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How to find out what is the video card on a computer or laptop? The program for testing the video card

Acquiring an already ready system, we often can notTo understand with what accessories are installed inside. Of course, all this information comes with the computer, but is it true? Therefore, it is better to learn the models of all components of the system.

Users want to figure out how to find out what the video card is worth. Knowing this information, it will be easier to install or update drivers, think about upgrading the computer.


For what it may be necessary to find out whichis the video card on the computer? It is part of the system and is responsible for the image on the screen. This means that the video card is responsible for the resolution, playback of video, computer games, etc.

If you did not initially buildown system, and have already bought a ready PC, then in some cases you may not even know which video card is on the computer. There are a number of reasons why you might need information about your graphics adapter:

  1. Perhaps you have installed a new computer game,and the video card can not cope with it. As a result, the promised quality of graphics can not be guaranteed. In this case, you may need an adapter model to check compatibility.
  2. Sometimes on the monitor without any good reasonsstripes of different width appear. In this case, it is necessary to understand where to look, what is the video card in the system, in order to check its serviceability. In most cases, it is the adapter errors that cause the screen to display incorrectly.
  3. But not only bands can become a problem whenimage display on the monitor. If the drivers have not been updated for a long time, the screen may fail and display the image incorrectly. Therefore, you need to know the model of the video card and update its drivers.
  4. To find out the model of the graphics adapter, those who decided to collect or update the system themselves also want to. In this case, you need to understand the compatibility of the modules.

Perhaps someone wants to understand how to find out what the video card is worth, for the sake of interest. In any case, the information will not be superfluous.

Chip video card


On the one hand, this method is really the simplest, on the other, if you are not well versed in the technical part of the system, it may not help at all.

Naturally, the easiest way to visually inspectmotherboard and all parts that are on it. To do this, just shut down the computer from the network, remove the side panel and look at the details inside the system.

But not always and not in all computers do thisso simple. Firstly, the computer can be under warranty, so you can not get or disconnect any parts, otherwise you will lose free repair or replacement of devices.

Secondly, if you are really badunderstand the technique, then after you turn everything off, you can not remember how everything was connected. And if suddenly one of the parts is installed in an unauthorized place, the board may fail, and all parts of the computer will burn.

Inspection of the sistemnik

Thirdly, it can be quite difficultget to the video card on the board, and even more so to its internal markings. Many manufacturers now equip adapters with a plastic casing, which covers the motherboard of the video card.


Many people want to understand how to determine whichThe video card is in the computer or laptop. If you understand in advance that a visual inspection is not your method, try to be careful and inspect the device. A device bought not so long ago should contain the documentation. It just contains all information about the content of the system.

In addition, if you have a laptop, then on thethe keyboard manufacturer often places branded labels indicating the processor models, video card and cooling system features. Therefore, even such details can be useful in this matter.


If the specification has long been lost, and the stickers from the panel have become unstuck, how can you determine which video card is on the laptop? It is possible in a systematic way. Option can be applied to the computer.

The most popular method of identifying a graphicadapter - view "Device Manager". This option is suitable in the case of legacy Windows XP, and with newer operating systems. "Device Manager" is in each of these operating systems.

device Manager

You can reach it in several ways:

  1. Use the combination of keys Win + R. In this case, Win can be denoted by letters, or by the emblem of the OS. After that, the command line appears, in which you need to enter devmgmt.msc.
  2. In the "Device Manager" you can get fromthe My Computer dialog box. To do this, click on the label of the same name, then click on the empty area of ​​the dialog box and select the "Properties" line. On the left is the "Device Manager" section.

To understand how to find out what is worthvideo card, you need to carefully view the entire list of devices. All details connected to the system are indicated here. You need to click on the "Video adapter" section, and below you will see graphic adapters.

Usually two models can be indicated here. One of them calls the internal one, and the second one - the external video card. The internal adapter is built into the processor of the system, and therefore we do not need it.

An external video card can be from manufacturersNVIDIA or Radeon. If the reinstallation of Windows was correct, and the system was able to quickly install the "firewood" on the graphics card, then in this section you will immediately recognize its model.

But it can happen that in the graph"Video adapter" will be the line "Standard VGA graphics adapter". On this basis, you can understand that the system could not identify the video card and can not figure out the drivers that should be used.


If you suddenly saw the inscription: "Standard VGA graphics adapter", you can use DeviceID. This is a system service that will help determine the installed video card.

