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How to light a fire in DayZ Standalone and why is it needed?

Many computer games have already turned tosubject of zombies, which in recent years is gaining increasing popularity. There are already shooters, and strategies, and quests that allow you to immerse yourself in the world of zombie apocalypse and fight with the living dead. However, the DayZ project stands out very strongly against the background of the others, since it is much more global.

This game is a simulatorsurvival in a zombie-apocalypse in a vast open world. This means that you simply find yourself in a territory filled with living dead, and you have only one task - to survive. And how you will do it, you choose independently. If you play on the network, you can join with other gamers, create shelters, or you can break through the crowds of dead, shooting them and destroying them in close combat. However, starting in any case, you need from the basic basics, for example, how to light a fire in DayZ Standalone.

Why do we need a bonfire?

how to light a bonfire in a dayz standalone

Before you understand the details of howTo light a fire in DayZ Standalone, it is necessary to understand, whether it is necessary for you in general. What goals will you pursue when you light a fire? First of all, you will need a fire to cook food on it, which you can not eat raw, for example meat. Yes, and many types of food better satisfy the hunger of your character, if cooked at the stake, and not used in raw form. It is also worth noting that your hero can bask at the fire - in this game you not only experience hunger, but also freeze, afraid of the dark and so on. So it's worthwhile to build a fire also in order to illuminate a certain space around you. Also in one of the latest patches developers have introduced the option of drying clothes by the fire - if you get wet in the river and freeze quickly, then you can not do without a fire. Moreover, a fire is a kind of workbench for the craft of certain objects. In general, now you hardly have questions about the need for fire for your hero, so you can go directly to how to light a fire in DayZ Standalone.

Resources for firing a fire

dayz standalone how to light a bonfire

If you are interested in how to light a fire in DayZStandalone, then you definitely need to acquire certain materials and resources, without which you will not succeed. The first thing you need is an object with which you can build a fire, that is, a match or a lighter. Secondly, you need to collect enough fuel for ignition and maintaining a fire - here in this role can act logs and sticks, which you can find in the wood or cut with an ax yourself. And, of course, you will need a certain material for ignition, such as paper, or a rag, or even a bandage. Only when you have enough of all these materials, you can go to one of the most important questions of the game DayZ Standalone: ​​"How to light a bonfire?"

Ignition process

bonfire in a dayz standalone

A bonfire in DayZ Standalone is kindled for a fewsteps, each of which is incredibly important. So, you should start with combining a stick with paper, a rag or gauze - this is called in the game a set for ignition, and you can stock up in advance. This kit you need to install on the ground, but always on a level surface, because only in this case further actions will be possible. On the workpiece you need to put a few logs (not less than five), after which you need to pick up matches or a lighter. Right after that, the inscription "Light" appears over the firewood, which you need to activate. After scrolling the mouse wheel a certain number of times your fire will light up. He will be active for ten minutes, but you can extend his life with new firewood, which you can add directly to the fire. Now you know how to light a fire in DayZ Standalone, but there are a few more tricks you should know about.

Bonfire improvements

how to light a bonfire in a dayz standalone

If you want to make a nutritious and hearty soupor boil something, then you can use a tripod and place a pan on it - this will give you a much greater variety of dishes that can be cooked at the stake. Moreover, any fire can be improved with stones to a primitive oven. On it, you can easily cook anything, it will not attract unnecessary attention, but it will give less heat to your character, as well as for the things that you are trying to dry.

Features of the fire

Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that in the fireyou can burn some things by placing them in special slots. You should also pay attention to the fact that pots, tripods, food and other items that you want to use should be dragged to the fire itself, and not to slots for burning. And, of course, pay attention to the fact that you will not always be able to light a bonfire without problems, since the rain can very quickly put it out, and the wind will force you to struggle long and hard with matches or a cigarette lighter. But if the burning fire is extinguished, then you can save some time for a match, reviving it with the help of inflation.