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Far Cry Primal: reviews, ratings, descriptions and recommendations

Ubisoft Montreal is famous for its alwayspresents the buyer a quality project. Some like it, some do not, but it's a matter of taste. In the winter of 2016 a new series of the game Far Cry Primal was released. Reviews about it turned out not very flattering. What is the reason for this? We will go further.

There's something about it

It is worth saying that the new part of the game did notcall the "fifth". This is due to the fact that the plot is not a continuation of what was before. The story tells about the times that took place more than 12 thousand years ago. Therefore, the game received a different name - Far Cry Primal. Customer feedback immediately flew in the direction of developers. All vied with each other, shouting that this is the usual addition to the fourth part.

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But you need to be objective.Outwardly the project really turned out to be separate, unlike the previous series. Do not forget that he and the plot is not connected with them. Nevertheless, there is a story. It simply begins long before the events that occurred in the third and fourth parts.

What is the difference?

The map for the new game turned out to be huge.Visually, it increases and the fact that now the hero does not have helicopters or jeeps. Yes, he can tame the saber-toothed tiger and ride it to the destination. But remember, because in the previous part you could easily beat a couple of kilometers without any obstacles.

The first hour Far Cry Primal will show you alreadydifference with the fourth series. In just a few hundred steps you will meet an enemy tribe and its archers. But the main danger lies in the wild world. On the way of the hero there will be terrible animals: something resembling a rhinoceros will immediately react to you hostile, so it will try to throw you away. Here and evil badgers, and giant cats with huge mouths, and eagles, parrying over the hero, as if over a victim. In general, the adventure suffices.

Primitive plot

That's what Ubisoft could not handle, so it's withthe plot of Far Cry Primal. Reviews of the players are dissatisfied. Although it is hardly possible to expect an action from the primitive world. Nevertheless, the plot tells of the time after the glacial period. Urus is a beautiful valley, which is full of stocks: berries, nuts, animals. Here also the tribes who for a long time were in the mountains ran.

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The hero is to become the first person whoI could cope with animals. You will become the leader of the village, which will have to be defended in front of enemies and hungry creatures. Although in fact no one needs a plot in Far Cry Primal. Reviews about him though and negative, nevertheless he is not important here. The game has a lot of flaws, which can be scolded for hours.


What immediately catches your eye is terrible.transfer. The tribes in the game speak a fictional incomprehensible language, but their entire speech is accompanied by subtitles. But what? English is not so bad, there are almost no distortions, but here in Russian there is horror. All conversations are reduced to "your my kill you" because of what the atmosphericity of the game is immediately lost. You start to think: whether to cry because of such horror, or to laugh.

But if the language - it's not so bad, that's aboutadditional questions arise questions. There are some details that specifically in this part of the game seem rather strange. For example, a mini-map. It is designed as a navigator, which in itself is absurd considering the primitive world. There is a hero and the ability to track down the enemy when he is behind the shelter. It's something like wallhack in a cop. There is still an incomprehensible hook that allows us to move around like a superhero in the world of Far Cry Primal.

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Reviews of these inaccuracies are still not alwaysnegative. The fact is that after playing a couple of hours, you take all the abilities of the hero himself, which, incidentally, is very useful. If we exclude them, then the game would be too complicated and tedious. So Primal still took some of its details from its predecessors.

A bit of mysticism

Since this is a series of the famous Far Cry game,mystical here is something left. Meet you on the road and a mad shaman who treat drugs, there is a villain Ull who lives by his own rules. In general, the characters, perhaps - the only thing that really helps to delve into the game world. They turned out very believable. Heroes correspond to their time, and developers have worked on their design.

The characters have retained traces of wild life.Someone does not have an eye, but someone has lost an arm. Some burned face or left without ear. It can be seen that the characters have lived in this wild world for more than a dozen years. With all this, the characters are not considered kings of the planet on which they live. Moreover, they are not even at the top of the food chain.


Сейчас трудно найти проекты, которые смогли бы send a gamer so far in the past. It doesn’t count those games that compete to fight dinosaurs and Neanderthals. Many are already rather tired of the themes of the Second World War, the 30-50s of the last century. Shooters and action films began to tire.

