/ / "Masyanya under the yellow press": the passage of the game. "Masyanya under the yellow press": the key

"Masyanya under the yellow press": passing the game. "Masyanya under the yellow press": the key

So, everyone knows a funny cartoonish heroine bybehalf of Masyanya. She is famous for her jokes and voice. Today we will consider the question: "Masyanya under the yellow press." Passage. " But first, a few words about the game.

What is the game about

"Masyanya under the yellow press" - this is a questA toy that is aimed at finding objects together with the main character. Of course, it will be fun and interesting. This time our character will try herself in the role of a journalist, who got a job at the editorial office. Thus, "Masyanya under the yellow press" tells us all the gossip, rumors and stories about vampires, ghosts and other evil spirits. The player will have to show wit and care to go through the toy. Usually, it does not take too long, if you know all the secrets. It is about them that we now talk. It should be noted that the game "Masyanya under the yellow press-2" is much more complicated than the first version of this game, so get ready and be patient.

While all houses

So, the game starts at home.This, so to speak, preparation. This section can be described: "Masyanya under the yellow press." Passage: 1 part ". Well, let's get started. The game has begun. We hear a phone call. Pick up the phone and talk with the boss, who sends us to meet with the magician. You can look around. The game "Masyanya under the yellow press" immediately shows us the heroine's room and compiles a list of the tasks necessary to accomplish the task. All you need to collect, you can see in the note near the phone. We notice a key on the floor and raise it.

masyanya under the yellow press

Near the phone you need to pick up the ballpoint pen.Now we press on the left door of the dresser with clothes and see the chest. We need to open it. With a light movement of the hand, we use on the chest a raised key from the floor and take out the notepad. We hear the ringing of the alarm clock. Where is he? The game "Masyanya under the yellow press" makes us think. Pay attention to the curtains. We open them and, oh, a miracle! Alarm clock! Quickly turn it off. Now we need money. We examine the piggy bank on the windowsill - it is necessary to smash it with something! Explore our boxes and find a hammer. Now we use the find on the piggy bank and collect the money.

Behind the door, or rather between the chest of drawers and the wallwe find an umbrella. We take it. We look at the huge yellow chest on the closet - it is necessary to get it somehow. We support him with an umbrella and inspect it. I need a code. In the nightstand look under the purple magazine - there will be a note with the code (265). We return to the chest and enter the password there. We take out the camera. Now we take the key from the coat pocket and find the passport under the carpet. After that, we bring the purple bag on the chair and lay out the objects in their places. We open the door with the key from the room and exit. The first part is complete!

Helping the old woman

So we started the phase "Masyanya under yellowthe press. Passage. 2 part. "We need to help the old woman and collect 25 coins. We find a brick on the location and raise it, it will come in handy. Under it was a coin! We look at the trash can near the entrance and pick up a coin: we split the bottle by the urn and take the canvas. in the puddle, we hit it and get another coin.Oh, our progress is obvious! We look at the feet of the old woman - there is still a coin. Now we move the sheet of paper outside the window to the left and take another "totem" to our treasury.We remove the newspaper from the sidewalk - another plus one! Now look at the car. we take out the potatoes from the exhaust pipe Now we examine the tools We get the mounting and the handle of the saw Mounting open the hatch and take another coin Look at the entrance We saw the grate on the ground and play a mini game It will give 12 more coins. look at the street - 8 coins can be seen with the naked eye.We give all the "proceeds" grannies. Well that's all. It's time to go into the office!

Office plankton

Well, that's the end of "Masyanya under the yellow press,"Two part. Time to move on. We find ourselves in our office. We examine ourselves. Cheese, mouse mink ... Does not it look like anything? Now in the game "Masyanya under the yellow press" the key is the main task of our heroine. Without hesitation, grab a piece of cheese from the table of our boss and put it in front of the mink. From the tail of the mouse grab the key. We look at the cabinet, open it and take the eye-catching piece of paper. Collect such scraps need 3 pieces. Leaf the purple log on the table in front of the boss. There's another scrap. We find the bulletin board and pick up the last piece of paper. From under the nose of the boss imperceptibly steal the scissors, will be useful. With the key of the mouse, open the drawer, take a card and tape. Now we look into the inventory - pieces of paper have formed into code!

masyanya under the yellow press of the passage of the game

We bring the paper to the window and write down the receivedcombination of numbers (6292). Now look at the picture on the wall and push it away. Oh, a miracle - safe! Without thinking twice, we insert a card into the slot and press the pen. Enter the password and see the documents. But they can not be taken - lasers will spoil the whole picture. It is necessary to disconnect them.

