/ How to call a taxi in Samp? "Samp": call services

How to call a taxi in "Sampa"? "Samp": call services

"GTA:San Andreas is one of the most sought-after parts of the well-known series of computer games, which is largely due to the fact that this was the first launch of the multiplayer mode, which naturally caused a real boom among the fans, and many of them still admit only this part, as well as multiplayer, which in many respects differs from the standard understanding of this mode.The whole point is, here the multiplayer mode represents a full life in the city, that is, every player is full It's very exciting, therefore, anyone who has not tried it in this direction should download and install "SAMP." You can talk about this forever, but it's better to concentrate on specific functions, such as, for example, a taxi call, unlike a single player game, everything is not so simple with car theft - you can be punished for this, so a taxi is a very convenient and profitable mode of transport. So you definitely need to know how to call a taxi in "SAMP".

Installing the update

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Unfortunately, in the original version of the taxi game fortrips is not available, so you will need to download a special modification. Only with its help you can learn how to call a taxi in "SAMP". You can not worry - this mod is absolutely legal, it is allowed on most servers of this game, so you can install it without any doubt. To do this you only need to download the necessary files and unpack them into the directory with the game, and then run it. And in the game there will be taxi cars, which you can use for their intended purpose, and not just for the task "Taxi Driver". So, it's time to learn how to call a taxi in "SAMP". Believe me, this skill will be very useful to you in the future.

Calling a taxi in "SAMP"

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San Andreas is quite large, and inmultiplayer mode you will have few opportunities to steal a car. You can buy it only by reaching certain heights, and before that time you will need another means of transportation. Therefore it will be useful to know how to call a taxi in "SAMP". How is this process carried out? To do this, you need to do something like in real life. Become on the roadside, preferably in a fairly busy place, and expect when a yellow taxi car with checkers appears on the horizon. Then you need to start acting - click on the button that is provided for calling a taxi - by default it's Y. The taxi driver will notice you and park next to you, which will allow you to get into the car safely. Well, now you know how to call a car in "SAMP", but what to do with it when you are inside? After all, most players are used to driving a car, not being a passenger.

Instructions to the taxi driver

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At first glance it may seem that the trip toa taxi will cause you trouble. But in fact, everything is quite simple, and you quickly navigate when you are in the car. You will immediately be offered a map of San Andreas, and on it you will need to use the mouse to mark the point where you want to go. More from you nothing is required, which is why this type of transport is so appreciated in the game. Naturally, you can carry weapons inside with you - "SAMP" does not prohibit this. Moreover, you can shoot from the windows of a taxi, but it will not be so easy to do, because there will also be a living person behind the wheel, and this behavior may not like it.

The cost of travel

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All the conventions have already been agreed, it's timetell about the most important thing that interests every player. How much will this pleasure cost? In real life, the cost of a trip depends on how far you are going to go, but here everything is quite different. The game has a fixed cost - $ 15, it can only be changed by high-level members of the city administration, but they become very difficult. In addition, a taxi driver can get twice as much if the passenger asks to go faster. Thus, you get the opportunity to get to the point you need very quickly, but always be sure that you have money with you, as it is very important in "SAMP". The police will not touch you for a "ticket free ride," but the taxi driver can treat you quite cruelly - throw him out of the car during the trip. So it's best to always have enough money to avoid unpleasant situations.

Teams for calling a taxi

Samp Police

The method described above is suitable both for singlegames, and for multi-user mode. But there are also "SAMP" commands with which you can do this operation much faster. You only need to dial the appropriate combination on the command line (namely / call taxi), and the nearest taxi driver will arrive right away. It is much more convenient than waiting for the appearance of the desired machine, plus you save a lot of time. So use the commands if possible, of course, if they are activated on your server.

Teams for the taxi driver

As you know, all the professions in San Andreas are important,so you can also be a taxi driver and carry passengers. To do this, you need to join the appropriate faction, for which you will be given your own car. You will receive income that you will share with management, and you can gradually move up the career ladder. By the way, the team for joining the ranks of taxi drivers is not the only one that is available to you. Also, you get access to a precious team that allows passengers to be thrown out of transport if they are unable to pay the bill. But remember - you need to go to taxi drivers only if you are well-oriented in the city. If you drive a person and get lost, then you can easily lose a premium, salary, car and even work. In San Andreas, all the professions that you can choose are responsible. You will not be able to get settled so that nothing to do, so prepare for the hard work of a taxi driver. But know that this gives you also incomparable advantages, as well as the ability to constantly ride around the city.