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Staff reserve is ... Formation of the personnel reserve. Work with the personnel reserve

In modern society, one of the most importantdirections in the system of personnel management is the preparation and organization of personnel reserves. This direction is very important in the organization. Personnel reserves are a key link and an important component in any personnel activity. At present, it is very important to carry out the relevant work to improve and ensure the reliability of the enterprise. What is this concept, what is its role in the organization, its goals, principles and types, what is the management of the personnel reserve?

The essence of the concept

Personnel reserves are the formation of a certainthe composition of staff who have passed the preparatory selection (evaluation) and who have the required capacity to perform direct duties at the new place of work within the established time frame. This measure is mainly used in commercial structures, and numerous state, socio-political and social institutions also create it to solve their own problems with personnel.

staffing reserves is

In other words, personnel reserves are certain potential employees of the company planned to be transferred to the required positions.

Such a stock of candidates has a conditional structure.The personnel reserve (professional stock) has the ability to be both internal and external. As for the internal reserve, it consists of employees of the company and is divided into operational and prospective. Operational - these are employees who already replace higher managers and are ready to occupy certain positions outside of any additional training events. Promising - these are workers with great potential, but having the need for additional training measures. The formation of an external reserve has the ability to occur on the basis of the definition of the managerial level, that is, for the vacant seats, the enterprise will reasonably attract external applicants. Apart from this, the external reserve has the opportunity to be coerced, if the enterprise for any factors high indicator of the inconstancy of employees.

The formation of the personnel reserve is facilitated bythe disclosure of staff capacity, and can also help in case of urgent need when closing the staffing "gaps". What specific professional stock will be organized - external, internal or both at once - is decided by the head of the company.


The formation of the personnel reserve has the following objectives:

  1. Prevention of the likelihood of a crisis situation in cases of care of employees occupying the primary positions.
  2. Supplying the company with a stock of highly professional and efficient employees ready to improve their business in accordance with the established strategy and culture.
  3. Retention and motivation of professional leaders-managers.
  4. Supporting the positive reputation of the employer.
  5. Lowering the costs of selection and adaptation of a new employee.

Thus, the organization's personnel reserve hasvery important in the formation, as well as in the further development of any education. Human resources are the development and prospects of the whole enterprise.

formation of the personnel reserve

Program of work

Formation of the personnel reserve as a system of purposeful actions traditionally covers the following stages:

  1. The definition of positions in the risk zone,- is carried out with the help of specific measures, for example: review of the labor market in the district; assessment of the number of applicants for the occupation of vacated posts; parsing the value of this position for the company; assessment of the ongoing situation with the staff at the site.
  2. Formation of the profile of the post - establisheslevel of development of competencies of the candidate, so that he can successfully cope with the tasks set before him. Traditionally, an interview is conducted with the leaders-reservists, and after the analysis of the data, a special profile is issued, which must match the candidacy for the vacancy.
  3. Assessment and further selection of applicants - ongoingwith application of some characteristics of productivity of the worker. In the majority of cases, the data obtained by means of evaluation activities for the activity and information selected by means of evaluating the potential, knowledge and other criteria that the candidate has for the present time are compared.
  4. Organization of personal development plans -is taking into account the existing needs and strategy of the company. This measure can help the reservist to allocate short-term resources and comprehend how to achieve the set goal. The training course is planned so that, participating in a variety of seminars, carrying out complex projects, probation, an employee enlisted in the personnel reserve, was able to develop specifically the knowledge and skills that are necessary when moving to a new post.
  5. Appointment to a new location.

Work with the personnel reserve can be carried out and on special models which are developed by the enterprise or borrow from more successful variants of formation.

Technology of work

There are a number of sources of information:

  • interviews at admission to the service, which provides the basic concept of the personnel reserve, the foundations and the likely ways of career development;
  • information sheet of the company, which informs about vacancies, requirements for applicants, about the time for which the competition has been appointed to the personnel reserve;
  • personal counseling;
  • in all divisions there is a provision on personnel reserve available for all employees.

formation of the personnel reserve

As for the Regulations, a little more detail should be explained, since it is this important document that regulates the main directions of all activities.
The document pursues and achieves the goals by whichare competent placement and education, training of personnel in the case of the filling of posts at various levels in municipal and other power entities. To this end, the program provides for systematic professional development of candidates for the posts.

This act traditionally consists of the following sections:

  1. General provisions where adjustable are indicatedquestions Provisions, predetermined main installations of work with a stock of employees. It also provides explanations of the main tasks of the system of working with the staff, and in particular:
    - what is the reserve of employees;
    - the essence of the system to work with the backup staff;
    - what issues are resolved by the fact of the employee reserve;
    - why you need to design a reserve of personnel;
    - what are the sources of the organization of the reserve of employees.
  2. The order of education. This section establishes how and on the basis of what approach is created a reserve of employees in the organization.
  3. Organization of direct activities.

The main tasks are envisaged:

  • Calculation of staff reserve.
  • Designation of applicants.
  • Evaluation of applicants.
  • Disassembly of the results of the evaluation of applicants to the reserve.
  • The organization of a reserve of employees and the establishment of a list by the authorities of the company.
  • Creation and implementation of programs for reserve training.
  • Employee Appraisal:characteristics, reports on the implementation of orders, expert rates; analysis of the evaluation results. Results: negative assessment - shutting down from the reserve, additional preparedness is needed - planning of personal training, positive - making a decision on nomination to a higher post.