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And here the game appears on the horizonsending the hero to fight with wildlife. Of course, it is now clear why the reviews about the Far Cry Primal game are so ambiguous. Someone has already lost the habit of intellectual games, which not only force us to "urinate", but also make us think about our past.

In general, “Yubisoft” was able to cope with the entourage.No super-machines or energy shields for you. Only spears, only hardcore. That's why the new series has stunned all the fans. But who is to blame for the fact that they have misunderstood the description of the game? After all, there is no word that promises a continuation of the famous story. That's the whole point: the whole new world is our past. Far Cry Primal tore up all the existing templates and brought to life those who like to trump new fashionable gadgets.

Do not be afraid, I'm with you

Although the entourage is not a bad deal, it is not the only one.appearance can subdue captious gamer. Before us is a difficult task - to break the world of the Neolithic. It would seem that there is difficult? But the developers were able to spoil the whole picture - they add internal anxiety, panic and fear, inexplicably, by what methods. But this is only if you do not choose the "easy" passage.

The world is changing.Before the hero is all too huge and fanged. We need to tame the saber-toothed tiger, but we are even afraid to get close to him. The difficulty is that each character and strives not only to cripple us, but also to eat us.

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Such cases are not a problem when the hero forbosom Kalashnikov automatic or a pair of ultrasound. But at the disposal of the player only spears and axes. And you also need to try to craft something powerful, or even have to fight with a stick. In this way, it is easy to pull the lovers of shooters from the sky. A sense of danger somehow appears by itself, along with a sense of self-preservation.


Usually dissatisfied reviews about Far Cry Primal (gamefor PC) leave only those who could not penetrate it. Although it is difficult to understand. Imagine if you decided to eat a goat for dinner. Found and killed. While gagging, a wild dog came running and trying to take away your food. You are nailing her too. On such a heap of corpses came vultures, and now they need to be managed.

While fighting with the birds, approaching from the sidewolves. From the last forces fight with them. And this is for one unfortunate goat! But here, it would seem, there are no enemies left on the horizon, when suddenly a prehistoric crocodile crawls out. Yes, perhaps, sofa analysts would have grunted about the not quite reliable habitat. But why taunts fly only in the direction of this series of games?

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If we recall the previous ones, sometimes we wanted toshouting altogether: “I do not believe it!” At first we take a bullet out of our hand with rusty pliers, then we treat the sores with the usual pill. Then we suddenly need some absolutely useless objects on a desert island. Far Cry is an inaccurate project, but just the fifth part of the game turned out to be the most natural.


Despite all the atmosphere above whichthe developers worked, yet there is one major drawback with Far Cry Primal. Feedback about this appeared on the forums more than once. The first hours of the Neolithic world and really frightening. The hero fights, kills, saves and fights again. The player and scary and fascinating. New emotions and unforgettable feelings appear.

But it all goes away after a few hours.Someone is enough and 3, someone can tolerate and 10. Nevertheless, the resulting power ceases to please, the same type of tires. Particularly sad extra job Far Cry Primal. Reviews for PS4 are somewhat different. Apparently, the world is transmitted to console gamers a little brighter. Someone is happy about the unusual approach from Ubisoft, someone likes the gameplay itself. Someone calls on the old engine and monotony with previous versions. But, as they say, how many people, so many opinions.


That turned out to be the game Far Cry Primal.Reviews, ratings, ratings, reviews - all this will help you understand its essence. Some gamers put the game 1 point, someone more generous and can give the project 8-9. The famous site Metacritic collected data and awarded the new part 74 out of 100. At that, 16 reviews were taken into account. Russian journalists analyzed 23 reviews and rendered their verdict - 75 out of 100.

Everyone who was able to plunge into this world, managed andfeel it. Those who expected continuation of this part were deeply mistaken. Obviously, in this case, the game would get the figure "five" and the development of the main plot.

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When the company planned to transfer the franchise toprimitive world, everyone reacted to this with skepticism. Nevertheless, something bold and unusual still happened. Yes, not all players were able to appreciate it: someone regretted the money spent, and someone - the time spent. But Primal has the right to exist.

You can criticize any project.But it's very stupid to do this with regard to video games. You can shout about it and without: there is no plot, there is no washing away, but the mammoths no longer existed. But in relation to other parts of Far Cry, Primal is the most realistic and truthful. Although radically different.