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Why is the black list "VKontakte" intended and how do I use it?

VC.com is the most common resource among users not only in Russia, but also in the countries of the near abroad. The main function of the site is communication, support of relationships with people who are far from you. On the site you can also listen to songs, watch videos and photos. Due to all this, the site "VKontakte" can be considered a great file sharing service. However, despite the full range of services that a social network can provide, you will have access to them only after registration.

For entertainment, for example, while waiting for an answer to themessage, "In Touch" you can install games and applications. The most popular games, such as "Jolly Farmer", are at the top of the top list. By the way, messages with other users can be exchanged not only in private, but also on a so-called wall. All records on it are conducted in the form of microblogging, in the privacy settings you can change some of its parameters.

It is a pity that after all these positivequalities do not see the negative. And he, like in any social network, is here. After all, pages, groups and publics are created not only with good intentions. Some of them can offer any kind of commercial and illegal business, while others do have pornographic content and spam. Of course, as the checks and requests for applications to the administration of the site, with such groups and pages are fought, but this is not done in a day.

Some users deliberately offendother people, humiliate them and expose them to ridicule. How can we avoid all this? For such purposes, the black list of "VKontakte" is intended. At your request, absolutely any user of the social network can get to it. If you add a person to the black list of "VKontakte" person, then:

  • you will not receive any messages from him;
  • he can not in any way view your page;
  • you will protect yourself from negativity.

How to put on the black list "VKontakte"an unpleasant person? Why go to your page and select the action "My settings" on the left of the list - you will see a page with options in front of you. The fourth tab (at the top of the page) is called "Black list / insulator / outcast" - it depends on the language used by you "VKontakte". After clicking on the tab, the black list menu appears before you. If you have no one there, then the field will be empty.

At the very top there will be a window, with the rightside of which is the active button "Add to the black list". You can enter citizens in two ways: name and surname or address of the page. If you use the person's name and surname, then after entering this information in the window you will be presented to all people who have these parameters. In the event that a page link is entered, its owner automatically falls into the list.

How else can you put a person on the black list "ВContact »? For example, use the menu that is directly on its page. To do this, go to the page of the person you are interested in and look at the menu, which is after the list of user's audio records. There will be several entries, one of which is "Add to the black list." It should be noted that this procedure is available only for those users who are not in your friends.

Remove people who are blacklisted"In Contact", also it's easy. However, this procedure is done only in the settings of the page. To do this, each user (on the right side) has the "Remove from the list" function.

And remember that no one by his tactless actions should not interfere with your being on the network: neither spammers, nor representatives of network marketing, nor gross, tactless people.