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Coffee in Bavarian: recipe, ingredients. Game "Coffee house"

In the game "Coffee House" there are many interesting dishes,which attract visitors, and one of them is considered coffee in Bavarian. The recipe for this drink was concealed from the very beginning of the project's appearance, and users, who found the necessary ingredients by experiment, carefully concealed the composition. Now the game has become so popular that many gamers began to spread it in their blogs. The complexity of cooking does not decrease, but knowledge about the process will greatly simplify the overall task.

Description of the game

"Coffee House" - a game for mobile devices in the genresimulator. It provides for the establishment of its coffee establishment and its development. This business is not easy, and you have to constantly do something new to attract customers. Developers have provided players with a large arsenal of interaction with the interface. First of all, it concerns the decoration of the internal view of the establishment. It can be issued in any of the styles, whether it's French elegance or oriental minimalism. Secondly, it concerns the preparation of drinks. The number of recipes has already exceeded a hundred, and new ones are constantly appearing. It is worthwhile to experiment and look for the perfect menu for your visitors.

coffee bavarian recipe

Coffee in Bavarian in reality

To create it in virtuality, you shouldremember the real ingredients of coffee in Bavarian. The recipe provides, first of all, the preparation of any standard beverage from grains. Suitable espresso or americano, maybe another similar drink. In the standard form, the Bavarian recipe has a creamy mass and is a real dessert. After cooling the coffee, pour a little water and fill it with gelatin. Next, the boiled yolk must be mixed with the powdered sugar and placed in a mug. All this mass should be poured into a saucepan and add to it milk. When boiling, you must constantly stir the drink, so that the yolks do not fold. After the drink reaches a more dense mass, it can be removed from the fire and add dissolved gelatin to it. After cooling, coffee will be ready in Bavarian. The recipe is complex only in words, and after several preparations a person will be able to do it constantly and for a short period.

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Tips before cooking

Of course, the ingredients in the game do not require as muchattention, how much is the process of preparing coffee in real life in Bavarian. "Coffee house" - the project with the interface is not so developed to allow the player to participate independently in all cooking. To begin with, it is necessary to understand whether it is worth including such a drink in the menu and at what stage of the institution's development it is done. Its price will not be low because of the complexities of the recipe, and therefore the first customers will not want to buy it. As the business project progresses, the user himself will feel that non-player characters can most of all buy and thereby make a profit. That's when you should supplement the menu at the peak of popularity. This will be a good move for the rapid rise of the cafe to a new level.

coffee ingredients in Bavarian in the game coffee house

Gathering the ingredients

If the user does not know what is included in the coffeein Bavarian, then you should listen to professional advice. This is not the standard method of testing, because you can spoil a large number of different products. The real recipe is also not worth trying to reflect in the project, because it is not implemented such ingredients of coffee in Bavarian in the game "Coffee House". Following the logic, the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate syrup. Coffee in Bavarian is considered a real dessert for gourmets, so you can not do without additional sweets. Lemon will add sour taste, so that it is not too sugar drink. Grated chocolate is needed in order to create a beautiful appearance. They can lay out any pattern and make the visitors happy. The last step is to prepare the American as the basis on which this coffee will be made.

how to prepare coffee in bavarian

Preparation of American

Before cooking, briefly put coffee asidein Bavarian. The recipe provides for the creation of a standard American coffee drink with a lot of water. Common portions have a little more than a hundred milligrams, where two of the three parts are occupied by water, and the rest is ground grain. To create a similar coffee in the game, we approach the beverage dispenser and begin to introduce the ingredients. The creators of the project took care that espresso and americano did not differ too much. In the car there is a filter with fresh ground grain, through which water is passed and enters the mug. For American water, you need three times more than a normal serving. The interface is intuitive, and he will tell you where and what settings need to be done.

what is included in coffee in Bavarian

Other recipes Americano

In addition to the usual drink, you can use somethingmore interesting for making coffee in Bavarian. The recipe provides for the use of an automatic machine for cooking. It allows users to create American with the addition of all kinds of delicious ingredients. For example, you can make a honey drink that requires the addition of chocolate syrup and the same honey liquid. Another excellent basis can serve French coffee. For him, you just need to add grenadine to the water, and then it will be a favorite dish of the most picky inhabitants of Western Europe. Not less attention deserves coffee with lemon, cinnamon, milk, cream and other delicious and sweet ingredients.

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Mix everything together

Now that the elected American is ready, you canstart to learn how to make coffee in Bavarian. Go to the machine gun character and click on it to use it. A familiar interface will open, if this is not your first login. Here we go to the recipes tab, where you can choose products. Take the cooked American and add to it immediately syrup. The third ingredient is a lemon for whipping and reducing the sugar level. At the end, chocolate is sprinkled, finely grated, and eventually we take coffee in Bavarian. Now all your employees will be able to learn this kind of work in order to treat visitors in the future. Having such a drink in the menu and adding a competent interior design is considered the key to the success of the institution. Of course, it is necessary to take into account other moments of influence on the gameplay. There can be an inspection, the client's desire to leave his wishes and their fulfillment. In addition, one recipe to attract all will not succeed. It is necessary to constantly add new positions to the menu and to please the regular visitors.

General Tips

In addition to the development of the institution,campaign. "Coffee house" is a game with great opportunities, and that's why a variety of difficulties can arise in the process. Most often gamers are faced with the problem of the impossibility of switching to a new chapter. There can be three most common reasons. Check out the visitor's book, and if there are exclamation marks there, then it's worth fulfilling the requirements. If one of the characters wants to talk to the player, then continue the campaign also does not work. In addition, watch the conversations of visitors, because if one of them has promised to continue his story at another time, then you will have to wait for his next visit. Talk to him as soon as this guy or girl comes around for the second time. Then you can listen to the story and move on in the game.