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External 3g modem for tablet

Every day the tablets are getting biggerpopularity among modern users. The vast majority of them often use these devices to access the Internet. As a rule, in each tablet there is a function of connecting to the Internet using Wi-Fi, but, unfortunately, this method can not always be used. In more expensive models, 3G modules are installed, but not everyone can afford such devices. Therefore, for permanent access to the Internet use an external 3G-modem for the tablet. However, there are some difficulties here.

3g modem for tablet
As a rule, they arise with tablets, onwhich is installed Android operating system. Those who used 3G modems of notorious cellular companies will remember that when you connect to a computer via a USB port, it finds not only the modem itself, but also an integrated flash drive. Android, unfortunately, is not friendly with such devices, and therefore it is necessary to make some efforts for the correct operation of the modem.

In this regard, some models of Huaweicause the least difficulty and allow you to easily connect a USB-modem to the tablet. To do this, you need to remove the pin request on the SIM card and put the device in the "Only modem" mode. Perhaps, some utilities will be needed. After the above procedure, the setting on the tablet takes no more than five minutes, and there are enough instructions for this process.

external 3g modem for tablet
In some cases, in order to connect3G-modem for the tablet, requires root-rights, as well as the file manager RootExplorer. After that, you need to do some simple operations with some files.

3G-modem for the tablet can be configured and usinginstallation of patches on some devices, for example, on Acer tablets. However, for this, certain versions of the assembly must be installed on the tablet PC, otherwise the patch for the work of the modem can not be installed. If your versions coincide with the requirements, then you will have to do a couple of manipulations with some utilities. After installing the patch, you will be able to configure the 3G modem for the tablet, transferring it to the "Only modem" mode.

To set the device to "Onlymodem ", you must connect it to the computer. After that, you need to install the utility, which allows you to do this procedure. The easiest way to do this is with HyperTerminal. After installing the program, go to "Device Manager". Next, in the list, we find the modem and go to the "Properties" item in the context menu. In the "Modem" tab you will need the following information: port number, as well as port speed for the modem. After that, run the utility. After entering any name, press ok and select Connect to from the File menu. Here you should select the port number that you found in the properties, click ok and enter the speed in the window that opens. After that, enter "ate1" in the program window and wait for the "ok" response. Next, enter "at ^ u2diag = 0" and wait for the same response again. After this procedure, the program can be closed, and the USB-modem - pulled from the computer. Now it is ready to use.

usb modem for tablet
But sometimes using the above methodsConnect a 3G-modem to the tablet does not work. The output can be the purchase of a 3G-router, which is able to work with all tablet PCs. It includes the 3G-modem itself and the Wi-Fi module for distribution, while having a compact form. Moreover, your Internet can be used by several people, which is very convenient and allows you to avoid installing various drivers, patches and settings of the modem itself.