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Work on a cruise liner: reviews, the whole truth. How to get a job on a cruise liner

Which of us did not dream of traveling as a child?About distant seas and countries? But one thing - to relax and admire the beauty of floating places, making cruise tours. And quite another - to be on a ship or liner as an employee. Perhaps someone will ask: "What has changed?" The opportunity to make trips remained, contemplation of beautiful landscapes and sights - also, in addition, more and good money can be earned.

work on a cruise liner reviews the whole truth

But if it were all so simple.In fact, it turns out to be not quite as rosy and cloudless work on a cruise liner. Reviews, the whole truth, about which you do not even guess, may force you to reconsider your desire to work here. And maybe, and vice versa, having learned all the details, you will finally become stronger in your decision.

"The ship from yesterday's newspaper"

In the Soviet Union at one time was very popular song:

"I was talking about the seas and corals,

I wanted to eat turtle soup,

I stepped onto the ship,

And the boat was from yesterday's newspaper ... "

What is behind the words "working on a cruise liner"?Reviews, the whole truth of which has nothing to do with the picture that the person draws to himself, will open the veil of uncertainty before you. First you need to know about the features of this kind of work. Who can get a job on cruise tours? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the work? What are the cruise company's requirements for applicants? But let's start with what is a cruise tour.

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On the green surface of the sea

Some believe that this type of recreation requireshuge cash investments and is only available to people with a solid bank account. This luxury can still afford some young couples, as a honeymoon.

In fact, a cruise can make a man with an average income. Cruise company, which now exists a huge number, will pick up the tour, focusing on your preferences and finances.

The opportunity, without wasting time on flights,look at different countries, it is worth it to make such a trip at least once in life. The cost of the tour usually includes: accommodation on board the liner, meals, medical services, entertainment programs, sports. Additional services for which you need to pay extra separately may include: spa procedures, hairdressers and beauticians, masseurs and fitness instructors. Experienced team and qualified staff will do everything to make the holiday really unforgettable.

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Basic requirements for employees

Employers present fairly tough requirements to job seekers on cruise liners. These include:

  1. The age of the applicant is 21 years and not older than 35 years.
  2. Knowledge of foreign languages, at least one. Most often English. If you know other languages ​​besides it, it will significantly increase your chances of being recruited.
  3. Work experience in the field is at least one year.
  4. The presence of a letter of recommendation from the place of work for which you are applying.
  5. A person should be completely healthy.
  6. Pleasant appearance, no tattoos and piercings in open spaces.
  7. No criminal record and a certificate confirming this fact.

How to get a job on a cruise liner

  • First of all it is necessary to apply to a recruiting agency or a cruise company for the selection of vacancies.
  • Next is the process of collecting the necessary documents,you will be given a list. Usually it includes: a resume with photos, a certificate of criminal record, letters of recommendation, copies of a diploma of education and a passport.
  • It is necessary to pay a registration fee and for the work of the agency.
  • Then you are told about the date of the interview. They come in two forms: via Skype and in person.
  • Take a test of knowledge of the English language.
  • Now you need to go through a medical commission.
  • If all the tests are passed successfully, you are contracted for a period of 6 months to a year.

General rules of conduct on a cruise liner

In each work there are certain requirements that can not be violated. There are also here. Workers on a cruise liner should not do the following things:

  • Rude passengers or their colleagues or insult them.
  • To treat their duties negligently and poorly.
  • Gather in groups of several people and not pay attention to passengers.
  • Buy alcohol in bars for passengers.
  • Sleep during the working day, late for work and truant.
  • Talk with passengers about the tip.
  • Do not pay attention to your appearance and neatness of clothes.
  • Smoking in places not intended for this.

For violation of one or two of the above requirements, the employee shall be issued a warning in writing. If the rules are ignored more times, the person is fired.

In some cases this happens immediately. Such violations include: fight, theft, drinking alcohol during work, drug possession.

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Types of professions offered

If you do not have a special education, chooseyou are small. You can get only a waiter, assistant or cleaner. In all other cases, special education is required. Who can work on a cruise ship? In addition to service personnel, employees are required from the entertainment industry: animators, musicians, photographers, etc. Let us consider in more detail several types of professions.

  • Work as a nurse on cruise ships.Responsibilities will include rendering first aid to passengers. Knowledge of English and work experience from one to two years, letters of recommendation are required.
  • Work as a cook on a cruise ship. Experience, preferably in restaurants, is required. Education should be culinary.
  • The work of the maid on a cruise ship.If you have no experience, you may not be hired for this job. Your duties will include cleaning the cabins, taking out the garbage and controlling the cash flow of personal care products.

