants of metal, glass, wood, stone and many other options. Thus, everyone will be able to pick up a product to their taste, which fits perfectly into the general interior of the room or table.