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What does the machinist of process pumps do?

The machinist of technological pumps is a very important and necessary profession. All the features of this work will be discussed in this article.

What is a machinist process pumps?

Специалист, о котором пойдет речь в этой статье, is engaged in servicing special equipment for pipelines. It does not matter what pipelines can be: main or vapor, designed for liquid substances or for gaseous ones. In order for certain substances to circulate, it is necessary to maintain, repair and constantly check the available equipment. This is precisely what the representative of the profession in question is doing.

And what about the demand for the profession?Since the majority of enterprises in the CIS countries work using internal communications that operate under a certain pressure, then the work of a machinist of technological pumps will remain in demand and necessary on the labor market for a long time.

About professional duties

The operator of technological pumps, like any other worker, has many duties, tasks and functions.

Process Pump Driver
Here are the most basic of those that can be called:

  • Timely repair of elements of compressor stations, troubleshooting and malfunctions.
  • Ensuring optimal transportation of substances through the pipeline.
  • Inspection and repair of units-pumps.
  • Work with pumping units - their adjustment.
  • Preparation of liquid fuel for transportation.
  • Work with liquid substances - their discharge and pumping.
  • Work with reports.
  • Conduct technical inspection according to plan.
  • Pressure setting in pipelines.

It has, of course, the machinist process pumps and many other functions. But it depends on the level of the specialist.

Education required for work

The representative of the profession, of courseI could not work without proper education. Practically anyone today can go to college or college with a degree in "engineer of technological pumps and compressors." And what knowledge and skills are needed to work on the specialty in question? Here are just a few things that a worker should know:

  • The principle of operation and device automation.
  • Design features of compressor equipment.
  • Setting up the equipment.
  • Actions in case of accidents.
  • The start of transportation by pipeline.
  • The design of valves.
  • Pressure adjustment.
  • Protective units - their device.
  • The use of control devices, the basics of their operation.

The above are only a few points that need to be learned during the training. It is also worth noting that in college or college you will have to master the following subjects:

  • Materials Science;
  • drawing;
  • BDZ;
  • electrical engineering;
  • technical mechanics;
  • basics of transportation of substances and some others.

Thus, it will not be possible to take up just like that the workplace in the specialty "machinist of technological pumps". Training is a necessary and most important component of the profession.

About the demand for the profession

Young people who have graduated from an educational institution in the required specialty are unlikely to get into a difficult situation with finding work.

machinist technological pumps and compressors
Profession "machinist technological pumps"is very popular today. Those who wish to work in this specialty will easily find an optimal workplace. After all, almost any enterprise that has and operates pipelines requires competent, educated specialists.

It is worth noting that the profession in questionIt does not suit everyone. Physically weak, weak people will hardly feel comfortable and confident in the workplace. After all, the work in question is truly masculine, somewhat difficult and difficult. But all offset by excellent career opportunities and good wages.

About the second discharge by job description

The workers of the second category are, as a rule, beginners who are just beginning to master all the subtleties of the profession. What are the responsibilities of such specialists?

The worker of the second category is obliged to servepumping stations, as well as installations that pump over or prepare oil. The preparation of piping schemes, the elimination of product leaks (under the guidance of a worker with the discharge above) - all this also falls within the competence of the worker. It is necessary, among other things, to constantly monitor the operation of pumps, cooling systems, lubrication, ventilation, etc. Monitoring the health of various valves, gauges, pipelines also falls to a second-rate specialist.

Some other features worth mentioning include:

  • certain sampling;
  • check valves, as well as their closure and opening;
  • rubbing, start and stop of pumping units;
  • gasket change.

Naturally, not all the functions of the second-class worker were mentioned above. After all, the duties and their number depend on the enterprise in which the professional activity is carried out.

About the third discharge of the job description

A worker with the third grade is required to produceconstant inspections of pumping stations, maintain them (we are talking about stations that pump and prepare oil products with a capacity of 500 cubic meters per hour).

Process pump operator jobs
This also includes the inspection and repair of electric motors (from 500 kW), as well as the care of technological pumping units (no more than 1000 cubic meters / h).

