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Company "ARAN": employee feedback on work

So, today we will try to find out with you,which receives the company "ARAN" reviews from their employees as an employer. This moment is extremely important. Especially for new potential employees. After all, only those who have already cooperated with the company can tell what awaits new personnel in reality. And these stories also can affect your opinion about employment. Do not think that "ARAN" reviews workers earns only good or bad. Rather, they can be called ambiguous. After all, every employer has advantages and disadvantages. Let's try to figure out what the corporation is.

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Direction of activity

To begin it is necessary with definition of activity of firm.This moment plays a rather big role for any employer. And in this sense, "ARAN" reviews get very good. After all, we are dealing with a large transport company.

What does she do?Delivery and transportation of cargo of various dimensions throughout Russia. In fact, these services are very in demand. And therefore, ARAN has practically no worthy competitors. Nevertheless, despite this fact, the reviews about the company are left ambiguous. Why does this happen? Are these the next scammers who breed everyone around for money?

On behalf of clients

Not at all.Reviews about the company "ARAN" from the customers are very good. Most of them emphasize fast and high-quality work, as well as humane pricing. In addition, we can not fail to mention the careful attitude to the shipment. Of course, all this has a positive effect on the rating of the company.

Only if we are talking about cadres, they are not particularlyrejoice to their employer. And there are a number of reasons for that. We will learn more about them later. But do not get scared and give up employment. After all, the positive aspects of "ARAN", reviews about which we are studying, is also enough. Let's look at this corporation from all sides and try to make a conclusion about its conscientiousness.

Aran Employee Reviews


Proposed spectrum of vacancies for employment -an important point. It is very often pay attention to potential employees even before registering for an interview. And what about our company?

"ARAN" reviews employees in this respect receivesextremely positive. After all, this transport company hires and truck drivers, and loaders, and couriers, and managers on the phone. But in general, as it is not difficult to guess, all these are ordinary jobs.

Management posts are usually busy.And there turnover is minimal. Nevertheless, applicants note that in "ARAN" you can really find a job. Even if initially you did not find it. Of course, you do not have to count on managerial positions, but you will certainly find a place for an ordinary worker.


If you decide to work in thiscorporation, the first thing you will have to face is an interview. This moment excites many. But here the company "ARAN" reviews employees is quite good.

Why does this happen? Firstly, in the office, where you are invited, there is a pleasant, quiet atmosphere. The atmosphere here really has to talk.

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Secondly, the very process of dialogue will pass, ratherall without too much stress. In some cities, there may sometimes be a certain arrogance on the part of recruitment managers. Only such cases are suppressed very quickly. In general, the entire interview will be fine. This is how the employees describe the process.

В-третьих, если у вас нет резюме, это не будет problem. Tell and write everything yourself. Also, the transport company "ARAN" reviews employees about the interview process and gets excellent for telling you about vacancies and will answer all questions. That is, you can immediately find out what awaits you when finding a job. This point is absent in most firms.


Further - these are the promises of the corporation.After all, it is tempting proposals that make us take an interest in employment. And here, "ARAN" reviews drivers and other personnel, too, gets good. In the sense that the management offers very interesting terms of payment for labor and organization of the work process as a whole.

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What is it about?About what you will be told about the normalized schedule of the working day, high wages, bonuses, bonuses, paid holidays and sick leave. In addition, do not forget that "ARAN" guarantees all its employees to pay for the "white" scheme. No envelopes! Only an honest salary, and even not a small one. Of course, all this will force the potential employee to settle down to the firm. This is exactly what the employees say that have already become part of "ARANA".


Only on this, perhaps, all exclusivelythe good sides of the corporation end. Reality can disappoint you. And the first, which often (but not always) complain workers - this is a working schedule.

In movers it is normalized - from 8:00 to 20:00.And the rest of the staff - no. The only exceptions are walking couriers. They work according to the shift schedule, which they chose during employment (2/2, 3/2, 5/2) from 9:00 to 18:00. So, the "exceptional" employees have good opinions on the working day.

But here, for example, the company "ARAN" reviewsDrivers and managers on the phone gets far from the most positive in this area. All this is due to the fact that the working day is not normalized. Yes, and you can not predict when to wait for the day off. After all, this kind of breaks in the majority of personnel in the organization "floating". As such, there is no lunch break. And, as many say, they have to work 12-15 hours a day. Agree, this is not what they promised during the interview.

Social guarantees

The next point that causes ambiguousFeelings are the social package that you were promised. To be honest, here "ARAN" earns good reviews in general. Although some flaws in this system are available.

Aran company drivers reviews

For example, many say that the payment for vacations and sick leave is present here, but with a delay. Payments come no less than promised, only late in the day. Trifle, but still unpleasant.

Many do not have a break for lunch, which put each employee. Only here, for example, no one controls the drivers. And they can make a lunch break at any time convenient for them.

As for the payment of maternity - here, too, everything is notas simple as it might seem at first glance. For example, if you have been working in a corporation for a long time, you will actually be paid the due money. And without any delay. But the young girls who are just going to have children, in truth, are not recruited in “ARAN”. And pregnant too. So this sometimes repels some. But, according to the workers, there is no deception. You will be informed about this feature at the interview.


Firm "ARAN" (Moscow) is not receiving the best reviews of employees in terms of wages. Similarly, the situation is in other cities of Russia. But why does this happen?

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The problem is that when finding employmentfor one or another position they promise you from 35 000 rubles of salary. But, as it turns out later, the "white" earnings will be no more than 10,000 rubles. All the rest is a "gray" salary. In fact, you are guaranteed pay in the envelope. Stable earnings of this kind of actions are not similar.

Plus, sometimes there is deception whencalculations. For example, most often this happens with drivers. They announce the cost of the order several times lower than in reality. It turns out that the leadership takes the difference. Not very nice, is not it? However, these are not so frequent cases.

But here, according to numerous opinions, youpay an advance and do not delay the calculation. In some cases, you can close your eyes to the "gray" earnings, and to some deception, if all funds come exactly on time.


“ARAN” reviews get terrible often because ofworking conditions that the firm offers to its employees. Especially it concerns those who constantly work at office or in a warehouse. Drivers and couriers with couriers in this sense are lucky.

If you choose a job that does not requireyou special movements, then get ready for poor sanitation, stuffiness, humidity and small uncomfortable rooms. This is exactly how the employees at the office describe.

Aran Transport Company Employee Reviews

А вот на машинах и пешком условия лучше.And the drivers are lucky here most of all. They note that there is no surveillance of movements. This means that you can easily and simply go to the company car about their business, and then return to the route. The main thing is to complete the task in time.

So, as you can see, "ARAN" (transportcompany) employee reviews about their work earns ambiguous. And it is very difficult to advise something about employment. Everyone decides for himself individually. To begin with, weigh all the pros and cons of the company and only then draw conclusions. Nevertheless, if you pay attention to the statistics, even minor drawbacks and omissions force people to write negative responses. And it discourages new employees.