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Where to find career stones in Skyrim, or How to start building a house in the game

Many players are interested in where to find careerstones in skyrim. This resource is needed to start building a house or estate. Without it, no matter how the player tries, he will not be able to bring the idea to life. Skyrim attracts gamers with its capabilities. And construction is one of the options for leisure activities. To avoid problems in this area, it is necessary that the player knows where to extract these or other resources. So what to do with a career stone? Where to get it? And is it possible to somehow gain a resource with a margin?

where to find career stones in skyrim

Hard search

Sooner or later, each player will think about where you can find a career stone in Skyrim. The question, as already mentioned, is important. The answer to it will facilitate the construction of the estate.

The point is that career stones are minedonly in certain places. Just so you can not find them. As well as dial in advance for future use. Therefore, it is not necessary to run around the game map in search. They will not bring results. To think about where to find career stones in Skyrim, will have only after the player buys a plot for the construction of the estate. Until this time, it is useless to search for a resource.


So, the moment came when the player bought a plot for building a house. And here it is found that to continue the process requires a career stone. In what places will it appear on the map?

You won't have to go far.Where to find career stones in Skyrim? After acquiring a plot for an estate you can wander around. Near the future home are mountains. It is in the rocky terrain near the purchased site that the quarry stone will be located.

To mine it will require a pickaxe. Nowhere else is the required resource available. That is, it is basically useless to search it on the map. Is it possible to buy this component of construction somewhere?


The question is difficult.Many resources and items in the game can be purchased from a variety of merchants. And where to find career stones in "Skyrim"? It has already been said that they can be obtained independently. With the purchase is much more complicated.

Where can I find a career stone in Skyrim

Why? Career stone is not for sale.But you can buy it. Or rather, the ruler. He offers to buy ready-made models of houses. Then it will only work a little on the internal situation. But he does not sell career stones separately.

Accordingly, several options - or a playerhe himself is scouring the rocks near the site in search of a resource, or is buying a ready-made house from a ruler who does not require any additional components, only money.

Понятно, где найти карьерные камни в "Скайриме".In fact, everything is not so difficult. The main thing is to carefully examine the mountains and rocks near the purchased plots, and also not to think about the process ahead of time.