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How is the image of the manager formed?

Formation of an individual image servespledge of successful work. The leader in business is the key figure. According to him, the whole company is judged. Therefore, the image of the manager should be carefully thought out.

The image of a person is formed during life. It is influenced by the following factors:

  1. Education. Parents in their childhood lay down standards of behavior and individual characteristics.
  2. Acquired experience. Over time, the accumulated information affects the image of a person. This experience lays the foundation for professional style and creates the image of a manager.

image of the manager
Formation of the manager's image begins withimprove their appearance. In order should be the hair, teeth, nails, skin. An observant person in costume, hairstyle and make-up can draw a conclusion about personal characteristics. Therefore, the appearance should always be neat. Make-up must match the type of person and be as natural as possible. When choosing clothes, pay attention to:

  • a soft color scheme that harmonizes with external natural data;
  • special cut, emphasizing the dignity of the figure and hiding flaws;
  • The business style of clothing, reflecting the scope of activities;
  • modern accessories that will make the image complete (ties, gloves, hats, watches, purses, briefcases, folders, etc.).

To the image of the manager was worthy, you need to be able to combine the elements of clothing and accessories.

If a person does not taste, then you can refer to stylists and image-makers.

image formation
The formation of the image is also influenced byprofessionalism and communicative competence. The manager must respond promptly to changes in the economic situation, make informed decisions. A professional of his business always knows how to listen to partners, object, ask questions, use sign language, facial expressions, restrain emotions, and build negotiations.

The image of the manager must meet the expectationssubordinates. Then they, trying to be like a leader, will develop and grow professionally. Also, the individual style sets the norms of relations in the team: a positive image reduces the number of conflict situations and harmonizes the communication of workers among themselves. Formation of the image in this case can take place in two ways: purposefully or spontaneously:

  1. Purposeful way. This is a natural process.The leader is himself and gradually develops his business image. In this case, the manager only needs constant self-improvement in a professional way.
  2. Spontaneous way. It is an active formation of the image with the help of a certain "mask", which corresponds to the type of corporate culture. This style is not always close to the personality of the manager himself.

business image
The image of the manager is created for years, and to lose ityou can overnight. Therefore, at work, you must always be well dressed and combed. It is also important to restrain emotions, communicate politely and constantly improve their professional skills.