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A headhunter is ... A headhunter is a description of the profession, duties and characteristics

Who is a headhunter? What does he do?It is a profession that has appeared relatively recently. Headhunter is an employee whose job duties include finding suitable candidates that meet the requirements of the client (employer). The work involves selecting the best candidates during the job interview and discussing a number of issues related to this. This is a kind of employment agent, which has a wide range of powers.

headhunter is

"Head hunter"

Who is a headhunter?Translated from English, this word is translated as "bounty hunter". And, indeed, among the duties of the representative of this profession is the search for the most suitable specialists for certain positions. The main skill is the ability to understand people.

A professional headhunter is an excellentcommunicator, who knows how to win people's trust. He is persuasive, persistent and at the same time patient. A headhunter is an employee who creates the impression of an intelligent person who can cope with pressure. It is a flexible, adaptable and mature personality, as well as a talented negotiator who has good organizational skills and administrative skills.

headhunter summary

Executive recruiter

A headhunter is a corporation or an individual,which provides recruitment services for employment. He is hired by firms to find people who meet the specific requirements of the employer. In other words, it is an executive recruiter engaged in the selection of candidates based on their skill level, thereby speeding up the hiring process between the employer and the potential candidate.

profession of headhunter

Headhunter: description of the profession

  • Develop and implement a purposeful research strategy.
  • Research clients of the company, competitors and the market.
  • Tracking and identifying potential candidates through various channels.
  • Qualifying evaluation of candidates.
  • Conducting confidential conversations, the subsequent verification of the reliability of the data.
  • Drawing up a short list of candidates.
  • Follow up with clients and help with the adaptation process.
  • Possession of specificity in a certain field of knowledge (specialized branch or position).
  • Research work.

headhunter description of the profession

What to expect from the profession of a headhunter?

The work is mostly of an office nature, but at the same timeAt the same time, some meetings with clients and conducting interviews with candidates can be held outside the office. Hedhunter is a job counselor, who is hired by the organization. He can be a freelancer. In any case, it should be an expert who has expertise in one area or another. Travel during the working day may be necessary for meeting with customers. It is possible to work abroad if it is a question of the tourism industry or large companies that have foreign affiliates.

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Responsibilities of the executive recruiter

  • Decision of personnel tasks by attracting and evaluating candidates for work.
  • Advising managers on the staffing.
  • Managing the movements and drawing up an internship program.
  • Working with sources such as institutionseducation, recruitment and recruitment agencies, media and Internet sites that provide information on applicants and potential candidates for certain positions.
  • Study the description of work and improve the level of skills.
  • Involvement of applicants by placing vacancy announcements.
  • Identification of the applicant's qualification in the interview, analysis of the answers and verification of the data.
  • Organization of a job interview (if necessary, questions about travel, accommodation, meals, escort of a group or an individual candidate).
  • He carefully studies the headhunter resume and assesses the applicants in accordance with official requirements.
  • Conducting interviews with candidates for an agreed set of qualifications.

headhunter than he does

Qualities of a professional headhunter

The profession of a headhunter implies a deepunderstanding of recruiting processes, excellent knowledge and focus on market conditions, trends, best practices. Important qualities are business acumen, the ability to conduct effective negotiations, the ability to work with several priorities, the ability to solve problems, ambitions and determination, tenacity and self-confidence. An important is the ability to work in a team and creativity.


Who is a headhunter?

How to translate this word, discussed above. Let's talk, what kind of profession is a headhunter? What does he do?

It is an expert who acts as aintermediary between the employer and the potential employee. Usually the headhunter deals with specialists of a higher level. While a typical recruiter is involved in the selection of those candidates who are themselves engaged in finding a job, the headhunter deals with advanced highly qualified specialists who already have many other beneficial offers.

Sometimes the task of the "bounty hunter" isto entice really valuable employees to their side. Which first of all draws attention headhunter resume? First of all, the information that characterizes the applicant as a first-class specialist in a certain field. Experience in the requested specialty is also welcomed.


Hypothesis headhunter

  • A diplomat and a psychologist are those who possess the gift of persuasion and see a person through and through.
  • The seller and analyst is the one who sells not only his goods, but also the brand of his organization, and also analyzes the labor market and its current trends.
  • A marketer and communicator is someone who is able to win the mind and heart of the right specialist through a variety of techniques, including not entirely honest ones.
  • The adviser is the one to whom the recommendation is even listened to by the management team, since it is from the successful presentation of the headhunter that the high-quality staff is formed.

Headhunter, when it comes to the presentthe professional of his business, must necessarily have systemic thinking, as well as the ability to analyze the data and draw the appropriate conclusions. Often, it is the specialists in the technical field of knowledge that become excellent "bounty hunters", unlike the humanities.

However, only technical knowledgeis not enough. An important role is played by intuition, the talent of the communicator and the exceptional insight of the psychologist. In addition, the main personal qualities of a headhunter should be courage, assertiveness, strong will. Only by owning all this combat arsenal, you can go "on the hunt."