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Guide Heroes Charge: Passage and Cheats

To date, we can safely say thatthe projects "Dota" and "League of Heroes" were a success - they originated a new direction of computer games, called the multiplayer battle arena. This means that in this game you choose your character and fight together with your partners against the opposing team in a limited space. The game cycle is extremely small - unlike the massively multiplayer online role-playing games, where you need a week of gameplay to pump the hero, here everything ends an hour or two after the start. This makes the game much more dynamic and exciting, and also requires much higher skills in handling characters. However, it is worth noting that not only these two projects exist in the game world. Naturally, they are the progenitors of the genre and retain the first lines in the ratings for many years, but there are other games that are worthy of attention and on which you can write a whole guide. Heroes Charge, for example, is one of the brightest representatives of the battle arena on the platform "Android."

The essence of the game

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So, what is this project?What can guide users? Heroes Charge is a multiplayer game, which, however, differs from the canons of the genre of the fighting arena. The thing is that in mobile applications it would be incredibly difficult to implement multiplayer battles in which several people could participate at once. Therefore, here the mechanics are slightly different, but it still includes interaction with other players. Another difference between this project and standard MOBA games is the ability to go through it. It consists of a large number of diverse arenas, each of which can be completed with three, two or one stars, so you will have to try to succeed and open all that is possible in the game itself. Naturally, the level is considered passed, even if you have won one star, but you will miss a lot of interesting moments of the project. How can this be prevented? That's why you need a guide. Heroes Charge is not a game in which you can describe the passage in detail, as it consists of a large number of similar arenas in which similar battles are taking place. But you can give some tips that will greatly facilitate for you the passage.

Red dots

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Red dots - this is what you saypay attention to any guide. Heroes Charge is a fairly linear game, so you hardly miss anything. But first of all you always need to look for red dots, as they signal you about the most important events and places. If you do not visit any location marked with such a label, then you will not be able to move further along the plot. If you do not go after the battle to pick up the reward in a place marked with a red dot, then you can not start the next one. In general, the very first advice is to follow the red dots, as they will become your guide to the game Heroes Charge. Hyde, of course, is not limited solely to this advice, so you should carefully read further to achieve even greater success.

Daily Events

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Quests are the tasks that you needTo carry out on a course of a plot to come nearer to the game end. However, apart from them, in this project there are other tasks that can be attributed to the side. The most important of them for you are daily events, for the fulfillment of the conditions of which you can get something useful. Every day you will be offered certain tasks that you need to accomplish in a certain period of time. If you succeed, you will be given a useful prize, which you can safely pick up and use. Naturally, the daily events are ranked according to your level, that is, some of them open only when you are pumping, and some become unavailable when you exceed a certain threshold. Thus, a balance is achieved in the game Heroes Charge. Hyde is strongly recommended that you perform all the daily tasks available to get more pleasure from the project.

Other heroes

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In this project you start with five differentcharacters that you can pump in combat. However, over time, you can add to your team and other heroes, which can be more interesting and stronger in certain aspects. But at the same time you still have five places on the characters who will be able to take part in the battle - the rest will remain outside of it. What to do? In solving this issue you will be helped by a guide on heroes Heroes Charge. The fact is that this medal has two sides, and you will need to feel the game very subtly in order to find a competent balance. You can not concentrate solely on the initial characters, because in the future you may need groups in which the balance is shifted, for example, in favor of melee or in favor of magic. If you only shake the first characters, then you will not have such an opportunity, because they all belong to different classes. But you should not throw the initial characters, believing that you will get stronger next. Naturally, it will be so, but you need to live up to strong characters, and this can be done only if you pump the initial ones.

Using stones

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As with any mobile game, Heroes Chargethere are two types of currency: game, which you can earn in the process in any quantities, as well as precious stones that you can and even need to buy for real money, because in the game they are given to the player in extremely small quantities. In the Heroes Charge guide for excavations you are unlikely to help get more stones, because they are obtained automatically and very rarely. So be prepared for the fact that you will have few. Spend them on restoring stamina to perform more useful activities per day. If you invest real money in the game, then you can buy chests that can bring you a wide variety of rare items, as well as new heroes.


Guide for the game Heroes Charge can not pass for youthis or that level, therefore, if you are stuck and have tried all the possibilities, then you have only one chance - these are cheats. As such codes for the game there, but you can download a special program that will give you an unlimited supply of gold and precious stones, with which you can find a way out of any situation.