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How to become an architect and what is needed for this?

Many young people are interested in the question of howbecome an architect. This is a prestigious and highly paid profession, and good specialists are always in demand. Nevertheless, to become a competent architect is not an easy task, which requires long training and titanic efforts.

how to become an architect

Profession history

If you think about how many hundreds and thousands of yearsthere are Egyptian pyramids, ancient temples and other structures, we can conclude that the architect is one of the oldest professions. One of the most famous names of those times is Imhotep.

In the Renaissance profession of the architectbecomes especially popular and prestigious. Since the center of development of art was Italy, it was in this country that the largest number of talented specialists were concentrated.

With the development of science, technology and industry, the circlethe duties of the architect somewhat narrowed. Today its main function is design. Nevertheless, he has the right to control the process of construction and finishing.

to become a famous architect

Why choose an architect's profession?

Becoming a famous architect is the dream of many young people. There are several important reasons for this:

  • architecture is not just a sphere of activity, but a lifestyle;
  • good professionals are respected in society;
  • Considering that architecture does not stand still, you too will constantly develop;
  • the specialist has the opportunity to express his thoughts, transferring them to projects;
  • the opportunity to work independently without superiors and subordinates;
  • the result of a long and painstaking work can not just be seen, but also to feel;
  • good projects, architects improve the lives of people;
  • despite the need to strictly follow the rules, there is always room for experimentation and innovation;
  • a good architect is always in demand (even being on pension);
  • The opportunity to work in many areas of activity - from the construction of small residential buildings to large industrial facilities.

what you need to know in order to become an architect

What you need to know to become an architect

In order to design beautiful and reliablebuildings, it is important not only education, but also innate talent. Nevertheless, without a certain theoretical basis it is also impossible to become a good specialist. What do you need to know to become an architect? Here are the main points:

  • computer design programs;
  • basic design formulas;
  • bases of ecological and geodetic norms, and also the construction of maps;
  • compilation and reading of technical documentation;
  • building norms.

Official duties

Asking about how to become an architect, you first need to understand the essence of the profession. So, the duties of a specialist include the following list of tasks:

  • drawing of drawings, drawing up of estimates, manufacturing of breadboard models, and also development of the other documentation which concerns a building;
  • Designing an object, the construction of which is planned;
  • continuous supervision of the process of erecting a building in order to determine its compliance with project documentation;
  • making decisions in case of any deviations;
  • contacts with customers of projects and suppliers of materials.

you can become an architect

The basic requirements for applicants for the post

Those who seek an answer to the question of how to becomearchitect, it will be useful to learn about what requirements are put forward for applicants for the position. So, if it's a solid company, it's important to have the following characteristics:

  • Higher education in the relevant field;
  • experience in a similar position for at least two years;
  • free knowledge of popular computer design and modeling programs;
  • knowledge of the workflow and the ability to correctly draw up papers;
  • knowledge of foreign languages ​​(if the firm works with foreign counterparts);
  • knowledge of the latest trends in the field of building materials.

Where to get an education

От молодых людей достаточно часто можно услышать "I want to become an architect!" Naturally, this requires a proper education. It should be taken into account that when entering a university it is necessary to have certain drawing and drawing skills that are simply impossible to obtain within the school curriculum. Therefore, the issue of preparation should be paid in advance. This is the surest way to become an architect. How many years will the training take? At the institute you will have to spend 5-6 years. But a good architect learns and cultivates his whole life.

Конечно, наибольшие шансы на поступление у тех, who is engaged in art school since childhood. However, if you have natural abilities and desire, then the basics of an academic drawing may well be mastered within 1-2 years. It is worth paying special attention to the image of still lifes and plaster natures (these tasks are most often encountered upon admission). Also worth pulling with a tutor drawing.

Usually a competition for an architect’s specialtyuniversities are big enough. Naturally, not everyone can get a cherished place. But this is no reason to despair, because there are still schools and technical schools where they teach this specialty. In addition, with a diploma of secondary education, you can also go to college. Of course, training will be delayed, but this is a real chance that you can use.

