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Profession "communication engineer": duties, job description and features

In the age of modern technology, when radio andstationary phones are used less and less, they were replaced by cellular communications, the Internet and digital television. In these conditions, a new and very popular profession in Russia - the communications engineer - enters the labor market.

It is a mistake to believe that the profession of "communicator" is nothas evolved with the development of technology. People working in this field of activity are no longer simply able to lay telephone cables, climb poles or monitor the switch. A modern engineer, the communication designer must know the basics of design and have an idea of ​​the programming interfaces. He should not only know in theory how to create and maintain telecommunications lines, but also be able to apply all these data in practice.

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A bit of history

It is believed that for the first time the profession of "signalman"emerged with the ubiquitous discovery in the late 19th century of telephone exchanges. People working for them had to ensure the construction of new lines and the uninterrupted operation of equipment. Appeared not only the profession of a signalman, but also an attendant, who preferred to recruit young and educated girls.

With the discovery of 1888 begins its historywireless connection. This year, they invented a method for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic radio waves. Already in 1896 A.S. Popov unveiled an experiment in which the first information was transmitted for a distance of 250 meters, and after several years the production of the first equipment was arranged.

Now the communication sphere has a large number of professions, one of which we will consider in more detail.

Professional training

In order to be able to work in the field of telecommunications, it is necessary to obtain higher education at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. Suitable specialties, for example, are:

Upon admission, you must be ready to learnmathematical disciplines (mathematical analysis, programming, etc.), subjects in communication theory (engineering and computer graphics, electronics, etc.). Education in the university allows you to choose a permanent place of work already on the 4-5 course, through practical training. As a rule, technical departments in these educational institutions work closely with large companies to provide communication services and send their students to practice there.

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Spheres of work

Students receiving a diploma in the specialty"Communication engineer", can easily take the opportunity to settle, for example, in multimedia service providers (real-time data transmission, Internet broadcasting or videoconferencing), in large factories and mills, in the business sector. And of course they will be in demand in companies providing communication services (such as broadcasting or Internet and cellular service providers). They will also be useful in the field of information technology and communications.

The possibilities of self-realization are unlimited for a graduate, since the communicators are found in the most diverse sectors of the economy:

  • Telephone industry.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Mail and telegraph.
  • Power engineering.
  • Production and design of household appliances.
  • Research and development.

Naturally, this list is far from complete.It is very difficult to recall the sphere of activity where modern technologies related to communication have not yet been used. Practically any direction of modern life is closely connected with the reception or transmission of certain information.

Common features of the profession

So what does a communications engineer do? In general, the duties look like this:

  • Installation of linear-cable structures and equipment.
  • Operation of this equipment and facilities.
  • Optimization of the development of communication networks.

In general, the competence of communication engineers iseverything without which communication is impossible - from connecting the Internet and creating local networks, to making telephone communications and installing various equipment (for example, satellite antennas).

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For successful work in this field of activity, you must have the following personal qualities:

  • Accuracy.
  • Patience.
  • Attentiveness.
  • Creativity.
  • Learning.

The last of these qualities is very important, since the current rates of development of communication technologies require constant improvement from specialists in this field.


A cellular communications engineer in the present circumstances mayto expect a fairly high level of wages. Wages are related to the difference in demand for specialists in this field and the availability of communication engineers in the labor market. This allows people with this education to easily find a suitable and well-paid job. But no one canceled the wage differentiation depending on the work experience and the region of residence.

Так, инженер связи в Москве может рассчитывать на wages in the amount of 25,000 to 30,000 rubles. Employers offer this payment to applicants with higher technical education and work experience of one year. In St. Petersburg with the same conditions, you can expect to pay for work from 22 to 26 thousand rubles. In Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and Chelyabinsk will offer from 13 to 15 thousand.

Communications Engineer

A higher level of wages will be offeredsubject to a work experience of two years and knowledge of Cisco equipment and selected types of automatic telephone exchanges. You will also need knowledge of English, which is required for the study of technical documentation. In this case, the communications system engineer can expect to pay up to 48,000 in Moscow, up to 40,000 in the northern capital, and up to 25,000 in other regions.

Если же у соискателя опыт работы более трех лет, and he has certificates of professional compliance, you can claim salary in Moscow about 70,000, in St. Petersburg - 60,000, and in Russia about 35-40 thousand rubles. It is highly appreciated the experience of working in managerial positions, as well as the ability to create telecommunications networks from scratch.

Career opportunities

Despite the demand for communication specialistsand relatively high wages, this specialty can not be attributed to the professions with rapid career growth. In medium-sized companies, usually a very limited number of people whose positions are at the same level in the management hierarchy are engaged in providing communications. Therefore, salary increase here is more likely to depend on an increase in work experience or advanced training, and not on a change of position to a higher one.

In large companies with promotion by servicethe stairs are much simpler. The great advantage of working in them is the high possibility of career growth, both in the horizontal and in the vertical direction.

What you need to know to be successful in the profession?

Of course, the required skills and abilities depend on the choice of the company and the area where the work is planned, but there is certain knowledge required in any company.

In large organizations, there is a division by specialization, and the required skills are entirely dependent on the position held.

As for small organizations, hereA communications engineer must be a generalist and do all the work, if not independently, then within a very limited team. This requires significant skills and abilities from the specialist.

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Required skills for working in a small company

Know the software used at the station where you plan to work. It would be nice to know a few different options for software interfaces.

To be able to find damage on the line usingfor example, a reflectometer. Extend cable with clutches. Embroider cabinets (places of information telephone cables). Installation equipment and diagnosis of damage to this equipment. Well versed in the drawings and diagrams. Be able to use ip-network equipments.

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In any case, not onlyrequired skills, but also something that a communications engineer should directly perform. Responsibilities prescribed in the job description, usually consist in planning, developing and installing the telephone network, installing, setting up and maintaining equipment. They also prescribe control over the operation of the devices, ensuring the quality of the established communication and trouble-free operation of the equipment. In addition, the instructions of the communication engineer may contain requirements regarding interaction with telecom operators. The topics of negotiations can be: the quality of the services provided, the tariffs used, reporting.

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Who will suit this profession?

It is believed that the profession of a communications operator moresuitable for men, but with the development of modern technology, this specialty is increasingly chosen by the representatives of the weaker sex. So, according to a study conducted in 2010 from all job seekers as a communications engineer, 18% were girls. In the age range, the work in the profession of “communication engineer” is more often sought by young people (up to the age of 35) with a special higher education.