/ How to install Minecraft?

How to install Minecraft?

This article will be useful to those who suffer fromthe question of how to install Minecraft, as well as the principles of operation and configuration of a clean game server. Unlike the client, the server is distributed through the official website of the game for free. The data is shown in version 1.2.

So, in order to answer the question about how to install the Minecraft server, you should follow the instructions below:

How to install Minecraft? Download the required software:

- For normal operation of the server, you need to install the Java package on your computer. If the Minecraft client starts up, it means that the Java package was installed earlier.

- To download the server, you need to go tothe official page of the site, in the category "Multiplayer Server". If you have Windows, choose the version - exe or jar (suitable for all OS). Click on the link you need and save the file separately. It will be the main one for the server. If you have Linux or OS X installed, choose the version of cd.

How to install Minecraft? Creating and configuring the server:

Before starting the game on the server, you can make the settings of the following parameters.

- Do not fill in the server-ip column - the game will configure this parameter. But if you want the server to have its own IP address, then fill it yourself.

- The gamemode line shows the game mode, which is active for all players who come to the server automatically. The game mode for a specific player can be changed during operation.

- If you activated the white-list, then enter your nickname in the file white-list.txt.

- When the max-build-height column is filled with a number that does not fit, the server itself will select the number that is available for use.

Here, in principle, and the entire configuration of the Minecraft server.

Important: every time you need to restart the server when changing the settings.

How to configure Minecraft? Setting up a server for playing online:

Before creating a game server, whichwill connect gaming clients on the Internet, you need to determine the type of IP address that you want to install. This information should be contained in the terms of the contract with your ISP or on the customer's personal page on the website of the ISP.

The easiest way to determine the type of IP addressis a restart of the modem to the Internet and further comparison of external IP-addresses. If after that your IP address has changed, it means that you have a dynamic IP address. This is a more common type than a static IP address, but if you are creating a game server, it's better to have a static IP address, because each time you connect to an Internet service provider, the dynamic address changes. In this case, it is better to assign a permanent address to your IP. You must first download a special program that will always assign the same address. If you want to find out which address is currently assigned to the user, you should look in the menu of the web interface of the modem or visit a server that allows you to determine the user's address online.

In many Internet providers, the service of a statistical IP-address is provided as an additional service.

How to install Minecraft? Connection to the game server:

If a player wishes to connect to yourserver, it should enter your external IP address, or the site address and click the connection to the server in the field of entering the server's IP address in the game client. The external address can be learned by the server's owner and informed to its users who wish to connect to it. One of the sites on the Internet can help you find it.

To be sure that your new server is created correctly and working properly, follow these steps:

- Start the server;

- Start the client;

- In the game menu, select Multiplayer and try to connect.

Dear users, be careful, if you are asked to enter a phone number or other personal information when downloading the program, then most likely they are scammers.

Good game!