Few know that it is possible to becomeby architect and without special education. So, you can get a job in a construction or design office, where you will simultaneously receive a salary and receive the necessary knowledge and experience for further career growth. After about 10 years you will be able to obtain the appropriate license. The main thing is talent and desire.

what subjects you need to know to become an architect

Profile items

Многих молодых людей интересует вопрос о том, what subjects you need to know to become an architect. Of course, the list may differ slightly depending on which university you choose. Nevertheless, the standard set of disciplines is as follows:

  • Russian language and literature (standard exam for admission to any university);
  • mathematics (a very important subject for the architect, but the leadership of some institutions replaces it with history, considering that creativity is more important than exact sciences);
  • creative exam (includes assignments for sketching, composition and drawing).

How to become a good architect

It’s important not just to get an architect’s education,and become a good and sought-after specialist. This task requires titanic effort. Therefore, if you have firmly decided: “I will become an architect!”, You must do the following:

  • Carefully approach the choice of school.It is necessary to do this not according to the principle of “where they will take”, but “where they teach better”. Talk with current students or graduates from different universities, and also try to get information about training programs and compare them with each other.
  • Prepare for admission in advance.Approximately two years before graduation you should start deeply engaged in drawing and drawing. You can hire a tutor, but it is best to enroll in preparatory courses at the university.
  • Start working as a student. So you will receive invaluable experience, which, being multiplied by the fundamental theoretical knowledge, will make you a valuable specialist.
  • Many ambitious graduates seek to openown architectural bureau immediately after graduation. This is an erroneous step. It will be much better if you work under the guidance of an experienced architect for the first few years, from whom you can learn from managerial experience.
  • Develop your style. This can be done by carefully studying the work of famous masters.
  • Do not miss a single festival, exhibition andother events where you can express yourself. Even if you do not have the groundwork to show your skills, by all means visit such an event to get acquainted with the latest trends in the field of architecture.

I want to become an architect

What prevents to be a good architect

Thinking about how to become a good architect,it is worth knowing not only about the things that contribute, but also about those that hinder the achievement of the goal. The following categories should be attributed to the second category:

  • Поиск легких путей.Even if you have an innate talent for drawing and drafting, this does not mean that you have a degree in architecture and a well-paid job in your pocket. To achieve the goal you need to work hard and strive for new knowledge.
  • The dream of a high salary. It must be understood that the architect’s “price” rises with experience. Sometimes, it takes more than one year before a specialist earns a name and a good reputation.
  • Impression and vulnerability.These qualities are one of the main enemies of the architect. Be prepared for the fact that your professional qualities and projects will be subject to harsh criticism from customers and management.

Personal qualities of a good architect

What you need to become an architect?First of all, these are innate abilities and personal qualities that will support you in the process of mastering a profession. So, a good architect should have the following characteristics:

  • Creative potential.It can not be identified with the banal ability to draw. Pencils, markers, paints, etc. - these are just tools that will help you to reflect original and non-standard ideas.
  • Spatial thinking.This is a very important quality for an architect, because he must create not just a flat picture, but represent volumetric images. Fortunately, if you do not have this quality from nature, it is quite possible to develop it.
  • Sharpened sense of responsibility.Since the architect creates not simple objects, but those in which people will spend time, he must take care not only of aesthetics and comfort, but also of safety.
  • Perseverance In order to make a good project, it will take more than one hour to sit over whatman paper.
  • Sense of taste. This quality is just necessarily an architect who wants to engage in creative projects, rather than typical buildings.
  • Observation. A good architect should notice all the details of already existing objects, in order not to repeat and create something new and unusual.
  • Good visual memory, which will greatly facilitate your work on the project.

The current situation in the industry

Unfortunately, at the moment domesticarchitecture is going through hard times. Not only qualified specialists, but also ordinary people point out that modern buildings are tasteless and even ugly. At the same time, authentic architectural monuments are destroyed by the influence of time and the human factor.

If we talk about the labor market, the situation isalso not the best way. It is not so easy to get a good paying job, because the competition in this area is huge. Nevertheless, it is common for any crisis to end. It is possible that the new generation of young professionals will bring the domestic architecture to a fundamentally new level.

what you need to become an architect


Architect is one of the most prestigious.professions, whose history goes back several thousand years. It gives not only a good financial position, but also high status and respect in society. That is why many are interested in the question of how to become an architect. Of course, for this you need inborn talent, but without hard work, you will not be able to become a good specialist. You need to constantly learn, improve yourself and take on any job in order to gain invaluable experience. Be prepared for the fact that you may have years of study and work to become a sought-after and highly paid specialist.