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How in Warface to change the nickname and how much will it cost?

As everyone knows, in "Warfay"there is a special system - the thing is that you do not play on behalf of your account, as it happens, for example, in Counter Strike. On your account, you create characters that you can then play for fun. Accordingly, each of them you need to name when creating. However, not always the first choice is the most successful. Therefore, from this article you will learn how to change the nickname in Warface.

Change the nickname

as in the warface change the nickname

If you are interested in the question of how in Warfacechange the nickname, then this process will not cause any special problems. You will need to login in the game and go to your personal account - that's where you can easily find the button responsible for the nickname change. After that, choose the character to whom you want to change the name, a new window will open where you can enter a new nickname. However, take your time - the system will first check to see if the game has already registered such a nickname so that there will not be a coincidence. And if everything is in order, then you will only have to reserve the chosen name, so that no one can take it until you pay for the service. As you could already understand, the change of nickname in Warfyus is paid, so you will need to stock up in advance. Now you know how to change the nickname in Warface, but how much does it cost? And how is the payment made? The answers to these questions are extremely important.

How much does it cost to change the nickname

can I change the nickname in the warface

Many gamers are wondering whetherchange the nickname in Warface in general. Now that you know that this procedure is available to everyone, you should find out how much it will cost you. The price for all players is fixed and is 600 credits, so before you change the name, think about whether you need it, and whether you entered exactly the nickname you want. How in Warface is the name cheaper? To do this, you need to participate in the bonus program and reach there at least the fourth rank, so that you get a discount to replace the nickname.

Payment for changing the nickname

Some gamers are in a hurry and make a mistake -they add funds to the account, and then conduct an operation to change the nickname. In this case, there is one important feature in the game - the money is withdrawn from you only after you have completed the application. Immediately after that, all the money that you will put into your account will be redirected to pay for the change of nickname. So do not rush, because those loans that are already in your account, you will not help - they can not be used to change a nickname.