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The average salary of a kindergarten teacher in Moscow and the Moscow Region

The kindergarten teacher is a nobleprofession. After all, these people are laying the foundation for the future of the country. After all, character, inclinations and abilities develop most rapidly at a young age. But raising children is a big responsibility. Every year, more and more qualified specialists in this field, but the profession does not enjoy popularity. Today we will tell the whole truth about the conditions of work and the salary of the kindergarten teacher.

Profession history

The first teachers appeared in Ancient Greece.Such people were called paidagogos, which means "a person who follows children". It was not a respected profession. She was appointed slave, who did not engage in education, in the sense in which we are now treating this concept. The slave simply watched the child, looked to be fed on time, watched the children's games. He was fully responsible for his ward. When the child grew up, he was hired by teachers who were involved in raising a child. They taught him the conduct of battle, taught the basics of literacy.

The first kindergarten was opened in Germany.The purpose of this institution was to form mothers. They were taught how to properly educate a child. They taught the basis of children's psychology and offered to practice their knowledge in practice.

The first kindergarten in Russia was opened in the XIX century.This institution was similar to modern institutions of preschool education. The salary of the kindergarten teacher was low, although the profession was respected.

Why do you need a kindergarten

Pre-school educational institutions noware in demand. Their main task is to socialize children. After all, in order for a child to live in a society, he needs to learn how to communicate with his peers. It is difficult to achieve this if the child does not go to kindergarten. Communication within the yard does not imply the ability of children to live in a team. Every person is an egoist from birth, and that the ego does not interfere with his life, he needs to come to terms with the idea that he is not the center of the universe.

Another task of the kindergarten is tointellectual and moral development of children. To the child fully developed, he needs to know the world. Parents who need to provide a family can not give their child all their free time. And even if they have such an opportunity, it is difficult for them to develop an education program. There is a program in the kindergarten for children. Here young members of the society get acquainted with music, drawing, mathematics. They are taught the skills of cleaning and personal hygiene.

salary of a kindergarten teacher

Educators are one of the main people in lifechildren. They should be both teachers and friends. Unfortunately, there are very few qualified specialists now. The salary of the kindergarten teacher in the Moscow region, and throughout Russia is low, so young professionals often do not want to go to work in their specialty. But the solution to the problem was found through private pre-school educational institutions. Here the salary of the kindergarten teacher is several times higher, but the responsibility for children is greater.

What are the qualities of a qualified educator?

First of all, the specialist should be able to findcontact with children. The salary of the kindergarten teacher should not be in the first place. A person should love his profession, of course, it is good if she is highly paid, but if not, this should not affect children in any way.

The teacher must be well versed inage psychology. The specialist needs to prevent conflicts between his wards, and if the quarrel is already in full swing, then the task of the teacher is not only to competently resolve the controversial issue, but also to get to the true cause of the conflict.

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The main qualities of the teacher: observation, resourcefulness, patience, attentiveness, responsibility and steadfastness in their decisions.

Is it possible to learn to love children or is it an innate feeling

This question is quite complicated.Any quality can be developed by an effort of will. Therefore, one cannot say that the love of children is an innate feeling. Many young specialists, who lacked practice in an institute or college, are simply lost when they come to work in kindergarten. They know how to work with children in theory, but in practice everything turns out to be much more complicated. If a person is kind and responsive on his own, he will be able to find an approach to any child.

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But you need to understand that all children are different andsome of them are dysfunctional families. After all, if the young creation is a scandal, it still does not mean that he does not like something in kindergarten, perhaps he simply does not have enough attention and care. An experienced teacher knows such nuances and does not take offense at the child, but tries to help him and conducts explanatory conversations with his parents.

This year by presidential decree was promotedsalary kindergarten teachers. The year 2017 began with the government implementing reforms in pre-school education. Now all kindergarten teachers must be qualified specialists. Those people who want to stay working in the field of education and upbringing, but do not have the relevant documents, will have to go to study.

What classes are held in kindergarten

Each preschool educational institution has its own program, which is maintained by educators. In kindergartens are classes designed for the intellectual development of the child.

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Subjects that are in the form of a game taught to children:

  • English;
  • mathematics;
  • drawing;
  • music.

There are also extra classes thatdevelop physical training, they include: dancing, exercising, swimming. Children are taught the basics of etiquette. Young members of our society are taught to respect their elders, to help their parents, to respect the opinions of others, not to interfere in the conversation.

For many parents it became unpleasantunexpectedly introduction of paid circles in kindergartens. Now, in order for the child to participate in the matinees, you have to pay. After all, only in extra classes children learn dancing, which will then be shown on the big stage. Many parents think that raising the salaries of kindergarten teachers is associated with the introduction of additional paid services, but this is not the case. Money specialists allocates the administration.

From what age is best to send a child to kindergarten

Circumstances in all families are different.Someone has to give the child in the nursery at the age of one and a half years, and someone has the opportunity to sit with his child to school. But still, experts advise to stay somewhere in the middle and give the child to kindergarten at 4 years old. By this age, a young creature no longer needs a mother, it is interesting for him to communicate with his peers and with other people's adults.

But not many moms have the opportunity to sit indecree 4 years. Some are waiting at work already after 3. Nothing terrible will happen if you give your child to kindergarten at the age of three. If the baby knows how to hold a spoon and go to the pot, then they will take it with joy. But there can be a problem when the child simply does not want to leave his native walls. The child will be capricious, and he will have no desire to go into the garden. No need to think that caregivers treat your child badly. They can do their job well, your child is simply not morally ready to part with the house. In this case, the child’s kindergarten should be taught gradually. First, take him half a day, and only then leave it for the whole day.

Regarding nurseries, all experts agree onconsensus. There is no need to give the child there without any special need. At the age of one and a half, the baby is too attached to the mother, and this is quite natural. Up to 3 years of age, a child has a character that is formed, and parents need to bring it up, and not other people's aunts.

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How is paid work teacher

The average salary in Russiais 15,000 rubles. This pays for the work of the educator, who works in the one shift that is laid for him. But many people, striving to earn money, often take overtime, which is popularly called the second shift. But the average statistics do not apply to Moscow. The salary of a kindergarten teacher in the capital varies in the region of 30,000 rubles. Also a good salary in the north, for example in the Magadan region. In large cities, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, specialists in pre-school education receive 17-19 thousand rubles.

How to choose a kindergarten

Сегодня записаться в дошкольное образовательное establishment is difficult. Almost all parents put their child on the queue in kindergarten from 3 months. Most people choose a pre-school educational institution on a territorial basis, the closer - the better.

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But this approach is not always good.It is advisable to look at the conditions in which the child will be most of the day. And also you need to find a qualified specialist who will be engaged in the development of the baby. Of course, it is worth understanding that the salary of a kindergarten teacher in 2017 did not increase much. Therefore, there are few good specialists in the field of education who are willing to work for a minimum subsistence level. But still there are good tutors, you just need to spend a lot of time searching for them.

Future of the profession

Today, experts in the fieldpreschool education is highly in demand. Every year there are more and more kindergartens, someone needs to work in them. But the average salary of a kindergarten teacher leaves much to be desired. Few people agree to work for 15,000 rubles and at the same time do their best 100%. Good tutors are lured to private kindergartens. There are fewer children, and the salary is higher. But despite all the troubles, there are units who follow their vocation and are ready to work in any conditions.

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But to make the profession more popular, and youngcadres went to work in kindergartens, and not sellers to the store, the government should change the attitude towards caregivers. After all, we are talking about the education of the younger generation, which will build the future of our country.