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Program for tracking tracks: an overview of the best tools

Music is one of the oldest art forms.A person's life has never been without him. Until quite recently, only a talented person who dedicated himself to music completely could create a masterpiece. Today it is much easier to create it. Help in this program for information tracks. In such instruments, there are always loops, samples, effects that allow you to achieve results in a minimum time. But first you need to choose a tool that simultaneously has powerful capabilities, but does not burden with an uncomfortable interface. The article presents some of the best programs, but their list is far from complete.


Cubase - not just program for recording tracks, but a whole professional studio, developedcompany Steinberg. This is the most popular software developer for creating, processing, mastering music. Today Cubase is called the most powerful virtual utility of a modern musician.

program for recording tracks

In the studio, all the necessary tools are built in by default. Although the tool is considered professional, its interface is simple and understandable, which makes it possible to create masterpieces even for inexperienced users.

Main Features of Cubase

  • Availability of all the tools required for work related to the recording and editing of audio.
  • High-quality sound with minimal delays.
  • Support for popular sound formats - from the usual stereo to 7.1.
  • Ability to connect additional VST plug-ins.
  • Settings allow you to configure the application so that it consumes a minimum of system resources.
  • Convenient arrangement of control elements.

Cubase - The best program for tracking tracks. Users who have never usedlike software, like a simple interface. Experienced musicians will be able to achieve the exact result of the highest quality. Support for external VST-plugins will create a truly unique sound. You can try the application for free. The license costs 50 $.


Mixcraft - A simple program for information tracks. However, simplicity does not affectfunctionality and quality of the application. Multitrack Editor offers a huge number of filters, equalizers, samples, virtual musical instruments. All this allows you to record a quality sound and create a track that is not inferior to professional work.

The best program for tracking tracks

I must say that in Mixcraft there are even built-in tools for editing video files.

Main Features

  • By default, the application has 22 high-quality effects built in.
  • The program already has 11 VST plug-ins, and additional connections are possible.
  • Virtual studio can work in sampler mode, it supports the import of loops and sounds.
  • The program comes with 8,000 professional loops.
  • Work with all popular formats for storing audio data.

Program for information of tracks It allows to achieve tremendous results forthe minimum time. The interface is simple though, but newcomers in the world of sound processing will have to get used to it for a while. The application is not free, but has a trial period.

Ableton Live

Ableton - a powerful software that allows you to create arrangements, record music, make remixes, mix tracks. The main distinguishing feature of Ableton is real-time processing of sound.

A simple program for reducing tracks

Modes of the program allow you to instantlyrecord sound from a microphone or midi-input, process it with filters, use effects and experiment. Multitrack mode of the application is organized specifically to ensure that mixing or creating remixes was simple and easy.

Distinctive features

  • Convenient arrangement of interface elements.
  • Support for Drag & Drop mode.
  • In the studio, by default, more than 1.5 thousand samples and four hundred loops are built.
  • Editing audio data in real time.
  • Support not only VST, but also AU-plugins.
  • The program has built-in templates for basic operations.

Program for information of tracks имеет один неприятный недостаток - высокие system requirements. It should be noted that the processing of anything in real time without high computing power is impossible a priori. Functionality of the studio makes it possible to feel at the same time as a DJ, sound engineer and arranger.

Virtual DJ Pro

Virtual DJ, как ясно из названия, приложение, first of all, for DJs. It allows you to perform real-time mixing, add transitions and effects. Virtual DJ can work with audio data, and with video recordings. The interface is simple and reminiscent of a DJ console, which will appeal to newcomers in the mixer. Professionals will appreciate a huge number of tools.

program for automatic tracking of tracks

Simply changing the tempo of the song and controlling the volume - all this allows you to do program. To automatically track tracks just click the mouse a few times.In this mode, the application will automatically synchronize the rhythm of the songs. Due to the huge number of functions that allow performing actions in real time, the developers have added the ability to change skins. This changes the shape, size and location of all elements. This function allows you to select the most convenient interface for each situation.