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How to write in colored letters in Minecraft on a plate

"Minecraft" is a game in which everyonethere is no specific purpose. More precisely, the developers pawned it in objects, but not always users use objects in the way it was intended. Naturally, you can use dynamite to undermine various structures or, for example, mountain ranges - or you can build a cannon that will destroy everything on the way. Thus, you can decide for yourself how your character will develop and what it will do with everything that surrounds it in a huge game world. Separately it is worthwhile to talk about the tablets, since these items can bring you quite a lot of benefits. The most interesting thing about them is the inscriptions that you can make. Most gamers are wondering how to write color letters in Minecraft on the tablets, and this question will be answered in detail in this article.

What are the signs for?

how to write in colored letters in minecraft

Before learning how to write in colorletters in Minecraft on the plates, you should know their purpose in principle. The fact is that this subject you can meet everywhere in the game, but you can not use it for one simple reason - it can not be done. The plate is a ready-made item that can only be used by its owner. Accordingly, in order to perform any actions with the tablet, you need to first scrape it out of the boards and sticks. And it serves to indicate the road, signify the deposits of any useful materials and so on. And this means that on the tablet you need to write something, but how can this be done? After all, if you do not learn how to put text on this subject, then how will you deal with how to write in colored letters in Minecraft?

Using a tablet

colored letters in minecraft

So, if you seriously decided to learn how towrite in colored letters in Minecraft, then you need to set a label in the place where you want it to be. To do this, take it in your hand and click the left mouse button on the desired place. The label will be on the ground, and before you open a window in which you can write the text that will be displayed on its surface. You can write in two lines, but make sure that you do not exceed the number of allowed characters, otherwise you will not succeed. That's all - the use of a tablet is extremely simple, you can write any texts to denote specific places, and also leave messages for other players or reminders for yourself. And now it's time to move on to the main question - how to get color letters in Minecraft?

Colored inscriptions

how to make color letters in minecraft

If you want your tablet to be morebright and impressive, then you definitely should learn how to make color letters in Minecraft. This will significantly improve the appearance of this object, and most importantly - will make the text more noticeable. If you wait for the night, you will see that the colored inscriptions glow in the dark, and this gives them another great advantage. But how to achieve this effect? In fact, everything is quite simple. Before the line that you want to make a color, you need to put an "ampersand" sign, that is, &. But after it you need to specify a number that will match the game color, for example, 2 - it's green, 4 - red, and 9 - blue. Experiment with colors to achieve the most striking and effective result.

Other ways of using labels

Pay attention to the fact that the plates areItems that you can use not only to indicate specific locations and message passing. There are still a lot of methods of using these items, one of the most common and successful among them is the elevator. By installing the tablets with a specific code on two floors, you can move between them by contacting the plate.