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Dark Souls, humanity: description, why you need it

In games of the Dark Souls series, humanity is notas it may seem at first glance. With this name, developers have identified a resource that the main character often uses. He is responsible for changing the appearance and protecting the accursed character during the adventure.

Division into species

In Dark Souls, humanity is of two kinds andit is used in many ways. A resource is obtained from small black ghosts that remain after the killing of some monsters, and also live separately in some locations.

dark souls humanity
The solid kind of humanity is preserved in the inventoryand can be used at any time by the player. In free form, the resource is accumulated in a special scale, which is displayed on the computer screen (upper left corner). In the game Dark Souls 2, humanity, like in the subsequent sequel, has not changed its essence. The resource is constantly divided into two forms, and is also used for the same purposes.

Extraction of material

During his travels around the world, Dark Soulshumanity can be found in a wide variety of places. At each meeting with new traders it is worthwhile to carefully examine the offered goods. They often have it in solid form at a price ranging from five thousand souls to twenty. The material sometimes falls in the form of prey from monsters or can be hidden in various boxes and chests.

dark souls 2 humanity
It is especially often worth visiting the corpses of formersoldier. In the pockets of their armor, the most valuable materials of this gaming universe are often hidden. Regarding the free form, it falls most of all from bosses or mini-bosses in any of the locations. Up to twenty units can be added to the scale, killing phantoms of different kinds. Also an excellent way to replenish the resource is to use the Dark Hand item on any non-player characters.

The player should know that in all parts, includingDark Souls 3, humanity after death is reset to zero in the scale. The hard kind of resources remains in the inventory. In each of the parts there are special hidden locations with weak monsters, where the farm resource is most profitable. The main thing is to find this place, and you can forget about the shortage.

The use of humanity

As extracted in the game Dark Souls humanity,why is it needed and how is it applied? This player can learn from his own experience, but it is better to start the adventure with more knowledge. The free form fills the scale and is responsible for protecting the protagonist from curses of all kinds, and also fills special weapons with magical power. The resource level is reduced by recharging equipment such as the Sword of Quilege or the Voidblade. In addition, the level of filling the scale affects the search for objects, which is useful when looking for other rare materials.

dark souls 3 humanity
The solid form of humanity of applications is muchmore. The resource is exchanged for souls, but only a thousand for one piece. When lighting a fire, the material can be spent on raising its level or to create a flame in a neutral place. The covenants available to the protagonist can raise their reputation with the help of a solid humanity and take off the curse in special NPCs. The last way to apply this extraction is to restore the appearance of a person. The main character is cursed, and he can restore his human appearance only in this way.