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INDD - than to open a file

Today we will talk about the INDD format. Than to open it, we will consider in detail further. This is the InDesign document. The developer of this format is Adobe.


indd than to open
The INDD file is a page layout project.It is created by Adobe InDesign. This material includes content, page formatting, styles, and related files. Opening of files of this type is carried out by several programs, they will be discussed further on. They are used, as a rule, for the formatting and creation of brochures, leaflets, newspapers, magazines and books. If necessary, you can import the projects we are interested in in QuarkXpress, using the ID2Q plug-in. Next, consider the options for interacting with this format.

The main solution

indd file
So, in front of us is an INDD file.Than to open, the program Adobe InDesign will help to understand. It's about the computer imposition system. The application makes it possible to create documents for their subsequent output to typographic machines or desktop printers. In addition, the created documents can be exported to the formats of electronic publications. Installation of the official publication does not require special skills. The application workspace is the configuration of menus and palettes. All this is implemented on the basis of a convenient graphical interface, which includes many components.

Other options

opening files
We continue the conversation about the INDD format.How to open files of this type, you already know, but the program described above is not the only way to achieve this goal. The Acrobat application is also suitable for this. It is a question of a set of products intended for management and creation of documents. The program allows you to create presentations and forms. This application is available in two versions. The Standard variant received basic functions, which are sufficient for creating documents. Professional version is a special professional complex. It supports additional functions, including the introduction of interactive forms in the document and the insertion of multimedia.

The second version should be discussed in more detail.Acrobat Pro gives the user various options. Among them, editing and creating files with media content. With this tool you can convert various documents. Data security can be ensured by setting a password, and by imposing restrictions on copying and printing. The application supports the collective development of documents, as well as interactive forms. Partial material conversion is available. You can combine multiple files and different content. One material can store different content, which is presented in a structured and well-readable form. The tool allows you to create universal forms or contracts. It is also possible to develop colorful booklets with subsequent use in digital form or print. If necessary, you can create electronic versions of the journals, which differ from the original interactive component. To interact with the format we are interested in, you can use one of the following programs: InCopy, QuarkXPress with ID2Q XTension. So we figured out what the INDD format was for. Than to open files of this type, also discussed in detail.