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How to increase FPS in Minecraft with built-in tools and side modifications?

This article will describe several ways aboutHow to increase FPS in Minecraft. Not everyone has a powerful computer, and therefore the game sometimes freezes. After doing some manipulation, it will be realistic to reach 30-40 FPS even on a PC that can not boast of its characteristics.

Obvious advice

Change the graphics settings to low - this is the mostthe first thing any player should try, and this advice is applicable not only to Minecraft. Go to the game menu and change each parameter; Do not reduce everything, act gradually. Watch the speed of the picture after editing each item.

how to increase FPS in Minecraft

Detailed description of graphic settings

Graphics: changes the rendering type (rendering). If you set the parameter to the lowest, some objects will turn off transparency, and they will appear as simple square blocks.

Render Distance:players often call this parameter the range of drawing. The higher its value, the greater the distance will be visible in the picture, and with it a larger number of objects. If your computer has little RAM, safely set this setting to minimum.

Smooth Lightning: responsible for rendering shadows. When you turn on the shadows will be more realistic.

Performance:here it is always desirable to set the value of "Max FPS". It is especially recommended to leave this parameter in this form if you are looking for the answer to the question: "How to increase FPS in Minecraft on a laptop?" - because often in such devices the parameters of the video card are underestimated for better energy saving.

Advanced OpenGL: for ordinary users, the explanation of this point will be incomprehensible. Just know, when you turn it on, the load on the video system increases.


Если повысить производительность снижением settings failed, you will have to install a third-party modification, since it's easier to increase FPS in Minecraft. It is recommended to use the Optifine mod. It can be found on any resource dedicated to the game.

how to boost FPS in Minecraft on a laptop

After downloading, run the installer and click"Install". Wait until the operation is complete. Now open the game launcher and select the profile with the name "Optifine" in it. Done, you can start creating peace.

How to increase FPS in Minecraft, if Optifine did not help?

Try to update Java.The game is written in this language, so the old version of the libraries can significantly reduce performance. Also remember that for a 64-bit operating system, it is not desirable to install 32-bit libraries.

If the game starts to not work correctly notimmediately, and after some time, the answer to the question of how to increase the FPS in Minecraft will be this: just restart your PC. A computer that works for a long time may stop clearing the swap (swap partition), and because of this, the performance of the game will decrease.