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The best programs for scanning documents: overview and description

Programs for scanning documents that arecome complete with scanning equipment, do not always differ in convenience, but even worse - they may not meet the requirements of the consumer. But no one forces the user to stop just on them.

Advanced gurus of this case and at alluse the supplied software solely to "pull out" the drivers for the correct operation of the device in the operating system and then create in an intelligent program for scanning documents.

There is a lot of similar software on the web.Part of the utilities is absolutely free, the other is distributed under a paid license, but the third part is mostly amateur assemblies / dodings from the first two parts. The last option we will not touch, because it is fraught with trouble and often leads to a malfunction of the operating system. But paid and free programs for scanning documents from official developers should be considered in more detail. The choice of this or that utility largely depends on the personal preferences of the user and the desired result, so we read, analyze and take the options you like on a pencil.

Canon MF Toolbox

This is a proprietary program for scanningdocuments on the computer from the venerable manufacturer of digital technology. Immediately it is worth noting that this product is deprived of Russian-language localization, so some will have to understand the tandem with the "Google Translate".

sanitation canon

But, in fact, there is nothing to understand here,because the interface of the program for scanning documents is very simple and intuitive. After starting the user will be asked to choose the name of the saved copy, format and location on the media. Then, by pressing the Start button, the application will start working, and when finished, a digitized copy of the document will appear in the specified location.

The utility takes up very little space andabsolutely undemanding to the technical component of the computer, so it will work stably even on the most ancient desktops. The program for scanning documents under the free license is distributed, it can be found on the official site of "Canon" in the section of software distributions.

ABBYY FineReader

This is a powerful and advanced complex to work withdigitizing everything and everything. There is a program for scanning documents in Russian, so problems with the initial configuration should not arise. In addition, the first time you connect a wizard, who will explain everything in detail and show.

The best program for scanning

The program can scan the documentation from the mostvarious sources. Each subsequent step is intuitively understandable, accompanied by prompts (can be turned off) and does not cause any confusion even for beginners in this matter.

Product Features

Одна из ложек дегтя утилиты – это требования к system resources. Not only does it take far from a small place on the hard drive, it is also "gluttonous" in the consumption of RAM, so it is not recommended to run it on weak machines, waiting for digitization will take a very long time.

scan utility

This software is distributedfor a paid license, but the developer has provided for a short trial period for acquaintance with the basic (limited) opportunities. After the expiry of the term, you will either have to buy the key or remove the program. Soft is more suitable for experienced users and those who need the flow. If you use a scanner and any other digitization from time to time, then it does not make sense to buy it.

OCR CuneiForm

Relatively small utility, but from this itdoes not become less effective. One of the main features of the program is the recognition of any formatting. A good half of this software is quite mediocre in dealing with tables, forms and other technical data with which the text can be saturated. And here we have not just a high-quality scan “as it is”, but also with an associated analysis and digitization of information.

software for scanning

Кроме того, программа может похвастаться an intuitive interface along with competent Russian-language localization, so that problems with the development of software should not be. But even if they arise, you can always refer to the extensive reference materials, where everything is laid out on the shelves.

Distinguishing features of the software

Distributed product sharewarelicense. That is, in the basic version we have a limited, but normally and stably working functionality, which is quite enough for ordinary needs. Enhanced modification offers more advanced features that include dictionaries, spell checkers and other utilities that will be useful in streaming work. Naturally, the latest version costs money, but unlike FineReader, it is quite small.

The utility occupies a very modest space onhard disk and almost not demanding on system resources. So you can safely run it on weak machines without regard to lags, friezes and other brakes: the program will digitize documents in a matter of minutes.