We find a golf club.Now we'll make a noise! We use a stick on the safe - a fire! Fire extinguisher vysushim place fire and take the documents. We read the numbers of Larissa Yurievna's numbers. In the closet we select a disk with phone numbers. Approach the laptop and turn it on. Open the CD-ROM, insert the disk and type 641-96-40. We agree with Larissa about the meeting, and forward!

Apartment magician

Well, now we have started the next stageour passing. Again, in the quest "Masyanya under the yellow press" - the key that is hidden! What's wrong with that? This time he opens an ancient book. Okay, let's go look. So, look in the basket with tangles. There it is necessary to solve a puzzle, after which a key will fall into the hands of a heroine (no, no, not from an ancient book). We open the bottom drawer of the nightstand. From there we take out the scotch and wind it with a lamp. Click on the round shadow and get the cookie. We examine ourselves. We give the cookie to the lovely parrot.

masyanya under the yellow press 2

That his unusual cry will scare the peacefully sleepingkitty. We look, on what this wonderful animal slept - a knife! We take it. Mercilessly cut the picture on the wall and get the key from the ancient book. Use the key on the closed book. Now you can access the recipe for locks. To do this, you need to collect 5 different flowers. The first one is on the same page. Now remember what other flowers we need and start leafing through the book. By the end all necessary will be gathered. In the required sequence, we lower the flowers into the cone. If everything is done correctly, we will get a green liquid. Now we use the flask on the locked door. It's time for a new stage!


Well, we're at the checkpoint.The game "Masyanya under the yellow press" continues to rack our brains. The first thing we do is play mini-games with Allochka, picking up the same cards. Now we press on the pile of documents - that will fall to the floor. Once again, click on the papers to collect them. On the floor there will be a card with the number (659-22-75). Now stomping to the cooler with water. Approach it and look for a screwdriver. Found? Then take it to your coffers. Under the pillow on the couch we find scissors. From the table take a cup and look at an attractive vase with cookies. We touch each of them and get to the coin on the bottom. We take it ourselves. Now we will feel like electricians. We look at the guard near the fan - unscrew the screws with a screwdriver and snack the wires with scissors. Oh, a miracle! The fan has shut down. Then pay attention to the phone. We throw a coin into the slot and type the code from the card. We open the medicine cabinet and take the third from the left a jar with a good sleeping pills. With the help of the cooler, we dial into a cup of cold water, combine it with a sleeping pills and give a drink to Allochka. When she falls asleep, look in the bag for the handle from the door. Then we put it in place and go on.

Evening Matters

Well, the theme: "Masyanya under the yellow press." Passage of the game. " We are at home again. First we turn on the light.

masyanya under the yellow press the key

We collect 10 empty bottles and one full with beer.In addition, we take the ashtray with cigarette butts. Pour beer on the flower, which stands on the windowsill (Greenpeace throws us with slippers). Ashtray and empty bottles are thrown into the urn. Now from under the cupboard we take out the sponge, lower it into the aquarium and wipe the picture on the wall. Then we raise the hat that is lying on the floor, and put all the clothes in the closet on the shelf. Now look at the socks and play a mini-game. Open the white suitcase in the closet and take out the battery from the phone. From the coat we get the mobile phone and look for "Simka". It lies in the box on the top shelf. Now I call my friends. And here it is, the next stage!


Before us is the old cemetery. We examine ourselves.On the tree we find a hollow and, of course, we crawl there. Take the yellow stone. Now we are scouring the bushes until we find a matchbox. We click on the garbage near the guard's feet and go through a mini-game. Then we need to collect matches. All the whole will be added to the inventory. There they will unite with the box, and we will get burning matches. Well, just a whole torch! It's time to look into the lodge!

In the gatehouse

This stage can be called already solid:"Masyanya under the yellow press. Passage. Part 8". We are confidently moving forward. With the help of burning matches we light candles and look around. We look at the shelves - there is a bucket with a bone. We take her. In the corner of the lodge take a spatula. The thing is irreplaceable, especially in the cemetery! We go out into the street. But do not rejoice - in the gatehouse, we will still return. Now the dog is bothering us. Throw her a bone, and she safely turns off our road. We look into the box. We take from there a magnet and a flashlight without batteries. Now you need to look for batteries! Well, let's play digger? Shovel dig the ground and find the chest. We look at it - we need a key. Again! They pursue us, or what? Okay, we will search. We select the oil can near the chest and again return to the hut.

game masyanya under the yellow press

We look at the hook - the key!Double click on it and see how the find falls into a slot in the floor. Wonderful! We remember that we have a magnet. With its help we get the key and run to the street. Open the key chest. We take out the red stone. Now we go to the gatehouse again. We find and take the hammer, throw off the rag from the glass ball and break it. We get a purple stone. We select a magnifying glass, find the plate and use this object on it. We see the code - 2611. On the bottom shelf of the locker we see a chest. Enter the received code and open the "box". Now we take a green pebble. We look at the cardboard box among the shelves. Move her away. Find the panel and click on it. Insert the necessary stones into the holes. Now we play a mini-game where we need to repeat the combination of stones.

