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We study how to improve the performance of a laptop

Only a few and a half decades ago the word"Laptop" for many associated with a successful entrepreneur, holding a small suitcase - a laptop computer. Since then, much has changed. Now when buying a home computer system, preference is given to compact notebooks. However, the requirements of applications for the performance of hardware components are growing every day, so it's not surprising that even yesterday the top-notch today suddenly turns out to be objectively slow. It is delayed with opening documents, games are slowing down, high-quality video is coming with jerks and so on. As a result, the owner begins to think about how to improve the performance of the laptop.

how to improve laptop performance

Despite the seeming simplicity of thetasks, it can be solved in several ways. Increase the performance of the laptop is allowed to perform by upgrading the hardware of the system, setting and selecting the "right" applications, making changes to the components (overclocking). Since the result and cost of funds in this case are in direct dependence, then each owner chooses the optimal solution for himself how to improve the performance of the laptop.

We replace and add

As a legacy from personal computerslaptops got a modular design principle: the CPU is responsible for the calculations, the graphics adapter is being "processed" by the video adapter, the temporary data is stored in the RAM modules, etc. The main units that directly affect the overall performance include the processor, video card, memory, hard disk . Often people who are looking for an answer to the question of how to improve the performance of a laptop lose sight of the fact that replacing one of the key blocks with a more efficient one allows to "breathe a second life" into the laptop. We can not say what exactly needs to be replaced, since it depends on the range of problems solved on the computer. In general, the procedure is as follows:

  • With the help of diagnostic tools (Aida64,Sandra) or by studying the specification on the laptop manufacturer's website, the parameters of the installed components are determined. It is enough to know the type of processor, video card, hard disk model and the amount of memory modules.
  • Select more efficient solutions compatible with the standard connection to the motherboard.
  • Replace the old components with new ones. With a lack of experience it is recommended to consult a consultant in a computer store.
    improving notebook performance

So, sometimes a trivial increase in the amount of memory seems to remove restrictions on performance. Such modernization is most effective, but involves additional costs.

How to improve the performance of a laptop software method

Very often the cause of slow work isunoptimized programs. For example, the 64-bit Windows operating system of the latest versions installed on a laptop with 2 GB of memory uses for its own work the lion's share of the free volume of the modules. Because of this, other programs are forced to use the swap file, which negatively affects the speed. Therefore, the choice of the version of the system should be given special attention. You can also increase the performance of your hard drive using disk defragmentation. The best results are shown by third-party applications, for example O & O Defrag. We recommend that you study their recommended requirements before starting "heavy" programs and compare them with the configuration of your laptop. Also, you can speed up the work by cleaning the system with CCleaner.

How to improve the performance of your laptop with overclocking

how to improve laptop performance
Unlike stationary computers, mostPortable models do not have built-in capabilities for overclocking components (increasing the default settings with settings). Therefore, the only way to speed things up in this way is to use programs. Overclocking of the video card can be performed in the driver settings or with the help of Power Strip, MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner and so on. After starting, it is necessary to slightly shift the slider of the frequency and check the operability. All such applications have developed background documentation. The CPU can be overclocked with SetFSB and ClockGen. Increasing this way performance, you need to monitor the temperature and prevent overheating: the cooling system is too compact and can not cope with the increased load.