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An example of how to conduct job interviews

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Today, to find qualified personnel is not sojust. When recruiting for work, even the best specialist tries to seem even better to get this position. Everyone wants to pass an interview for work. An example of this occurs at every step. People come up with experience and skills that they do not own. Very frequent disappointment in the selected shots makes you think about how to conduct an interview during employment, so that then do not regret your choice. Here are some simple tips.

Another's experience

In the world, there are several practices of howconduct an interview when hiring in different countries. For example, in Britain it is important to hold an interview, in which the applicant is required to answer private questions, for example about family traditions, and to tell almost the entire biography. The Germans pay more attention to purely documents, they must make recommendations from various high-ranking officials and officials. Before they invite a person for an interview, the selection will be held by his documents on a serious commission. In America, everything is simpler, and does not do without tests. The emphasis is on human development potential, his ambitions and confidence in his own abilities. And, for example, in China, to get a job, you need, like at school, to pass a written exam. These are all special cases that are not inherent in our mentality, so we will discuss a few general tips on how to conduct an interview during employment.

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General Tips

Conduct job interviewsBetter together. The first person should be a psychologist or simply an experienced employee from the human resources department, and the second person should be a leader or simply an expert in the area where a person is accepted. The job interview can proceed according to the following plan.

  1. To begin with, arrange for yourself an interlocutor, ask a few questions on abstract topics. See how the applicant responds.
  2. Holding in his hands a summary, ask some generalquestions, the answers to which you know. Look at the respondent's reaction. This behavior you will later use as a marker of his lies or truthful answers to other questions.
  3. Ask a few questions about ambitions. Ask about what a person sees himself in 5 years, which he plans to achieve in life.
  4. Ask strictly professional questions about his knowledge of the vacancy, drawing on his work experience. It is important to check if the person has exaggerated his skills.
  5. In conclusion, ask the competitor to ask his questions and leave further information, promising to call back, for example.

This job interview happens all over the place, although there may be special cases.

Based on Western companies

interview for work example

Today in the fashion non-standard approaches to selectionstaff. If you already know how to conduct an interview when hiring, then you can treat this as an ordinary joke. Sometimes, especially in Western companies, the employer still wants to test how the employee behaves in a stressful situation, how he will be able to react to non-standard behavior. And here are the options: you can suddenly speak in another language, loudly fart or ask another employee to arrange a scene of his dismissal right in the office with a loud scandal. In any case, you will see a real person reaction. After all, he has been ready for many of your questions for a long time and typical interviews took place many times, and he does not expect this, therefore, the reaction will be the most honest and adequate. Perhaps, and this option is worth a try.