/ / As in "CS: GO" get medals of different quality

As in "CS: GO" get medals of different quality

The question of how in "COP:GO "to get medals, they are interested in every member of the multimillion-dollar gaming community.This award recognizes the user as a true fan and fan of this shooter.To get them is not so difficult, because you need to have the desire to donate a little money, patience and time for missions.

What are medals, and why are they needed?

Many fans are looking for ways like in "COP:GO "to get medals only so that their account stands out among the many others.Already at the entrance to the account it will be seen that this person is actively interested in the game and has all the rewards for the mission.It will be invited to different teams, to amateur competitions, where there is a real opportunity to show your skills.

how to get medals

Medals and coins are another wayConfirm your love for this entertainment, and also get an interesting and rare item for the collection. Collecting achievements and accumulating different awards is a feature of all gamers, and the popularity of obtaining medals in the game only confirms this fact.

All of them are divided into bronze, silver and gold and are earned for participating in individual operations.

Coins and popular medals

By the way, most players do not know howget in the "COP: GO" medal for service - one of the most rare marks in the game. To do this, you need to pump your private rank to level 40, and only after that there will be a window with the possibility of obtaining the named medal. The task, as you see, is not easy and requires a huge amount of time for competitions in the game.

how to get a service medal

Coin "five-year veteran" get a loteasier. It is enough to have one of the games of the "Counter-Strike" series, bought in the Steam application for five years. After the end of this period, the player will be given a coin as a reward.

It is worth noting that there are ways how to get into"COP: GO" medals are a simpler sample. To do this, just look at the list of achievements in your account and try to follow their conditions. Approximately half of them are coins of different quality. The more achievements a player receives, the higher his level is in the game. After all, it is not so easy to kill 100 enemies with their own weapons or kill another rifle from a sniper rifle that is already looking at the sight.

Bronze and silver for operations

The most valuable awards are those thatwere extracted during the operation. The reason for this lies in the paid access to the competitions. The entrance costs from 300 to 1000 rubles and is bought on the trading platform of the Steam application. Players who are worried about the question of how to get medals in "CS: GO" are worth going there for badges.

Already for one participation in the operations of the playerguaranteed to issue unique bronze coins. To get silver, you need to make more effort. For example, during the "Reckoning" event you need to play ten or more hours of playing time in different missions.

how to get gold medals in ks

The same conditions are in the operations of "Phoenix" and "Bravo", only here you still need to have five victories in competitions, and otherwise the user will not see the silver quality.

In the competition "Breakthrough" the conditions are somewhat different.It's enough on the operation cards to get the victory in five missions, and the reward will appear in the account. In 2017, as well as in 2016, getting medals in "CS: GO" is considered the paramount task of the fans, and hunting for achievements never ends.

Gold for operations

Bronze and silver coins are appreciatedusers and look beautiful, but the real hunt is for the highest quality. How to get gold medals in "CS: GO" is the main question that appears from time to time in all forums devoted to the game. In fact, to achieve the highest quality for past operations is not so difficult. Conditions change only in terms of time spent, but they will not be too complicated for experienced shooters. For example, in the operation "Breakthrough" you need to win ten more missions to the five that are needed for silver.

get the medal 2016 kc

In the event "Reckoning" it is necessary to holdten hours on cards, and fifty. Operations "Phoenix" and "Bravo" provide for fifteen victories in competitions and another thirty hours of time spent in these missions. Such indicators can be achieved by every player who has free time, at least in the evenings after work or school. Gold medals are a valuable specimen in the collection, and their presence will envy many users. It's worth decorating the honor board on your personal account.