To do this, while staying in the "Managerdevices ", click on" Unknown VGA adapter ". From the list that appears, select the "Properties" line. A new dialog box opens, at the top of which there will be tabs. It is necessary to choose "Information". Below is the line "Properties", in which you need to select the equipment ID.

В окошке ниже появится несколько строчек.You need to copy any of them. To do this, right-click and select "Copy". If you carefully look at all the results found, you will notice that the first part of the inscription is the same. We need information about VEN and DEV, which both designate the manufacturer and the device.

Identification Service

Knowing their meanings, you need to switch toA specialized site that will help determine the video card is devid.info. In the search box on the site enter the indicators VEN and DEV, and after that we press the button "Search".

Integrated video card

As already mentioned, the system can have a built-in and discrete graphics card. How to identify the latter, we know, but how to find out which embedded video card is in the system?

For example, you can click PKM on the workerTo the table, choose the column "Personalization". On the left, select the "Screen" section, and after that, find the "Screen Settings" item. A new dialog box opens, in which you will need to select "Advanced Options".

In the properties of the monitor you can see the model of the screen and the built-in video card. But there may be some inaccuracies here.

Very often in the column "Adapter type" is specifiedonly a video card manufacturer, not his model. The same will be displayed if you go to "Device Manager". Choose "Video Adapter" and, together with a discrete graphics card, notice AMD Radeon Graphics Processor or Intel HD Graphic.

In this case, you can go back to the propertiesadapter and select DeviceID. By the values ​​of VEN and DEV it is necessary to determine the model of the built-in video card. Alternatively, you can go to My Computer, right-click on the free area and select Properties. After that, a dialog box opens, in which you can find out which processor the system is running on. Next, it will be enough to copy the processor model and on it to determine the built-in graphics core.

Non-operating system

How to find out what the video card is worth ifcomputer or laptop does not turn on? In this case, you will have to carefully study all the available markings on the boards. That is, in fact, this is the same visual method, which was already discussed.

Labeling the video card

If you need to know about the built-in video card, you will have to look at the processor marking. If you want to know the model of an external video card, you will have to look at the card or casing.

What exactly do you need to pay attention to?If we have a desktop PC in front of us, then usually all the labels are on stickers. The easiest way is to rewrite all the names and numbers. After that, it will be enough to enter them into the Google search box, and the system will find the model you need.

If the laptop does not turn on, but you need to know itvideo card, it will be enough to search the Internet for the specification of the device model. Here you can find even very old gadgets that have long been removed from production.

Identify the video card of the laptop by markingwill be more difficult, as it will be necessary to understand how to disassemble the device. Not all laptops are easy to unwind and get to any details. But if you still find a chip on the board, write out its marking and again look for the video card model on the Internet.

Additional system tools: dxdiag

If none of the above methods for some reason is not suitable, you can try to figure out how to find out which video card is in "Windows 7", using system tools.

Windows has additional services that can give information about the model and the adapter manufacturer. This option is suitable if you can not open the "Device Manager".

Cooling system

In this case, a service fromDirectX. This component is always installed in the operating system, because it requires many programs and games. To work with it, you need to run the command line. To do this, we use the familiar Win + R combination. In the window that appears, enter dxdiag. This command will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

In the new dialog, you will need to go totab "Screen". Here in the table you can immediately see the model of the video card, information about its drivers. Here you can find out which version of DirectX is used by the system.

Additional system tools: msinfo32

If this option does not suit you, you canuse another command. Again, run the command line with the combination of keys Win + R and enter msinfo32. In the left part, select the "Components" section, go to "Display". Next in the table will be information about the adapter. In the first field "Name" will be the model of the video card.

The AIDA64 program

Checking the parameters of the video card can be doneand with the help of programs. There are a number of popular utilities that help not only determine the adapter model, but also learn its characteristics. Among them there is both a complex software and a specialized one. In the first case, you can find out information not only about the video card, but also about other characteristics of the computer or laptop.

The Everest program was very popular. Now it was replaced by the AIDA64 utility. It gives information about the video card and other hardware characteristics of the PC.

Video Cards for PC

It should be noted right away that this utility is paid,but there is a free 30-day period of use. If you need to quickly determine the model of the video card, then this software is suitable in the trial version. To get the information, in the program it is necessary to go to the line "Computer", click on the section "Summary information". In the list, find the "Display and video adapter" field. Here the model of the video card will be indicated.

The GPU-Z program

But GPU-Z is a program for testing a video card.This utility helps you to find out information about the adapter. You can download it from the official website for free. Soft determines the model of the video card, the frequency of the processor and memory, temperature and many other indicators.