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How to Improve Desktop Performance for Windows Aero

Users of Windows 7 andWindows Vista, most likely, noticed that they have an option called Windows Aero. This feature allows you to create transparent headers, sketches for applications, minimize all inactive windows with a single mouse click, and much more, which makes working with the computer more attractive and convenient. For the normal operation of this option requires a lot of resources, especially video memory. That's why you should evaluate the desktop performance for Windows Aero. If you find that the computer for such a function is too outdated, you can simplify the interface or update your hardware data.


Desktop Performance for Windows Aero

Aero glass interface comes in fullview in versions of Windows 7, starting with Home Premium, and Vista. It is beautiful, but for some users it may be useless and inconvenient due to the deterioration of computer performance. Of course, you should not expect that after turning off this function the computer will become more powerful and be able to work with the most modern games, however, a certain performance gain will be obtained.

From English the word aero is translated as"air". Windows Aero is a completely new type of windows appearance, including transparency, as well as a 3D effect that appears when they are scrolled through the Win + Tab key combination. Often there is a feeling that the desktop performance for Windows Aero is low, which makes it desirable to get rid of this option.

The interface comes with the theme.By default, after the Windows 7 or Vista operating system is installed, the theme that supports this function will become active. To disable it, you must select some other topic in the personalization settings. In the list, choose a set of basic simplified topics or those that have high contrast. From them you can choose the one that you like. For example, the simplified style of Windows 7 is very similar in appearance to Windows Aero, but there is no transparency used.

Changing the theme affects the look of the windows,used desktop background images, as well as system sounds. You can do differently: leave Aero, but turn off transparency (you can do it directly in the theme settings, there you can also adjust the color settings).

Options out of the situation

How to improve the performance of Windows Aero

We will tell about several ways of howimprove Windows Aero performance. For example, you can go to the visual effects settings. To do this, simply use the search bar of the Start menu and select the item with the same name. After that, you will be prompted to open the "View and Performance Settings" window, in which you can turn off a number of parameters that you do not really need. So, you can uncheck the box on the "Animation" item in the Start menu and taskbar. This will significantly improve the performance of Windows Aero. If you don’t need any visual effects at all, then you can simply choose a simplified style in the "Personalization" item, which you will see if you call the desktop context menu.

There is another fairly good way.improve desktop performance for windows aero. It is allowed to update the drivers for the video card. You do not need to know what kind of video card is on the computer. Simply access the context menu of the “My Computer” shortcut on the desktop, select the “Properties” item, and in the new window find the “Device Manager”. Next you only need to download the latest drivers for your card.

Windows Aero Performance

Another look at the problem

Windows 7 and Vista operating systems receiveda very interesting feature of evaluating desktop performance with the active option Aero. This parameter is unique in that the system displays the results of such a check on the screen. In the end, you will be presented with data showing what is the performance of the desktop for Windows Aero as a whole. You have the opportunity to change the value without using any special programs - the increase is achieved by optimizing the system settings.

Instructions: change the performance of the Windows Aero desktop

Estimates that the system gives you, initiallystored on the hard drive, so you can very simply not only know their values, but also to replace them manually. Follow the path: From: WindowsPerformanceWinSATDataStore. However, to change real ratios, you need to improve computer performance. The Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems are more resource-intensive than their predecessors, so to ensure efficient operation, you can not only apply overclocking of the processor, RAM, and video card, but also purchase new components that would be a better choice.

Windows Aero Desktop Performance


So, now you are not only aware of what desktop performance for Windows Aero is, but also aware of how you can influence it. Good luck!