/ Job description of the site master. Sample production instruction

Job description of the site master. Sample production instruction

The site master is the person who managesproduction unit. This specialist can have a variety of categories: a utility site master, a workshop master, etc. About features of this important profession and will be discussed further in the article.

Official duties of the site master

Job description of the site masterprescribes that the person who has the appropriate education (higher or secondary vocational) and a sufficient length of service (not less than a year) is able to obtain the profession in question.

Assigns the site master directlyHead of the organization. The specialist himself, like any other employee, must know the labor legislation, the job description, other rules and norms established by the enterprise. And what duties does the job description of the site master prescribe? Of course, everything here will depend on the rank. However, the general functions look something like this:

  • implementation of site management;
  • fulfillment of tasks in accordance with the norms;
  • timely preparation of production;
  • providing all necessary conditions for workers;
  • records management;
  • observance of safety precautions.

Thus, the duties of the site masterare quite extensive. It should be noted that the functions of a specialist will vary depending on the category. For example, the master of the electrical installation site, the repair area master, etc.

On the responsibility and rights of the site master

Like any other employee, the site master has a number of professional rights.

job description
What kind of rights does the job description of the site master fix for the specialist in question?

  • Give instructions to employees.
  • Participation in the recruitment and placement of personnel.
  • Presentation to the management of requirements and wishes for increasing the efficiency of the enterprise.
  • Ask the bosses for the necessary documentation.
  • Participation in meetings related to the work of the site master.
  • Pass attestation.
  • Training.

And what about the responsibilitythe specialist in question? After all, the duties of the site master are incredibly extensive, and therefore, and his responsibility is high. The job description prescribes the following points for which he should be responsible:

  • for the quality performance of the duties assigned to him;
  • for the execution of orders;
  • for the allocation of resources;
  • for the observance of order;
  • for the maintenance of documentation;
  • for labor discipline.

In the event of violations, the master can be held liable - from disciplinary to criminal.

Who is the senior site master?

To become a senior master, you need to have quite a lot of experience. The specialist is subordinate to the chief of the site.

job description of the master of the production site
A CEO appoints and dismisses him.

The senior master of the site manages turners,drillers, various auxiliary workers, turner-carousel, milling and automatic machine adjusters. In the event that the senior master is temporarily unable to perform his duties, he is replaced by another specialist, appointed by the head of the site.

Guided by his profession, this specialist can labor legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as acts and rules of the enterprise.

Duties of the senior site master

The senior master of a site is endowed with much greater functions and duties, rather than the simple master.

duties of the site master
The typical production instruction of the specialist in question prescribes the following functions:

  • fulfillment of production tasks in accordance with the norms and the established time;
  • inspection at the beginning of the working day necessary for the operation of the elements;
  • control over the work of specialists with lower qualifications;
  • checking the quality of products manufactured at the factory;
  • maintenance of competent and correct operation of equipment;
  • control over workers;
  • familiarize workers with certain rules and processes;
  • records management;
  • analysis of production results;
  • the organization of the necessary conditions for the development of workers;
  • independent timely confirmation or further training;
  • observance of safety precautions.

Thus, the duties of a senior masterThe site is quite extensive, because the work is very responsible and important. Control of workers is a very difficult activity. It all depends on the category, whether it's a master of a construction site, a workshop site, etc.

On the responsibility and rights of the senior master of the site

The typical production instruction of the specialist in question prescribes that the senior site master should be responsible:

  • for violations committed in the course of professional activities;
  • for incorrect or illiterate performance of their professional functions;
  • for causing material damage to the enterprise;
  • for improper control (for output of products, for workers, etc.)
  • for violation of discipline, safety techniques, etc.
     standard manufacturing instruction

Thus, it carries a rather largeresponsibility for the performance of their work functions. And this is quite true: the post in question is very important. Also the job description prescribes for the representative of the profession in question the following rights:

  • to submit to the authorities various kinds of suggestions and proposals for improving the efficiency of the enterprise;
  • get acquainted with innovations, one way or another relating to the work of the senior master of the site;
  • interact with superiors;
  • maintain documentation within its competence;
  • stop work in case of equipment malfunction;
  • to give various instructions to the workers within their competence.

Requirements for the site foreman

The job description of a site master who is a senior has an extremely important section: employee requirements.

construction site master
It is worth quoting the most important points from this section. So, the senior master should know well:

  • all necessary regulatory and legislative acts, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • technical data and characteristics of the equipment with which the work is carried out;
  • production planning methods;
  • labor standards;
  • provisions on income, on wages;
  • basics of economic knowledge;
  • production rules;
  • safety and some other things.

Thus, slightly greater demands are made on the senior master than on any other worker with lower qualifications.

Production Wizard - Who is it?

Job Description of the Production WizardPlot prescribes that the considered specialist is a person engaged in the implementation of the production plan in accordance with specified standards, as well as using and developing various methods of management, ensuring order in the team, production calculation, etc.

master section of housing and communal services

In case production masters are includedpart of the integrated teams, then these specialists become leading in them. It is also worth noting that they are subordinate to the head of the site.

Only a person with sufficient work experience can receive this job.

On the duties of the master of the production site

This specialist has a fairly wide range of powers and functions.

wiring master
Here are just the most basic of those specified in the job description:

  • ensuring the implementation of all necessary tasks, prescribed or specified in the plan;
  • ensuring competent operation of equipment and its elements;
  • development of production plans;
  • providing the necessary materials in accordance with the established time frame;
  • confirmation and professional development;
  • control over record keeping;
  • providing instruction to lower-skilled workers;
  • control over various kinds of technological processes that are carried out by workers with lower qualifications;
  • ensuring labor discipline;
  • safety assurance.

A large number of rights gives rise to high responsibility. Just about it and will be discussed further.

On the responsibility and rights of the foreman

So, what rights are reserved for the specialist in question? Here are just some of them:

  • the right to present to the award of positively distinguished workers;
  • the right to submit to penalties and fines of employees who violate the rules of discipline;
  • the right not to allow the work of specialists with lower qualifications in case the working equipment or its elements are faulty;
  • the right to remove from the work of specialists who do not know the instructions and rules, and others similar to those listed above.

And what about the responsibilities?Job description of the master of the production site does not have a large number of sub-points here. It is necessary to know first of all that the responsibility lies with the specialist in the event of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of his professional duties.