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How to create a conference in "Contact": talk group

So, today we will talk with you about howCreate a conference in "Contact", and also what actions will be available in this category of dialogues. The thing is that this is a very convenient opportunity, allowing you to talk in groups, that is not tete-a-tete. Let's quickly find out how to make a conference in "Contact".

how to create a conference in contact

What is it?

But to begin with it is worth discussing what we will have to deal with. This is always important. After all, understanding depends on how much we need to resort to certain functions of the Internet resource.

The fact is that the VKontakte conference is notthat other, as the most usual variety of dialogues. It serves to communicate and exchange information between users. True, here you can talk in groups of several people. Very convenient, especially for students. It is enough to know how to create a conference "VKontakte" to discuss some points in the social network regarding the educational process. And do not constantly duplicate messages to all classmates. Let's get acquainted with the process of creating a group conversation closer.

What do you need?

So, what do we need? In fact, not so much. Nevertheless, let's prepare with you to such an extent, in order to reduce the likelihood of occurrence of pitfalls to a minimum.

vkontakte conference how to create

Well, the first point is the availability of a questionnaire insocial network. Without it, to be honest, you can not use the functions provided by the VKontakte resource at all. If you do not have a profile yet, you can go through a quick registration, and then get down to business. In the case where it is available, it's enough just to pass a small authorization.

The second point to be reversedattention - this, of course, the presence of interlocutors. If you do not have anyone to build a dialogue with, you can postpone the idea until better times. But in cases when you want to talk at the same time with at least two people, you can use the conference "VKontakte". How to create it? Let's understand. It's quite easy. Even a novice user can handle this task.

Closer to the point

So, we proceed. Log in to the social network and go to your profile. After that, let's watch how to create a conference in "Contact".

We will have to work with the section "My messages".After all, as a rule, all conversations of users are saved here. So you can safely move to this menu item, and then think about the next steps.

Look carefully at the window that opens.In it, in the right part of the screen, just above the dialog windows, find the inscription "Go to friends list". Click on it, and then see what happened. Instead of dialogues, you have a window in which all your friends are reflected. First of all, those that are now in the "online" mode.

conference vkontakte

To answer, how to create a conferencein "Contact", we have to pay attention to the upper right corner of the window. There will be an inscription "Select several interlocutors". If you click on it, a selection window appears before you. In it, you mark people for a conversation, and also give the name to the dialogue. This action is completed by clicking on the button "Create a conversation". That's all. Now you can correspond with several users at once. In doing so, they will see everything that you write to each other.


Что ж, теперь давайте посмотрим, какие действия can be carried out within a public dialogue. After all, every function of the social network is endowed with its own peculiarities. This applies even to banal conversations.

Each interlocutor who has got in group conversation,can easily and simply leave it. After all, when creating this object, no one asks if the user wants to participate in the conference or not. In order to leave the conversation, we will have to open a dialogue window, and then to put the mouse on the inscription "Actions". Here you will have to choose "Leave the conference". Confirm the changes, and then see what happened. You will have a dialogue, but there will be no updates. If you want, you can remove it from the history of correspondence.

In addition, each participant can invitenew interlocutors into the conversation. To implement this idea, you will have to reopen the "Actions", and then click on "Add an interlocutor." You will see a list of your friends. You can choose and invite new users to your conference.

how to make a conference in touch

Among other things, each user,who took part in the conversation, has the opportunity to change its name. This, frankly, is not very important, but nevertheless a rather interesting feature. It is implemented using the same button "Actions". Click on it, select the appropriate task, and then type the new conference name. Save the changes. Done.


So, we already know with you how to createconference in "Contact". Let's now study one more interesting feature of this object. The fact is that every user participating in a group conversation can easily and easily see all the files that are ever transmitted within the conference.

To do this, just click on "Actions", andthen choose "Show materials from conversation". Before you will be a window in which you can easily determine the category of displayed documents, and then make a search. That's all. Now you know all the essentials that can only concern conferences in the social network VKontakte.