Then we throw off all the stones from the stretcher, andwe shift them aside. We find a tire with handcuffs. Take them and cling to the hatch. Oiler lubricates the hatch cover and take the battery. Oh, candles burned out! Something fast. Okay. But now we have a working flashlight! We direct a ray of light on the open hatch and play a simple mini-game. Here is a new stage.


Well, the game "Masyanya under the yellow press.The passage. In the basement ", perhaps, the most dark and gloomy place. We find a hose, a rag, a hook, a stick and, of course, our favorite brick! Well, where can we go without it! a bottle. Take a piece of glass and a piece of paper from it. Cut a rope from a stone in the lower right corner of the fragment. Now we walk around the stage and look for sheets of paper. Suddenly we have a ladder breaking. Well, it's great! gimlet, which we take out the cork from the barrel. In the hole we insert w Lang. We look at the hatch filled with water. We pull out the keys from there. On the lock from the lattice we use the key and get into the mini-game where we need to correctly pick up the keys. So the grill opened. Now we insert the apple into the fresco in the wall. We look at the symbols that appear. We turn the plate over and find the last sheet of paper. We put all the scraps in the ashtray and light the cigarette lighter. And our theme "Masyanya under the yellow press, passing game" continues.

Symbols will appear in the smoke. We press on them under the apple in the sequence in which they are on a cloud of smoke. Open the secret entrance. We pass into it.

Visiting Shaggy

"Masyanya under the yellow press" continues to amazeus. So we were visiting Shaggy. Raise part of the VCR, processor, ruler and broom. Move back the curtains and take the umbrella. With a broom we clean the closet of a friend and find a hairdryer. They are drying the processor. The line will serve as a replacement for the support for the flower on the windowsill. Instead, we get RAM. Among the magazines we find the next part of the computer. Now we remove the basin from the pile of books. We read a book on mathematics and find out the fact: "pi = 3.14". Open the detective (average book) and find there is one more detail. We look at the safe and enter there 314. We take the motherboard.

masyanya under the yellow press

From the drawers of the table take out a screwdriver and scissors.Using a screwdriver, we remove the sound card from the speaker. In the bottom drawer of the cabinet we find a wrapped box, which we open with scissors. We take the last part.

We put an umbrella to the left of the monitor.Paste the parts into an empty system unit. We play a mini-game where we need to assemble an entire system unit. We take out a cooler from the window and insert it into our own computer, so to speak. We take the key, which lay under the system unit. Open the bottom drawer of the table and find a disk there. Now it remains only to insert it into the computer.

On the road

As you can see, we decided to write an article on the topic"Masyanya under the yellow press. Passage. All parts." Well, until the very end there are very few. We find ourselves in the train. We find a wrench and 3 balls from the rattle. We look at the bag and get out of it another color ball. Now we look at the lamp and take out the bolt. We repair the stairs with a wrench and a bolt. From the shelf baggage get the last ball. We repair the rattle and get the handle from the radio, then insert it into place. We look at the panel with lightning and activate the mini-game.

masyanya under the yellow press passage in the basement

Теперь берем клубки пряжи около старухи.We take out a blue hank from a brown backpack and give it to granny. However, now you need to find her glasses. We look in the grandmother's bag and take the lens. From the box under the baby we take out the broken glasses and combine them with the lens. Give her glasses to her grandmother and wait for her to tie a sock. They successfully silenced the snoring neighbor. Turn off the light and go to bed.


"Masyanya under the yellow press" led us to MaloyeKomarovo. Fine! Take the grinding wheel, canister and bowl. We move the stairs to the house and get a bucket from its roof. To them we collect water in the well. Now we fill the wooden deck with water, and use the empty bucket on the udder of the cow. We feed the dog with milk, and she falls asleep. We look under the porch, we find the key and the nails, open the barn and go inside. There we collect the hammer, slate and ax, grabbing scissors. Open the "chest" and take the grain. The grinding wheel is inserted into the machine and sharpen scissors and an ax. We use a can of gasoline on a chainsaw and safely pick it up. We go out and look at the pen with chickens. With the help of grain, we activate a mini-game. We close the hole on the roof with a sheet of slate. Apply nails and hammer on the sheet. Now shears a sheep with a pair of scissors. Chainsaw pass through the logs. With an ax we prick firewood. Then we put a woodpile out of wood. Remove all the weeds in the garden beds. Oh, what a helper!

The game "Masyanya under the yellow press.Android "did not come to an end. Nevertheless, we will not write the final passage, although there is a temptation to go ahead and see how such adventures end. Look a little brains. Be careful and show more ingenuity. Very little is left to the final !