/ / Courier - a profession that can give a start in life. Features of the courier

Courier - a profession that can give a start in life. Features of the courier

Today the courier is very popularprofession. So, for many, it has become the starting point from which their adult life began. After settling in for this position, a person can not only earn, but also harmoniously combine learning with part-time work. However, how difficult is it to work as a courier? Do we need special skills for this? And what is the salary of the couriers?

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Modern courier service

Today there are manyvarious courier services. Some provide delivery within the city, the second - throughout the country, and still others only deal with the transfer of confidential documents. And nevertheless, they all need conscientious employees who are able to perform their work qualitatively.

Therefore, let's start with the fact that the modern courier -this is a very important profession. There is no room for negligence and recklessness. After all, in this business, any oversight or untimely delivery of a package necessarily affects the reputation of the firm. So let's talk about what the courier should be like.

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Three main qualities of the courier

Many believe that with this work canEveryone can read and sign. Alas, this statement is very far from the truth. After all, in order to pass the selection in place of the courier, you must at least meet the following three criteria.

First, be able to correctly express their thoughts.This is due to the fact that couriers quite often have to personally communicate with their customers. And it is natural that in the future people will prefer to cooperate with more polite and efficient employees, rather than those who can not connect a few words.

Secondly, to be hardy both physically andmorally. As for the strength, everything is extremely simple here - it is necessary in order to deliver weighty parcels to their addressees without problems. But psychological stamina is needed in order to keep oneself in hand in those situations when there are conflicts with irritated clients.

Thirdly, you need to be good atterrain. The specificity of this profession is that parcels have to be delivered both to the familiar and unknown parts of the city. And for this, the courier must be able to quickly compose a route.

In addition, some firms mayadditional requirements for candidates. For example, sometimes the place of a courier is taken only by those who have their own transport or have a driver's license. Therefore, before going to an interview for a particular firm, it is better to check in advance the list of its requirements, so as not to waste your time.

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Education: do you need it or not?

Courier is a position for whichto claim people without higher education. There are, of course, exceptions, which depend on the internal policy of the company, but this is very rare. In most cases, you only need to produce a document confirming the existence of secondary education.

As for the profession itself, its fundamentalswill be taught directly during the internship. During this period, a person must have time to master the norms and order of filling out postal documents, the rules for accepting orders, the fineness of solving conflict situations, and so on. In general, if a newcomer delves into the essence of what is happening, he will quickly enough be able to remember everything that is able to help him in the future.

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Where to go to work?

Today many companies have their own staffcourier. Jobs, of course, are empty for a long time, but because of the number of such organizations, announcements of a new set now and then appear on the network. However, where better to go to work: in the staff of an ordinary company or in a courier service, specializing in shipping?

So, let's start with the fact that the regular courier isa very controversial post. So, if in large companies he always has a job, then little ones can hardly download completely. And this, in turn, will certainly affect the wages. Therefore, often in such places take students or people looking for additional income.

But the courier service - it's quite another matter.Its employees definitely do not have to be bored, since they always have orders. This leads to the fact that the couriers need to work in full shift, which clearly does not suit those who want to combine study and work.

At the very top of the hierarchy are firms,dealing with urgent delivery. They work as a well-established mechanism, because of what the express courier is a position that is hardest to obtain. But, having got here, a person discovers a world full of new opportunities, which pays all the efforts.

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Pros and cons of the profession

As for the positive moments, hereit should be noted the ability to combine study and work. Also, many are pleased that you do not need to have higher education to start working as a courier. But the salary is a more painful issue for these employees, since its average figure varies between 20-25 thousand rubles per month. But if you have experience and good data, you can get a place in a more prestigious place. And then the level of wages can rise to 45-55 thousand rubles.

Among the disadvantages of the main is the lack ofcomfort. So, it does not matter what is going on in the street (snow, rain, slush or unbearable heat), the parcel must be delivered. Another upsets is that for many, the courier is a lower-level employee, which touches a little the human pride.