However, this is not all responsibilities. The instruction of the operator of technological pumps prescribes the following functions for the third category specialist:

  • Load monitoring of electric motors,pressure in pipes and pumps, lubrication systems, ventilation and cooling systems, etc. All observations are carried out using instrumentation.
  • Work with electric motors: their start and stop.
  • Check the proper amount of grease in certain devices.
  • Check the operation mode of the equipment.

About the fourth discharge by job description

What functions of the representative of the fourth category fixes job description? What are the responsibilities of the machinist process pumps?

machinist technological pumps training
A watch received by a worker with the fourth grade looks like this: a specialist keeps all the necessary journal entries. Further care is provided for the following areas:

contactors for alkylation units;

  • pumping stations (from 500 to 1 thousand cubic m / h);
  • pumping technological installations (capacity - from 1 thousand to 3 thousand cubic m / h);
  • areas with pumping electric motors (power from 500 to 3 thousand kW).

In addition, the specialist is obliged to monitornecessary pressure on pumping waste. Control of transformer substations (under the supervision of a worker with a higher discharge) is also the responsibility of a specialist with a fourth discharge.

Depending on the place where the specialist works, the functions may vary slightly.

About the fifth category of the job description

The operator of technological pumps of the fifth category is obliged to carry out the following functions:

  • maintain control panels;
  • control and maintain areas with transformer substations;
    machinist technological pumps salary
  • to maintain pumps and electric motors (no more than 3 thousand kW);
  • to service pumping stations for the preparation and production of petroleum products with a capacity from 1 thousand to 3 thousand cubic meters. m / h;
  • to service oil technological installations with a capacity of at least 3 thousand cubic meters. m / h

In addition, a worker with the fifth grade is obliged to comply with the rules of occupational safety, competently organize a workplace, provide first aid, etc.

About the sixth discharge by job description

What is the worker who has the sixth grade required to do? What are its functions?

work of a machinist of technological pumps
We can distinguish the following points, with which the specialist in question is dealing:

  • Start and stop the existing equipment of the pumping station; check the mode of operation of this station.
  • Detection and elimination of various problems in the work of technical pumping stations.
  • Repair and inspection of pumping stations (capacity from 3 thousand cubic meters per hour).

It is also worth adding that a specialist with the sixththe rank already has the right (or, rather, the obligation) to supervise workers with lower qualifications. There are all sorts of tasks here: it is control over work, the process of training workers with certain skills, etc. Again, the number of responsibilities will depend only on production.

About the seventh discharge of the job description

The worker, who has the seventh grade, is endowed with the following functions and responsibilities:

  • adjustment and verification of pumping station modes;
  • selection of required modes at pumping stations;
  • care of various pumping pipelines, units, electric motors;
  • management of pumping stations that pump and prepare oil products (with a capacity of 3,500 cubic meters per hour);
  • conducting various kinds of operations to detect and eliminate malfunctions in the operation of pumping installations.

In addition to all of the above, the drivertechnological pumps with the seventh discharge must work with the documentation. Plans for testing, checking and repairing pumping equipment are also the responsibility of the worker. Plans are being made for the development of operations to improve service, to increase the operation of various devices. Also, a specialist with the seventh grade is obliged to supervise employees with lower qualifications. Here everything will directly depend on the enterprise: the competence of the employee with the highest category will be only those functions that the authorities will provide.

Pros and cons of the profession

As in any other profession, in the work of the specialist under consideration, both advantages and disadvantages are sufficient.

instruction of technological pump operator
What are the advantages of the profession has a machinist process pumps

  • Salary. Of course, income will depend onexisting discharge. The higher the qualification, the greater the salary. However, it is worth considering that the specialist in question in this article, even if he has a second grade, gets very good money.
  • The possibility of rapid career growth. As already indicated, in the profession of the whole seven digits. With due effort, you can easily raise their skills.

But there is a considered profession and disadvantages. Among them are:

  • Problems with employment. Workplace can not be obtained immediately. This is what you should pay attention to before you enter the specialty "machinist of technological pumps". Jobs, unfortunately, are far from everywhere.
  • High responsibility. Functions and responsibilities of workers reallylot. Almost every machinist of technological pumps will agree with this. Teaching a profession nevertheless will help to fully master and get all the necessary knowledge and skills.