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Instructions: how to put on the black list in "Classmates"

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In social networks, we sometimes encounter suchusers, to communicate with which is completely uninteresting, and maybe even more disgusting. These people do not want to show their photos and share news. The benefit of administrators of social networks and provided for this. There are special functions that allow people to be added to the blacklist and thereby restrict their access to their profile. In this article we will talk about how to put on the black list in "Classmates".

How useful is this function?

You can make your communication in a popular Russian social network more comfortable and independently set a list of people who can not view your account. Besides:

  • the user who is in the black list does not have access to your page;
  • write messages, track the news of your page, comment on photos, he also can not.

Where is the blacklist in Odnoklassniki?

In order to get to the list of people whose access to your profile is limited by your initiative, you will need:

  1. Go to your page.
  2. Select the "More" link. It is located in the horizontal menu immediately after your data (name and surname).
  3. Select the "Black list" section.
  4. Before you open a window in which you can see all the undesirable persons, of course, if you have them there.

How to put on the black list in Odnoklassniki?
Where in Classmates

To get rid of the annoying user is very simple. We offer you two ways of blacklisting.

  1. Go to the page of the desired user andSelect the link "Complaints" in the menu located after the avatar. If any of the points are close to you, then put a tick in front of it and tick off the offer for making a person in the emergency situation.
  2. You can use it only in thatIf you have already corresponded with this person. So, go to the "Messages" (vertical orange menu), then, find the correspondence with the desired user and at the top choose the lock icon (crossed circle).

The main difference between the first method and the secondis that you can not easily add a person to the black list. Your visit to his page will be displayed in the "Guests" section. Interested in the question of how to put on the black list in "Classmates", while remaining invisible? The answer is simple - use the second method.

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Removing from a blacklist

How to put on the black list in "Classmates"we have already considered earlier. Now you can learn how to unlock the user, in case you suddenly need to chat with him. Actions are also quite simple. You need to go into the black list and move the cursor to the avatar of the right person. In the menu that appears, select "Unlock" and click on it. Done! Access to your page has been restored to the user.

Here such function provided by the site "Odnoklassniki" will help you to protect yourself from communicating with undesirable users and to spend time in a social network with pleasure.