/ / Tests for professional suitability for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. What exactly should be done and why is it done?

Tests on professional suitability for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. What exactly should be done and why is it done?

Each profession is characterized by a set ofcertain duties, actions and requirements in relation to the employee. Especially working with people implies certain norms of behavior of specialists. How do you know if you are able to work, say, a doctor or a teacher? And will you have the dexterity, knowledge and patience to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

Tests for proficiency

proficiency tests
To determine the properties of your characterthere are certain tests. They help to find out what you can do and use in your work, and what you should avoid to not be in a hospital bed after a year with a nervous breakdown. Even at school, studying in the final grades, children are tested for proficiency. Answering certain questions, you can find out your opportunities, your inclination to any particular profession. Such tests are mainly conducted by school psychologists, psychological services in employment centers. Particular attention is paid to the professional suitability of police officers.

Why do police officers take proficiency tests?

There are many situations in practice whenan employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can not objectively assess what is happening. There are enough reasons for this: starting with bribes, ending with relatives of employees, concealing crimes. For this purpose, mandatory testing of Ministry of Internal Affairs employees for the suitability of their profession was introduced.

tests for proficiency

According to the results of psychological researchit is possible to determine whether a person is capable of heroic deeds, whether he can sacrifice his own interests, whether he deserves a level of responsibility and patriotism. Tests for the professional suitability of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can also point to personal problems, without the solution of which it is unacceptable to work in the bodies. All tests for the determination of professional fitness are divided into two large blocks. The first determines the common features of the employee's personality, positive and negative points, interests, abilities and values. The second block focuses the researcher's attention on the existing deviations from the norm in human behavior.

Multifactorial tests for workers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

To compile a personalitypsychologists have a large arsenal of tests. They make it possible to compile a whole complex of personal qualities and properties, as well as to predict human behavior in stressful situations. To such tests carry: questionnaire of Kettel, MMPI2, Sondi's technique, Bassa-Darka test, CPI. More often, universal tests are quite large and long filled, so many departments use automatic psychological tests for proficiency. With the help of these techniques, the human resource specialist makes up a general personality profile.

Narrowed tests to identify problems

There are certain pointed featurespersonality, called accentuations. In various extreme situations, these characteristics may become vulnerable, which is unacceptable for an MVD officer. Carrying out narrowly focused tests on professional suitability, the expert reveals the weaknesses of the employee. The main working tools of the psychologist are such methods as the Leary questionnaire, Jan Streliau, the COT, the Myers-Briggs test, the CTC-A J. Raven.

psychological tests for proficiency

The second block is not always used, only ifthere are some controversial points in the behavior and outlook of man. After passing the complex of tests, the specialist draws a conclusion about the suitability of a particular employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Such a serious approach is associated with increased emotional burnout of police officers. Advantage is given to reliable, responsible, firm, patriotic, uncircumpolated, mentally stable candidates.