/ How to reduce a photo without loss of quality?

How to reduce the photo without losing quality?

Probably, many faced such a problem, when a photo needs to cut out any particular fragment or reduce the resolution.

reduce photo resolution
This can be done with the help of variousgraphic editors, which will be discussed later. How to reduce a photo without making it blurry? This and much more we now and find out! Be a little patience and perseverance. Remember that it is not necessary to be a professional photographer to take real masterpieces from the pictures. It's enough just to give vent to fantasy.

How to reduce photos using standardgraphic editors? The first and most important rule in working with photos - do not try to master all the functions of special programs at once! This does not mean that you should not try new things and experiment, but you need to do this gradually, step by step. First of all, we'll figure out how to reduce photos with Paint, PaintNet and other standard Windows programs. To do this, you need to decide how to reduce the photo: entirely or in parts. For example, there is a group snapshot, but you only need to leave one particular person, or you accidentally took pictures of extraneous objects.

photo reduction
To correct the photo, you need to usefunction "Select". After selecting the required area with the dotted line, press Ctrl + C to copy, + X - to cut the fragment, + V - to insert the previously copied fragment by default. An easier way: with the left mouse button just drag the selected fragment of the photo to the upper left corner. Then reduce it by moving the borders to the desired size.

How to reduce the photo in size without loss of quality

In the second way, you can reduce the photo resolutionwithout losing its quality. To do this, we use the "Resize" editor function, which can be called by pressing Ctrl + W or by clicking on the special icon located in the upper left corner of the editor just to the right of the "Select" function. In the appeared window you can edit not only the size and scale (in pixels or percentages), but also change the angle of inclination, spread and so on.

Another program for editingphotos is Photoshop CS, with which you can similarly, but more qualitatively change your photos. Photoshop is a program created for professional designers. With its help, you can not just process the photo beyond recognition, for example, making a bad guy "pitching", but also "draw" the image from scratch.

how to reduce photo
The secret of Photoshop is that filters and layers are used to work with photos, on which the image is laid out and by means of which the structure is changed.

Change with its help the size can be exactly the same,as we explained earlier, or by using the "Edit Image" menu, where you will find all the necessary tools. In addition, Photoshop provides the functions of an animation editor, with which you can, using various effects, overlay one photo to another and create a real 3D photo. Get a little imagination and do not be afraid to try new things.