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Cheats on "GTA: Wai City" on your computer: list

Today we will try to find out the codes on "GTA:Vai City "on the computer.In general, the use of a variety of secrets and cheats in this toy - it's quite normal.Often there can be such missions that you can not go through just like that.Of course, you can" kill "a few weeks or even months on a job that and it will not be completed.It's not the best option if you have a goal to go through the storyline.Therefore, the cheats come to the aid of GTA: Weiss City.What are they like? How to activate them? we will know.

codes on the gta city on the computer


Well, the first thing you should pay special attention toattention in the game is a weapon. With its help, you can not only save your character's life more than once, as well as go through many missions. Unfortunately, at the very beginning you will only have a gun. For complex tasks, it is not particularly suitable. Painfully small damage.

Here and come to the rescue codes on "GTA: Wai City" on the computer. You can very quickly get one of three possible weapon sets. Each of them has a number of its features.

In order to get the "sadist" set, enteron a pause (or being in the game itself in a safe place) a combination of "THUGSTOOLS". In the inventory there will be various interesting items that can be defended. Rifles, "snipers" and so on. Everything that only a professional killer needs. In the "GTA: Weiss City" cheat codes can help get a professional set of weapons. For him type "PROFESSIONALTOOLS". The weapon of the "psychopath" is activated with the help of "NUTTERTOOLS". However, the cheats and codes on "GTA: Wai City" serve not only for obtaining means of self-defense. Let's see what else interesting can offer our secrets.

What will help to save the skin

Well, now it's worthwhile to pay attention to yousome more interesting moments. If you have been playing for a long time, then, most likely, noticed that the game has so-called armor. It helps to save yourself from some damage. Also in the toy there is money. Without them, of course, can not escape.

gta vays city cheat codes

In order not to run into the police, you can usecheats / codes for "GTA: Weiss City". For example, to obtain armor and restore health. The thing is that with the introduction of combinations you will also be credited with dollars. So you can avoid a clash with representatives of the law because of the killing of innocent passers-by.

If you notice that you need to receive medical treatment,then type "ASPIRINE". Use this combination can be absolutely at any time and an unlimited number of times. To obtain the reservation (even if you did not have it) and money is worth using "PRECIOUSPROTECTION". You can continue to enjoy the gameplay. However, there are also other codes on "GTA: Wai City" on the computer, which are sure to interest many players.


Sometimes a measured life bothers you, and you want toa little bit "fool around". For example, to run from the police through the streets of the city. Then in the game you can use cheat codes. Especially if you do not really want to deliberately break the rules and kill passers-by.

Codes for GTA:Vice City can make you the king of the underworld. To do this, it is enough to type "YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE". This combination adds at once 2 stars of crime. If you use it again, you add two more stars. You can start adventure and race.

cheats codes for GTA VICE City

True, sometimes things can get out of hand.For example, whole helicopters will start sending you, but there will be no place to hide. To die, you know, is also not an option. Then there is nothing left but to "throw off" the crime rate to zero. For this purpose it is desirable to put the game on pause (just in case), then activate the code "LEAVEMEALONE". Police interest in you will drop to zero. Helicopters will go further to patrol the city, and representatives of the law will disperse on their business. In general, the end of adventure. You can continue to play with a calm soul. True, there are still quite interesting codes on GTA: Vice City. It is simply impossible to list all the cheats, but to highlight the special ones is please.

New opportunities

Now it's about our character by nameTommy. You can slow it down a little or, on the contrary, speed it up. In this we also help codes. So, to give acceleration to the player, it is enough to type "ONSPEED". After that, Tommy will start "fingering faster". Slow it (and also return the initial speed) is possible after the set "BOOOOOORING".

Cheats / codes for "GTA:Weiss City "can also add to the attractiveness of the player, so that the crowds of girls rushed in. You type" FANNYMAGNET "- and it's done.It's enough to walk through the streets of the city, as all the fair sex representatives will start circling about you.

codes for gta vice city


Well, now you can think about ... the weather. Yes, in the game "Wye City" you can change weather conditions a little. True, here, too, you can not do without special combinations.

If you like the clear weather, when on the streetlight, warm and sunny, then you can type "APLEASANTDAY". A romantic atmosphere is provided by "ALOVELYDAY". In addition, you can also create a semblance of London (fog). This is done with the help of "CANTSEEATHING". Do you like rain? Then type "CATSANDDOGS". In general, experiment and see what you prefer. And now let's look at the codes on "GTA: Wai City" on the computer, which can help (though not always) for some missions.


Well, you can conjure yourself a few optionscars. Or not quite a car. Rather, vehicles. The racing car is called with "GETTHEREQUICKLY", and its newer model is "GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED". Do you like rallying? Then type "GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST". In addition, the players have a great opportunity to self-make a machine, which they drive around when playing golf. "BETTERTHANWALKING" - and it's done.

codes for gta vice city all cheats

Naturally, not a single game, let alone GTA,can not do without anything special. So, it's worth to see what other surprises we were prepared for. Codes on "GTA: Wai City" on a computer can provide us with a tank - "PANZER", grobovozkoy - "THELASTRIDE" or limousine - "ROCKANDROLLCAR". Choose yourself something to taste and start playing.