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The pharmacist - who is this? Duties of the pharmacist

Each of us from time to timevisit pharmacies. However, few of us understand what profession the people work for them. Perhaps you will say that they are pharmacists. But it is not so. Along with the pharmacist, the pharmacy also employs a pharmacist. Who is this, what is his duty, and what is his difference from other related specialties, we will try to find out today. We also learn about how to become a professional in this field and on what salary you can expect at the same time.

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The pharmacist - who is this?

In short, we can say that a personprofession is a specialist with a higher pharmaceutical education and working in the storage, production and sale of drugs. What is the meaning of the word "pharmacist"? From Latin, this word translates as "harnessing" or "foreseeing."

In many countries of the world, it has long been a pharmacistcalled any pharmacy worker. However, today this profession is represented by several specializations: pharmacists-technologists (engaged in the manufacture of medicines), pharmacists-analysts (control the quality of medical drugs) and others. In addition, the duties of these workers may include checking the work of pharmacies, monitoring the release of medicines. Today, pharmacists are also called employees who organize and coordinate the wholesale trade in pharmaceuticals. In general, the range of positions for which a graduate can count is quite broad: the marketer of medicines, the pharmacist or medical store pharmacist, the certification and licensing specialist, the medical representative, the sales manager for pharmaceuticals and others.

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If you are interested in the profession of a pharmacist,training can be done in many Russian medical universities. You can work on this specialty only having a higher pharmaceutical education. It should also be borne in mind that if a diploma was received more than five years ago, then it will be necessary to undergo refresher courses. At the same time, the certificate of the pharmacist will cost employees of private and commercial companies a round sum, since such training in our country is free only for employees of the municipal and state spheres. As a rule, many drugstore chains and other organizations offer candidates to take advanced training courses at the company's expense when hiring. However, in this case, the specialist will have to conclude a contract with the company immediately for several years without the possibility of early termination.

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Variety of profession pharmacist

As already mentioned, today for specialistsThis area has a large number of activities, depending on which the range of responsibilities of employees differs. We propose to focus on the main specializations.

Clinical pharmacist - who is this?

Today we are seeing a steady increase in the share offinished medicines, as well as nomenclature of over-the-counter products. In addition, there is a tendency to increase the number of self-treatment cases. In connection with this, an increasing number of specialists are engaged in advising people on the proper use of medicines: time, dosing, combination with other drugs and food, storage conditions, etc. Such a pharmacist is carried out by a clinical pharmacist. This is a specialist who is familiar with the main types of medical documentation, clinical and general syndromology of common diseases. Such an employee should possess the basic methods of laboratory, clinical and instrumental examinations of the patient, as well as the principles of interpreting their results.

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Hospital Supervisor

These specialists work in multidisciplinaryhospitals and purchase medicines. In close cooperation with the doctor, the hospital pharmacist optimizes drug therapy for patients, as well as carries out drug monitoring and informs the medical staff about the peculiarities of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new drugs entering the pharmacy network of the hospital.

Clinical Research Specialist

Such an employee is also a pharmacist, dutieswhich include the following: participation in preclinical research and clinical testing of drugs, as well as other areas of research. He is an indispensable assistant physician in the planning and implementation of tests of various drugs.

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Provisional laboratory assistant

Due to the fact that duringpharmaceutical department in the university, the student acquires fundamental knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, as well as skills in working with modern laboratory equipment, after graduating from the university, he can work in laboratories engaged in clinical and biological research.

Medical representative of the pharmaceutical company

Perhaps many of us, wondering"Pharmacist - who is this," is unlikely to think about specialists engaged in marketing and trade promotion of certain medications. In the meantime, it really is. A medical representative of pharmaceutical companies is one of the specialties of the profession of pharmacist, and these people are engaged in the promotion of medicines in pharmacy chains and hospitals, and organize conferences and roundtables on the effects of drugs produced by the firm in which they work.

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Product manager, marketing specialist of the pharmaceutical company

Specialists of this profile are engaged in collecting and analyzing information on expanding the range of products of the pharmaceutical company, competitors' activity, marketing strategies, etc.

Advantages of the profession

Among specialists in this field is very difficultmeet people who are disappointed in their choice of profession. Rather, on the contrary - most of them consider their work prestigious, promising and interesting. After all, first of all, this profession belongs to the socially oriented. In addition, new products of both domestic and foreign production are constantly appearing on the pharmaceutical market today, as well as new approaches to the treatment of various diseases. This encourages pharmacists to constantly improve their skills and expand the field of knowledge. In addition, this specialty provides an opportunity for a wide range of exciting and well-paid work with the prospects for further career growth.


Today, applicants medical universities in choosingSpecialties, first of all, are interested in whether their work will be well paid. A pharmacist can certainly count on a decent salary. So, graduates of universities can initially claim a salary in the amount of 400-500 dollars. After the young specialist gains some experience, he may well expect a salary of 700-1000 dollars. Pharmacists in senior positions, as well as those who have gone into marketing, earn between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000 per month.