The advantages of these professions

  1. A good opportunity to earn decent money.
  2. The opportunity to see new cities and countries.
  3. No need to spend money on food and accommodation on a cruise ship.
  4. The ability to travel for free for a long time.
  5. New acquaintances with interesting people.
  6. Constant feeling of the holiday.
  7. By the end of your contract, you can save a good amount, because spending on board will be the most minimal for you.
  8. Free medical care and form.
  9. Getting invaluable work experience and recommendations that can be useful when choosing a new place of work.

how to get a job on a cruise ship

Disadvantages of the profession

If you want to travel the world and at the same timealso make money, then before making such a decision, weigh the pros and cons. You already know about the advantages that work on a cruise ship gives. Reviews, the whole truth of which will help you to get acquainted with the negative side, will make your choice more conscious. It is not for nothing that they say that the one who owns the information owns the world.

  • You have a long and hard work. From 12-14 hours a day, sometimes 18 hours. When you fall down from exhaustion, it is unlikely that you will enjoy the joy of the journey.
  • Many workers note the fact thatthe impossibility of being alone for a short time exerts a great deal of psychological pressure. If you do not like to communicate with people who are prone to irritability, you will not be able to work here.
  • You will not have a weekend. There will be only a few days during which the volume of your work will decrease slightly.
  • There will be no time for illness either, because there will be no one to replace you. Only in case of serious health problems you will have time to recover.
  • For a long time to communicate with people who can be very unpleasant.

Five reasons why you should not choose to work on cruise ships

Every profession has certain features,which must be considered if you want the work to be a joy. There are they here. Read the following material carefully, and if you find at least one reason why you should not choose this kind of work, it’s better not to do it anyway. The consequences can be too dire.

List of reasons:

  1. Fear of confined space.
  2. Reluctance to communicate with people. On the ship you can not be alone, even for a short time.
  3. Unbalance, temper, aggression. These qualities you will not be able to hold back for several months, sooner or later they will manifest themselves and will cause a conflict on board.
  4. The so-called seasickness. Of course, there is a huge amount of effective drugs that reduce the feeling of nausea and dizziness, but the best thing is not to joke.
  5. If something does not suit you at work, you will not be able to leave anywhere at least until the end of the flight, and possibly the entire contract.

Working conditions

  • Working day - from 10-14 hours.
  • No weekend, seven-day work week.
  • The contract is concluded for a period of 6 to 8 months.
  • Vacation 8-10 weeks.
  • Accommodation in a separate cabin for 2-4 people.
  • Wages from $ 1000 plus tips.
  • Free food and accommodation.
  • Families of employees are given discounts on cruise fees.
  • Payment ticket in the opposite direction subject to the end of the contract and the absence of comments from management.

cruise ship rules

Reviews of people working on cruise ships

An interesting fact is that many people who come here for the first time have a new contract after the end of the contract. Although if someone had told them about this earlier, many of them simply would not have believed it.

According to feedback from workers, you can easily imaginewhat is going to be hard work on a cruise ship. St. Petersburg in this case is no different from Moscow or Tokyo. If you do not have the habit of coping with difficulties, it will not be easy. One of the assistant waiter said that the most difficult thing for her was to get up early in the morning, since the shift began at 6 in the morning. She had to learn not only to wake up early, but also to manage to tidy herself up in 10-15 minutes. For six months she had only 6 days off, and even then it was not completely free days, but only partially.

In the morning I still had to work, then it was6 hours of rest, which could be spent on sleep. But this time it was a pity to spend in this way, when there was an opportunity to go ashore and get acquainted with the new city. True, such opportunities were rare, rest days did not always coincide with the airliner parking.

At the same time, some workers, despite the hard work, say that the liner reigns eternal holiday atmosphere. This is a bright and enchanting world, and insanely happy about your involvement in it.

Tips for seasoned employees to newcomers

  1. Excellent knowledge of English will serve you well. Working on a cruise ship St. Petersburg and other companies will bring more pleasure.
  2. Learn how to easily accept any surprises and troubles, believing that the black band ends sooner or later.
  3. Be sure to communicate with work colleagues, the better this communication will be, the more you will be able to help each other. And without this there will be very difficult.
  4. Remember that self-pity is a luxury. No matter how hard and bad you are without family and friends, reassure yourself that in the future you will see them.
  5. Adopt the beautiful words "that does not kill us, it makes us stronger." Let them be your motto at the time of the contract.

Работники на круизном лайнере делятся на две categories of people. Those who, having tried, quit, and those who are engaged in this type of activity for many years of life. After weighing all the pros and cons, determine for yourself whether you work on a cruise ship.

cruise ship workers

Отзывы, вся правда о трудовой деятельности, may be able to help make the right choice. If you are not afraid of difficulties, like to communicate with people and are eager to see new cities and countries, feel free to choose a job on a cruise ship. Most importantly, the work brings you pleasure.