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Job interview: emphasize strengths and beat weak

You have a good professional experience forshoulders and a well-written resume? Employers are actively inviting you to an interview, but this is not going further than that, and you just do not call back? It is worthwhile to think about whether you present yourself correctly. Let's try to figure out what you can about, and you can not talk about anything categorically, while you are interviewing while applying for a job.

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First acquaintance with the company

Interview with a potential employer -of course, an important and responsible event, but do not forget that not only you will be evaluated, but you picky choose a new workplace, which means that you should not go on it as an exam. Imagine that this is a business meeting at which the two sides - business partners - agree on possible cooperation. Changing the mood in this way, you, of course, will be less nervous, and, therefore, can better manifest themselves.

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Before you go to an interview athiring, try to rehearse a laconic and structured story about yourself. It should include the milestones of your work biography. A little more is worth considering the aspects of your experience, directly related to the desired new position. Tell us not only in general what you can and can do, but also about what specifically you will be useful to the future employer. And for this, beforehand study the company's website and the available information about it on the network. This will help you better understand the needs of the company, rely on additional data that you will be provided at the meeting, and prepare your own questions.

We emphasize the virtues and beat the shortcomings

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Perhaps the questions about strengths and weaknessesoccupy a high line in the ranking of the most unloved questions asked for the interview. Conducting job interviews often ends with them. And then the candidate, either already perenervnichav, or, conversely, having relaxed, is lost and speaks absolutely not that and not as he said, having prepared in advance. So, your main task, when interviewing while hiring, is to present the strengths and competently beat the weak ones. We advise you to analyze your work experience and choose from it actual achievements, for example: creating a department from scratch, increasing sales figures, etc. Have you chosen? And now think about what qualities helped you achieve this. Well, here is a list of your strengths with practical examples ready. With shortcomings, do the same. Think about professional failures and determine what prevented you from succeeding. Be sure, the competent interviewer conducting interview at employment, in this case will estimate you as the person, capable to recognize the errors and to analyze failures, and, hence, to do conclusions. Believe me, against the background of the majority of candidates who declare, openly cunning, about the absence of weaknesses, you will look even more professional.

Now that you know how to pass a job interview, we wish you to find a decent job and get a chance to test your own strength!