/ How to configure the black list on Android?

How to configure the black list on Android?

black list on android
There are nice calls, and there are not very.Especially if someone calls you who you do not want to hear, and would gladly get rid of this person. Especially for such cases, a blacklist was created. And today you will learn how to organize a blacklist on "Android."

What is a blacklist?

Blacklist is a special function thatthere are almost all models of mobile phones. It was created in order to protect themselves, for example, from calls of hooligans or simply unpleasant people. You can also block advertising calls and newsletters. To address for these purposes to mobile operators is not always effective. It's not that locking will slow down the whole network, but that such actions can be regarded as interference in the privacy of clients. Of course, some operators have such a service after all, but they will have to pay for it. You will today learn about three free ways to create a black list on Android 4.2.

Standard way

This option is not suitable for all ownersphones on "Android". However, it is convenient because it does not require an Internet connection. In addition, as a result, a blacklist subscriber trying to reach you will hear that the subscriber is not available, and not short beeps, as if you were just talking to someone at that moment. The first thing you need to go into the lock mode. Perhaps someone will not need this, but on most models it needs to be done to get access to all call setup functions.

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Go to "Settings", there include "Modeblocking ". Then go back to the desktop and go to the phone. Click on the item" Settings ", then" Call Settings ". Here you will find a long menu in which you need to find two functions:" Call Rejection "and" Call Forwarding ". Call rejection allows you to manage the black list by adding and removing numbers from it. In addition, you can restrict calls from certain regions or from certain telecom operators. Call Forwarding is necessary in order to create the illusion of the lack of a subscriber in the network. at son-in number of the operator from the line “If unavailable,” and insert it into the line “If busy.” If this is not done, the person calling you from the black list will hear only short beeps indicating that you are busy talking to someone else. note again that this way of creating a blacklist on Android is possible only for some phone models, mainly Samsung.


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This method is much simpler than the previous one, and they canenjoy all owners of phones on the platform "Android". You just need to download an additional program to your smartphone. You need to download it from the play-market, and the Blacklist program is the most suitable for permanent use. There are two versions of the program: paid and free. In order to create a black list of numbers on the "Android", the free version will be enough. With it, you can block incoming calls and SMS. It also allows you to create templates for outgoing SMS and automatically respond to incoming calls and messages.


This way to create a blacklist on "Android"despite its uncommonness, it also fits all models of phones with this OS. To do this, you need to download antivirus from the Play-market, for example, Avast! Mobile Security. Come into it after installation. Find the "Filter SMS and Calls" menu. Go to it, click "Create a new group". Choose the days of the week and the time when you do not want to receive calls from certain numbers. Here and choose these very numbers. You can select them from your contacts, from the list of incoming calls, or simply enter them yourself. Blacklist on "Android" is ready. Callers will hear that the subscriber is busy, and SMS will not be displayed. You can see who bothered you by going to the “Journal” section in the same application.