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Panzar System Requirements and Game Review

Panzar is a multiplayer game in the genreaction. Developed by the Russian company Panzar Studio. This project became the debut for the studio. What brought such glory to the game, what are the advantages and disadvantages in it? Also in the article you will learn the system requirements of Panzar and much more.

system requirements panzar


All game actions occur in a fictionalfantasy world. In the game there are four classic races for such a setting, which, of course, are at war with each other. There is no specific story company or quests in Panzar. The project is a platform for online battles between live players. Here, you can fight for people side by side with the orcs or elves, join the dwarves or assemble a squad of the same race - the possibilities depend only on your strategies and fantasy.


Panzar system requirements allow you to rungame on fairly weak computers, due to which the project has gained immense popularity among different gamers. Only the console players did not touch the game this time: the project was released exclusively for the PC. The basis is the game engine Cry Engine 2, which was created many years ago and tested in many projects. That's why the game is well optimized and does not slow down on any settings. Everything depends on the speed of the Internet.

The game is completely free, so you startcan right now. In Panzar there are microtransactions that allow you to change the appearance of the characters or cards, but all customization does not affect the balance in the game.


All players are divided into two sides for 8 participants.Before the start of the battle, one of the story maps is selected, on which you will have to perform small tasks to advance and gain influence on the map. But the main time, of course, is occupied by battles between teams. In addition to 4 races, you can choose one of 8 classes. Ideally, each team must have one representative of each class to achieve full power and combat capability. However, no one forbids experimenting with compounds when playing in Panzar. System requirements for a laptop are democratic, so you can run the game on a laptop computer wherever there is an internet connection and an outlet. Soon the game will acquire a single mode, in which you can pump and perform tasks without having a network.

panzar system requirements for a laptop

System requirements Panzar

To run, you need an Intel processorPentium 4 2.5 GHz or analog from AMD, 2 GB of RAM, video card with support for Pixel Shaders 1.3 and 256 MB of memory.For unpacking the distribution you will need 5 GB of hard disk space. A full client can be downloaded on the official website of the game. In the same place, you must complete the registration procedure and confirm it through an e-mail. Without confirmation, the player will not be able to access the online mode, and Panzar system requirements include a sound card and a stable connection to the Internet.