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Sample of an economist's resume: basic nuances

Any self-respecting young specialist shouldto understand recruiting if he wants to find a decent job. The first relationship you are waiting for is with the HR-manager, who in fact will decide your future destiny, before you will have an interview with the top management.

About the resume in general

A sample of an economist's resume is the starting point for finding a job. Spend time on this. It is from this very insignificant point that your way of cooperation with the new employer begins.

sample resume Economist

The employer or the human resources manager of the company, getting your resume in hand, should understand what kind of person you are, find out your strengths, and most importantly - want to invite you to an interview.

We can say that the summary is the primary selection, buthe is also important. Sending resumes to many places, you will receive a response only from units. There can be many reasons for this, beginning with the fact that you are simply not the person whom this firm is looking for, and ending with the incorrectness of the compiled resume. The recruiter does not even have the desire to call you.

A sample of an economist's resume will help to make an ideal business card.

How to write a resume of an economist

You should understand that any document should be structured and readable. Therefore, it is from the structure that we should begin the resume of the economist.

example of economist's summary

As a rule, at the beginning of the sheet, there are generaldata: Name, contact information and photo. The photo in the resume should be business or at least remotely resemble it. If such a photo is not available, try to take a picture or just look in the photos for pictures, where you turned out well. Trim this photo like a passport photo - this is a worthy example. The economist's summary should contain a good and clear photo.

The economist's resume must containinformation about training, courses, and academic achievements. You need to put information in descending order, that is, you indicate the last place of study first.

The main thing: what can I do?

Do not forget to indicate the basic skills of the economist in the resume that you possess.

If you find it difficult to specify this item, use the sample below, where you can find a couple of examples.

A sample of the economist's summary in the article hascorrect, simple and concise structure that allows you to evaluate a person as an employee to the fullest, and also shows its main advantages and advantages.

economist skills in a resume

Features when writing a resume

The most important feature that requires adjustment is the lack of work experience.

A summary of an economist without experience shouldcontain additional facts about your skills. For example, you can indicate the conferences in which you participated, the scientific work, as well as many of your other achievements during your studies.

resume economist without experience

Also, add points on the passagepractice. In each university students pass industrial practice. Indicate the year and place of practice in the "work experience" column, and then list your main responsibilities as an assistant to the lead specialist.

Sample of an economist's resume

FIO: Invarenko Andrei Petrovich.

G. Moscow, st. Sevastopol 13/1.

tel .: +7987000000.

Education: 2012, Moscow State University, specialty: enterprise economics (red diploma).

Improvement of professional skills: 2013, gaining skills in the "1C: Enterprise 8.0" program.


- 2012-2013, junior economist of LLC "Finconsult".

Assistance to the economist, work with primary documentation, preparation of reports and analyzes on the work of the enterprise. Long-term planning and forecasting.

- 2013-2015, the economist at the enterprise LLC Renaissance.

Analysis of the financial plan, production and sales of products in the enterprise. Drawing up a plan and recording financial payments for each period. Work with debt obligations.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish (colloquial), English (upper-intermediate).

Extra skills:experienced PC user, work with MS Office programs, graphic editor Corel Draw, PS Photoshop. Accounting software "1C: Enterprise", "Sail". Work with e-mail, with search services.

sample resume Economist

Another skills:

  • development of business plans;
  • work with primary accounting and planning documentation;
  • methods for analyzing the solvency of the enterprise;
  • work with the restoration of the company's solvency (sanation);
  • development and signing of contracts;
  • work with the tax inspection and other state bodies;
  • pretrial claims activity.

Personal qualities:accuracy, purposefulness, focus on results, teamwork, non-conflict, analytical mind, mobility, communication skills, ability to adapt quickly, fast learner, ability to make decisions independently, work in stressful situations, initiative.

Hobbies: economics, jurisprudence, psychology, business.