Apart from the main points, the position mayIntroduce applications consisting of the standards of documents required for the preparation of the employee’s personal files, lists of the direct duties of the intern and the internship manager, other necessary additions.

work with personnel reserve

When forming the reserve, the following criteria are provided:

  • Experience in the profession.
  • Professional characteristic of a specificthe chief, which includes an assessment of the results of the activity, quality of service, level of skill and competence of the employee, describes his actions at critical moments.
  • The recommendations of colleagues, which characterize the communicative data of the person, the degree of authority among the employees.
  • Conducting a variety of psychological testswith the goals of establishing possible abilities: organizational predispositions, neuro-psychological and emotional stability, data for leadership, hidden potential potentials, resistance to stress, and others. The results of such studies directly affect the determination of the personal and professional qualities of a candidate for a place.

When selecting frames, preference is given tomost significant groups of professionals. In these groups are represented employees of various qualifications from the managerial staff to ordinary workers. To establish the range of required reserve workers, there are many different methods.

Basic principles

The organization and development of the personnel reserve is based on the following provisions:

  • relevance - the need to replace posts must be valid;
  • candidates ’compliance with the position and type of reserve - qualification requirements for a particular position;
  • high prospective candidate - requirements forhighly professional development, compliance with the education of the proposed position, age criteria, work experience in the industry of interest, dynamic career in a single state of health.

Positive sides

In terms of merit, the benefits of working withpersonnel reserve are obvious. Such events will always be necessary, and each organization should take this direction into account when formulating its own management strategies.

work with personnel reserve

Here are some of the positive aspects of this direction:

  • financial benefits (no need to spend money on the selection and training of new specialists);
  • saving time (closing posts as soon as possible);
  • highly qualified staff (the employee is taken from his own ranks and taught through his own retraining program);
  • promotion and promotion of own staff -employee value policy (also acts as a motivational factor: employees are not willing to leave the company, where clear career opportunities are visible);
  • softer adaptation in the team (the employee does not change, only his position changes);
  • the specialist is practically “perfected” by the company, he understands the policies and characteristics of the relationship perfectly and adapts to the new position more quickly;
  • prospects of stability and competitiveness of any enterprise;
  • increase productivity and performance.

Youth Reserve

MKR (Youth Personnel Reserve) isis a functional system for the formation of youth knowledge, practice and experience that are in demand in the labor market. For the accumulation of intellectual and practical skills, university students are given the opportunity to acquire knowledge and necessary skills through participation in trainings, master classes and other events. In particular, to accumulate practical experience during internships in state bodies. authorities, banks, other important state and non-state structures.

Those who showed mediocre abilitiescredited to the personnel reserve, created, for example, under the Moscow government. The youth personnel reserve as a direction is very relevant and, of course, promising for both young professionals and employers. The possibility of practicing and obtaining all the necessary knowledge during periods of internship allows you to get workable and high-class specialists in a short time.

The concept of state reserve

The state personnel reserve is a targeted training of a group of promising young people who are under the full patronage of the Administration and the President of the Russian Federation himself.

This direction is not less promising and alsoallows you to achieve effective results by forming a professional team of candidates. The list of necessary qualities and skills is determined individually and always depends on the vacancy and legislation.

Features of the reserve in the civil service

Personnel reserve in the civil service is formedon the basis of the profile Federal Law, which was adopted in July 2007 under No. 79-ФЗ. This happens on the basis of democratic principles of appointment, to the positions of people according to their practical and business qualities, to the merits of one or another leading position.
In this case, the main thing is timelyrotation of personnel, the creation of conditions for the professional growth of management personnel, an impartial assessment of professional work, which is derived during certification tests or passing specialized examinations.

Municipal reserve

Municipal talent pool in the idealInterpretation is a list of individuals who meet the criteria set by them according to their intellectual, professional and practical level, which allows them to effectively fulfill their duties in the future. It also includes specialists who have lost their jobs during staff reductions or the complete liquidation of a self-governing body. They have gained experience, and no one will lose valuable specialists.

municipal personnel reserve
The main priorities of education reserve:

  • appointment to the position of qualified professionals based on their professional merit and competence;
  • promotion of career advancement;
  • qualification improvement work;
  • the creation of a professional reserve and its effective implementation;
  • evaluation of the results of the activities of municipal employees through certification;
  • use of advanced technology in the selection of employees upon receipt.

The creation of such a reserve of personnel pursues the goal of rational placement of personnel in vacating positions in city halls, the constant rotation of talented people in the personnel registry.

Features of the government reserve

Not less significant direction. Government personnel reserve make up highly qualified specialists,creative, with motivated citizenship and other positive characteristics. All of them can work in the state administration in the regions in various positions or directly in the Government, occupying the positions of heads of departments, sectors, and so on. If an official, for example, working on the periphery with the rank of regional governor, showed exceptional ability to implement social and economic projects, then, of course, he will be noticed in government circles. His candidacy will most likely be added to the personnel reserve and, if the need arises and the place is released, will be appointed to a higher position.


Подводя итог, можно с уверенностью сказать, что personnel reserves are the most powerful and highly effective tool in the entire personnel management system, allowing to solve issues on the widest scale and implement the policy at the proper level.

personnel reserve of the government
Именно правильная и хорошо организованная работа can bring relevant results. Personnel reserves are one of the strongest links in the organization and management of any structure or entity. No wonder they say that personnel decide everything. Work with the personnel reserve is primarily focused on the needs of the company, the need for management and employees, and competent formation of a reserve for further improvement of activities and professionalism.